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Chapter 104: Does She Deserve It too?

How could Gu Mingzhu not understand the meaning behind Chu Liuyue’s words? The latter was obviously not taking her seriously!

She laughed with exasperation . “Chu Liuyue, are you afraid to do it?”

Chu Liuyue shrugged her shoulders . “Think what you want . ”

Gu Mingzhu was suddenly at a loss for words . She didn’t expect Chu Liuyue to be immune against her provocations! She raised her voice in defiance . “I’ll add another, the Qing Mu Xuan formation! Are you in or not?”

The room was in an uproar .

Qing Mu Xuan formation was a formation just as good as the Long Xian Formation!

In order to get Chu Liuyue to compete with her, Gu Mingzhu was willing to place two fifth-level Xuan formations as a reward! She was putting a lot at stake!

Chu Liuyue finally turned back and glanced at her lazily . “Really?”

“Of course! I am the Second Gu Missy!” Gu Mingzhu lifted her chin haughtily .

Chu Liuyue nodded . “Okay!” She wasn’t a fool . The other party had taken the initiative to do her a favor, so why shouldn’t she accept the bet?

Gu Mingzhu was delighted when Chu Liuyue finally agreed . However, she sneered with despise . “You didn’t agree earlier because the reward wasn’t appealing enough!” Her words implied that Chu Liuyue was money-minded .

Chu Liuyue actually admitted it with a bright smile . “I’m glad you know . If you want to ask for advice, you have to show your sincerity . ” Otherwise, I would really be reluctant to waste my time on a person like this .

“You!” Anger began to well up inside Gu Mingzhu . Just as she was about to direct her anger at Chu Liuyue, she felt someone looking at her . It was Si Ting!

Gu Mingzhu restrained herself with much difficulty and regained her usual arrogant demeanor . “We’ll use the two formations laid out by Mr . Dongfang . Whoever cracks them first is the winner!”

“Gu Mingzhu, you have the gall to say this? You have been trying for the past two hours . Chu Liuyue just arrived . You’re obviously bullying her!” Si Yang spoke up, feeling indignant .

Smirking, Gu Mingzhu looked at Chu Liuyue . “It can easily take one a few hours to unravel a Xuan formation . Sometimes, it’s even impossible to crack it in a day . Chu Liuyue came late because of her own reasons . Can I be blamed for that? Besides, she came in second during the assessment . Surely she wouldn’t be so calculative with the time . Isn’t that so, Chu Liuyue?”

Chu Liuyue waved her hand without a care . “Have it your way . ”

Gu Mingzhu was annoyed again by her casual behavior . “Begin!” With that, she lowered her head and focused on the Xuan formation that she had been working on .  This time, I have to win!

Chu Liuyue withdrew her gaze and looked steadily at Si Ting .

It made Si Ting feel nervous for some reason .

The corners of Chu Liuyue’s lips curled up .  Si Ting is obviously the cause of this trouble . Nevertheless, Si Ting has helped me before . It won’t be very nice of me to hold a grudge against him now .

Si Ting was the first to break eye contact .

Chu Liuyue raised a brow but soon directed her attention to her Xuan formation .

At the Royal Palace’s Imperial Study .

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Emperor Jiawen leaned back in his chair and emotionlessly stared at Rong Jin, who stood facing him with his hands clenched by his side .

“I won’t repeat myself . Let this matter go . No one is to pursue it . ” His low and powerful voice resonated in the spacious study with authority and nobility befitting an emperor .

Rong Jin clenched his fists tighter . In reality, he already had an answer in his mind before he even came . However, it still puzzled him! “Father, something is really fishy about the way Zhen Zhen injured herself . When I was tending to the hunting ground, situations like this never happened! How did this happen as soon as Zhen Bao Pavilion took over the hunting ground? If we don’t launch a thorough investigation, how can we appease Zhen Zhen?”

Emperor Jiawen looked at him solemnly . “Crown Prince, are you blaming me?”

Rong Jin suddenly panicked, promptly lifted his robe, and knelt down . “I wouldn’t dare!”

“Zhen Zhen insisted on hunting the high-level fiend even after Zhen Bao Pavilion discouraged her several times . She has only herself to blame for this! I’ve spoiled her rotten . All these years, I have indulged her in her wilful ways instead of punishing her! I, too, am to blame for playing a part in what had happened!” Emperor Jiawen closed his eyes and let out a long sigh .

“How does my heart not ache for her when her pearl of essence has been shattered? I have ordered Chu Ning to lead the imperial guards to pursue the fiend that has injured Zhen Zhen . Those who followed Zhen Zhen but failed to protect her that day have also been punished . You… what else do you want to investigate?”

His last sentence made Rong Jin’s heart skip a beat inexplicably .

Although Emperor Jiawen wasn’t looking at him, Rong Jin still felt that the emperor could read his thoughts .

“I merely think…”

“I already told you the last time not to have any ideas about Zhen Bao Pavilion, but it seems like you didn’t listen at all . ” Emperor Jiawen looked exhausted when he opened his eyes . He said slowly, “Are you honestly asking for an investigation for Zhen Zhen’s sake or… for your own?”

“Father!” Rong Jin was stupefied . Emperor Jiawen’s eyes suddenly resembled ghostly fire, and Rong Jin was scared witless . “Father, please! I have no selfish motives!”

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Emperor Jiawen remained unmoved . He knew everything about Rong Jin, including what he had in mind and his plans .

Father and son—one seated and the other on his knees—engaged in a confrontation .

The atmosphere in the study became cold and tense .

After a long time, Rong Jin finally hung his head low, dejected . “Father, I just want an answer! What’s the big deal about Zhen Bao Pavilion that even you, the emperor, are so protective of them? I spent a lot of effort on that hunting ground, but they snatched it out of my hands in the blink of an eye! I simply can’t reconcile with this fact!”

“You, the Crown Prince, are behaving like this because of a silly hunting ground? I think you’re more concerned about your ego and reputation as the Crown Prince, aren’t you?”

Emperor Jiawen’s words hit the nail on the head, and the prince’s face went pale .

“I-if they hadn’t helped Chu Liuyue, I wouldn’t…”

Emperor Jiawen shook his head . “You initiated the dissolution of your marriage agreement . ”

He knew that Rong Jin was narrow-minded, but what had recently happened really disappointed him . If Chu Liuyue had shown that she had an amazing talent in the first place, the current situation would be different .

“You’re dismissed . ” Emperor Jiawen waved his hand .

Rong Jin wanted to say more, but he swallowed his words when he saw Emperor Jiawen’s expression . “Yes . ”

Rong Jin stood up and left .

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Just when he reached the door, he heard Emperor Jiawen’s voice from behind him . “I heard that the Chu girl, Chu Xianmin, hurt her face a few days ago . Go and visit her when you have the time . ”

Rong Jin had a bad premonition as he turned back .

“The rumors in the Imperial City are spreading like wildfire . With the current situation, it’s better that you marry her as soon as possible . ”

“Father, there’s nothing between Chu Xianmin and me…”

“As the Crown Prince, you have to decide what the best solution is for yourself . ”

“Yes . ”

On his way back to Crown Prince Mansion, Rong Jin didn’t utter a single word, but his terrifying expression explained everything .

Song Yuan, who had been waiting outside for him, felt something was amiss . His heart skipped a beat in panic as he lowered his gaze .

Rong Jin stood in front of Song Yuan . “Send word to the Chu family and ask them to make preparations . I will marry Chu Xianmin in a few days . ”

Song Yuan was taken aback . “Your Highness, are we… adapting the formalities for a Secondary Consort?”

Rong Jin sneered . “Secondary Consort? Does she deserve it?”

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