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Night Lone Ranger covered her delicate red lips and laughed out loud.

In the half-meter-deep pool, Ding Ning was swimming desperately like swimming in the sea. He seemed to exert all his strength, but in fact, he did not move a little but was stuck in the same place. He looked like swimming on the beach, which made Night Lone Ranger couldn't help but laugh.

Fortunately, Ding Ning was still trapped in the illusion, and did not notice her presence. He looked terrified, as if he was chased by a monster.

Night Lone Ranger immediately understood the intention of the little white snake. It had extremely strong spiritual power and could create a fantasy.

It wanted to exhaust Ding Ning's strength and slowly ate him after he lost his resistant capability.

Night Lone Ranger smiled, staring at the little white snake.

"Good, you have turned into a flood dragon. But why are you still so small? You don't dare to eat him directly, but can only use your spiritual energy to exhaust his strength and then eat him. If I didn't guess wrong, you are legendary weak clam snake, right? Uh, sorry, I forgot that you have turned into a flood dragon. I should call you clam flood dragon."

There was a trace of panic in the clam flood dragon's smart eyes. It seemed that Night Lone Ranger who had seen through its identity made it dread. Nevertheless, it still pretended to be fierce and grinned.

Ignoring its fierce look, Night Lone Ranger teased, "It is said that the blood of the clam flood dragon is a great tonic which is much more efficient than a ten-thousand-year-old ginseng. Besides, it tastes delicious and so tender that it melts in the mouth. It can eliminate the impurities of human body and slowly improve human's physique. The flood dragon's elixir contains the essence of heaven and earth as well as the source of your strong spiritual power. It is the favorite of spiritual masters. It seems that I'm quite lucky. I took a task reluctantly, but it brings me good luck."

The clam flood dragon seemed to be able to understand her words. There was anger flashing in its eyes, and its crystal-like eyes reflected a colorful existent light suddenly shot at Night Lone Ranger.

Although Night Lone Ranger was prepared, she did not expect that the spiritual strength of the clam flood dragon was so powerful that it was capable of turn an illusion into a real object.

As an earth spiritual master who specialized in spiritual strength, she lost all her resistant capability under its spiritual strength. Her celestial eye was instantly sealed and she was trapped in the fantasy.

Fortunately, she also had her own unique skills. She used her strong spiritual strength to create a shield to resist the illusion created by the clam flood dragon and maintain a trace of sobriety of her soul.

"Break!" At this time, she had no time to care about her fear of pain. She gave herself a whack on her upright chest and spat a mouthful of blood. The blood turned into a sharp arrow along with the spiritual strength, breaking the illusion and shot at the clam flood dragon.

As the blood lustre flashed, the illusion was dispelled like the melted ice and snow. Night Lone Ranger sat on the ground like a deflated ball, and her breath was weak.

The clam flood dragon could not move because it had to maintain the illusion where Ding Ning was. It was stabbed in the forehead by the blood arrow, made a shrill scream and fell from the bluestone to the pool.

Ding Ning felt that he was being chased by a huge white dragon. His heart pounded wildly, and he was about to cry. It was so terrifying. What the fuck, there was a dragon in this virgin forest. He kept swimming desperately...

However, this lake seemed to have no end. No matter how hard he had tried, he could not swim to the shore. The white huge dragon kept following him unhurriedly, making him highly stressed.

"Fuck, I'm too tired to continue swimming. You want to eat me? Fine, I'll fight with you." Ding Ning thought. He was getting increasingly tired, and the True Qi he had struggled to accumulate was exhausted again. At the crucial moment of life and death, his vicious nature was activated.

Thus, Night Lone Ranger was surprised to watch Ding Ning suddenly stood up, grabbed the clam flood dragon, showed his white teeth like a beast and ferociously bit its neck.

The clam flood dragon uttered shrill cries and kept twisting its body in an attempt to get away from Ding Ning. However, it was weak in fighting with no special skill except for strong spiritual strength.

Ding Ning refused to relax his bite. With fierce sparkle in his extremely turbid eyes, he took great gulps of the blood of the clam flood dragon.


Night Lone Ranger who had always been fearless screamed. She had foreseen what was going to happen.

However, it was too late. She had exhausted her spiritual strength to use the secret skill to fight with the clam flood dragon. Both of them suffered great losses, and she couldn't move even a finger.

Dragon was born lascivious. Although the flood dragon was not a dragon yet, its blood had the same effect. She was too embarrassed to mention it before, but the blood of the flood dragon was even more powerful than Viagra.

"What should I do? What should I do? If he intends to do that to me, will it hurt a lot? I'm most afraid of pain."

Night Lone Ranger muttered with endless fear on her beautiful face. She kept rolling her eyes, thinking about how to escape from this disaster.

As the blood of the flood dragon entered his body, Ding Ning felt boiling hot all over. He ate up the skin and meat of the clam flood dragon like a savage.

In his spiritual world, Ding Ning felt that he had eaten up the huge dragon alive. He was somewhat confused that such a huge dragon did not burst his stomach, but it tasted more delicious than white fishes.

Soon, he felt a heat flow rising in his lower abdomen, and it began to frantically run in his meridians. He felt burning hot where it ran across, which made him feel like burned by a fire.

Hot, it was so hot from inside to outside. He tore his clothes desperately to make himself cool, but even if he took off all his clothes, he still felt hot.

The icy water of the pool boiled and bubbled away like boiled water. The steam filled the air, forming dense mist over the pool.

"Boom", as the hot True Qi rushed into his brain, Ding Ning heard a roar in his brain and then completely lost his sanity.

A face as pretty as a fairy appeared in his view. Even if the beautiful eyes which didn't look earthly were filled with pitiful pleading and tears, he didn't have any tender affection.

The hot True Qi crazily running in his body made him feel that he was about to be ignited. He was in urgent need of venting it, so he threw himself at her with red eyes...


A shrill cry which startled the universe and moved the gods spread out in this forest.

"It hurts, hurts terribly! I'm most afraid of pain. How can it hurt so much? How can it hurt so much?"

Night Lone Ranger's mind had gone blank. She kept trembling as if she had died, puckered her mouth and frowned with grieved tears in her eyes. A word inexplicably flashed across her mind, "Life is like that thing. Since you cannot resist it, then enjoy it!"

"What sound?"

Yamada, who was still far away, stood in the same place, suddenly looking towards the direction of the sound with a solemn face.

"It seems like a woman's scream. Why is a woman here?"

With a pale face, Hanako looked at the shadowy dark forest in horror and subconsciously approached Yamada.

"Yeah, it is the virgin forest. Why is there a woman's scream? Is it..."

Yamada was not courageous than Hanako. At the thought of the terrifying legends of demons and monsters, he felt a blast of chill rising straight to the crown of his head, and even talked in a trembling voice.

"What should we do? Should we go over and have a look?"

Hanako tightly clung to the corner of Yamada's clothes, looking ghastly pale.

Yamada hesitated for a long time. With the triumph of fear over sanity, he clenched his teeth and said righteously, "It is too dangerous in the night. Let's have a rest and conserve our strength. We'll go over and have a look after daybreak."

"Well, okay!" Hanako nodded hurriedly in relief.

After some time, Ding Ning's body temperature gradually returned to normal. Suddenly he roared in pain and fainted with his head in his hands.

He felt that he had a dream, a dream which was beautiful and real but extremely evil.

The girl, who was as beautiful as a fairy, struggled and cried under his violence...

Just when he was half-awake, the stone man on his chest seemed to be bright again and faintly revealed something like "Yin and Yang converge, open the dantian, break the jade pillow, where the soul belongs, the soul contains the spirit..."

Nevertheless, he had no time to pay attention to it. A milky white bead suddenly appeared in his mind, and then shattered. The milky white horrifying airflow burst out, making his brain in sharp pain. He lost his spirit, soul and consciousness, instantly fainting.

Night Lone Ranger clenched her teeth and watched Ding Ning who had fainted on her own body. She wished only if she could tear him to shreds.

At this moment, a burst of powerful spiritual strength coming from Ding Ning suddenly poured into her body. She absorbed the strength crazily like getting a sweet shower after a long drought.

With a light "cracking" sound, something seemed to be broken in her body, and the plentiful spiritual strength spread all over the place.

She had broken through? Night Lone Ranger was inexplicably surprised. She pushed Ding Ning away, hastened to get up and put on her clothes. Unfortunately, her clothes were even more ragged than a beggar's clothes, and it was difficult to hide her sexy body.

With a red face, she fiercely glared at Ding Ning, but there was more coquettish charm than murderous intent in her eyes.

She directly took off his clothes and put them on herself. She pouted her delicate lips, waved her small fists and whispered in anger.

"Bastard, you take liberties with me. Although you make me feel good, you also hurt me. I will never forgive you easily. In consideration of you helping me break through, this time I spare you. From now on, let's go on our own paths and pretend that nothing has happened. Have you heard me? If you dare to tell others, I will definitely kill you. Humph, I will leave now."

As soon as she finished her words, she flashed and disappeared in the same place. Ding Ning slowly opened his eyes with a complicated expression.

He had never expected that he would lose his virginity to a strange woman whose name he didn't even know. Although this woman was as beautiful as a fairy, it was still somewhat unacceptable for him who had always insisted on having sex with someone he loved.

However, what could he do? After waking up, the vague memory told him that he did it by force after losing his mind.

It made him have a complicated feeling for Night Lone Ranger. He felt strongly guilty and owing her a lot, while lingering on her and feeling lost.

He didn't know how to face her, so he closed her eyes and pretended to be asleep. However, Night Lone Ranger might have sensed that he pretended to be asleep to avoid the embarrassing situation, so she said that.

It made him both guilty and ashamed. After all, he took her virginity. She not only did not blame him, but also parted from him tolerantly without asking him to take the responsibility.

Ah, Ding Ning sighed and started to wonder what should he do next?

He was naked. His coat was taken away by Night Lone Ranger, and his underwear was torn by himself. He couldn't walk out of the forest in the nude, right?

Although he never knew who the woman was, he could feel that she was strong, much stronger than him.

It made him wonder why he could push down her who was so powerful. Could it be possible that he was so cute that everyone liked him?

Suddenly, an unpleasant stench came. Ding Ning discovered that there was a layer of stinking black dirt on his body, and it made him feel like vomiting.

He hurriedly jumped into the pool and cleaned himself carefully. After that, Ding Ning climbed up the tree, found a few pieces of tough leaves to make clothes and cover his body with them, and then walked down the stream.

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