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Lu Yan shook his head and he was confused. "If Li Guanshu did not die in Xu Qingfeng's hands, then he could only die in the hands of the Taoist disciples of Zhongnan Mountain. Perhaps not all the Taoist disciples of Zhongnan Mountain had besieged Nangong Diyi. Some of them killed Li Guanshu after Xu Qingfeng and more than a dozen disciples of Sanqingguan were killed by Li Guanshu."

"All these are speculations! I want the truth!" Wei Baoheng was furious. "None of those youths of the Imperial Clan know the inside story?"

Lu Yan replied, "When Grand Prince Gong's Heir Apparent returned, he was seriously injured and his attendant disappeared. Perhaps they knew something, but they said nothing about Niushou Mountain after they returned."

Wei Baoheng waved his hand. "Pressure them! Especially Grand Prince Gong and Duchess of Li, their attendants have the highest cultivation among the youths of the Imperial Clan. I don't believe that one of the masters of Level 5 Qi-refining disappeared and they have nothing to say about it! It's not a pity that Li Guanshu has died, but the cause of his death must be investigated clearly! If Li Ye is unwilling to say anything, Grand Prince Gong and Emperor's son-in-law Wu must say something!"

"Of course." Lu Yan nodded and then he changed the conversation. "What about the results of the examination?"

Wei Baoheng was annoyed as he thought of this. "Because of Li Ye, people knew about the matter of Li Guanshu framing Sanqingguan. What's going on with that kid? He was a good-for-nothing before. How could he suddenly become intelligent and powerful?"

Lu Yan shook his head and smiled bitterly. The answer was well known to everyone. It was nothing more than Yuan Tiangang's inheritance.

Wei Baoheng suddenly asked, "Celestial Master Yuan... Where the hell did he go?"

Lu Yan said with a bitter smile, "Celestial Master Yuan has disappeared for a hundred years and no one has seen him in the past century. Some people say that he went to the sea to visit immortals, some people say that he lived in seclusion in the mountains, and some people say that he died long ago. Who knows?"

Wei Baoheng shook his head. "Celestial Master Yuan is the first person who reached the Spiritual Master Realm in the world. It's possible for him to visit immortals or live in seclusion, but I don't believe that he has already died."

Silent for a moment, Wei Baoheng knew he was off topic. He put his hands on his forehead and said, "Li Ye, that kid, after all, is Prince An's son. Even if he ranked first in the examination, I don't need to give him a position with real power... His Majesty won't allow doing that, too."

Lu Yan nodded. It was not difficult to understand in the presence of those who were really in power.

"What about Li Guanshu's death?" Lu Yan asked.

"Sanqingguan rebelled and hijacked the youths of the Imperial Clan. Duke Xing went to rescue them alone, but unfortunately, he was killed!" Wei Baoheng said, "it's not pity for Li Guanshu's dying, but I cannot let him damage my reputation!"

Upon hearing this, Lu Yan kept silent and he sighed in his heart.

The fact that Li Guanshu framed Sanqingguan for rebellion had already spread out. Wei Baoheng was to deceive himself as he concluded the matter in this way. It would have opposite effects. However, he had to give an explanation to the imperial court. Wei Baoheng understood the drawbacks of doing so, but could he withdraw in front of the interests?

Wei Baoheng saw something strange in Lu Yan's look, so he emphasized his words. "Li Guanshu was a Duke of the imperial court and a General of Left Guards. He must die in glory. This is for the prestige of the imperial court! Sanqingguan can rebel and there is no lack of people with evil intentions in this world at any time. If the fact that a Duke was so corrupt that he slandered others for rebellion and brought disasters to several villages spread out, does it mean to tell everyone that the Tang Empire is in chaos?!"

"Duke Wei, you're right." Lu Yan cupped his hands. He understood Wei Baoheng's meaning which was nothing but whitewashing.

But if the Empire needed to whitewash, it would not be peaceful at all.

Wu Hongshan sat on a high chair and looked at Wu You standing in front of him. His look was far from cordial and his voice was cold. "You really don't know how Grand Prince Gong's Heir Apparent was injured and how his attendant died?"

"Father, you have asked many times, and I have already answered many times. Why don't you believe me?" Wu You's tone was stiff and she stood up straight.

Wu Hongshan's look darkened. "Duke Wei has sent someone to inquire. You should know that no one in the court can disobey Duke Wei. Everyone knows that the matter is obviously unusual. What am I supposed to do if you keep silent to me?"

Wu You was petite, though she was 16 years old, she looked like a little girl. Under the pressure of Wu Hongshan, her shoulders seemed to be very thin. She said fearlessly, "Should I know the matter just because it's unusual? How can I tell you what I don't know? Li Jing'an is the one who was injured and his attendant is the one who died, but Duke Wei sent someone to inquire you, why doesn't he ask Grand Prince Gong directly? Does he think that you are weak and easily bullied?"

"Ridiculous!" Wu Hongshan patted the sandalwood armrest heavily, and the muscles on his face quivered with rage.

After all, he was her own father. Although he doted on her in daily life, Wu You couldn't have no fear when facing his anger. So tears began to well up in her eyes, but she bit her teeth in order to hold back her tears.

Wu Hongshan couldn't help being softhearted as he saw his daughter's look. He really loved his daughter and could not bear to be too harsh. He sighed heavily and felt dejected. He waved his hand to let Wu You back out.

Wu You wiped her tears as she left the small courtyard. Although she didn't like Wu Hongshan's attitude of fearing the authorities and self-preservation, Wu Hongshan's sad look made her cry just now.

After a few steps, someone followed. He was an old man hiding in the dark like a shadow. Wu You did not look back, but her voice was cold. "If let me know that you revealed a word to my father, even if I could not kill you, I will make you feel that death is better than life!"

At this moment, the girl looked like a demon.

The old attendant ducked his head and said, "Duchess, don't worry. I absolutely dare not say much."

He was a follower of the Emperor's son-in-law, so he should do everything for his sake. While in Niushou Mountain, he had advised Wu You to make an alliance with Li Guanshu under Li Jing'an's proposal. He had guarded Wu You for a long time, so sometimes, he would agree with her on the "innocuous" thing.

In addition, the old man knew Wu You's temper. If she had made up her mind, she would do what she had said.

The old man also didn't want to offend Prince An who was powerful and decisive in Niushou Mountain. He feared Li Ye because he made progress too fast.

Wu You lifted her head and looked at the crescent moon in the night sky, lost in thought for a long time. Her face was clean and beautiful, but childish. Under the brightness, she had a look of determination. She whispered, "Since you were unable to cultivate for twenty years, you suffered too much; since uncle died unexpectedly in battle, you were in a difficult situation. Now that you have real power, you want to keep a low profile. Even if you don't ask me to do anything, I will try my best to do everything I can."

She suddenly smiled. Her smile was so clean that the stars seemed to melt in her dimples. "I don't know how Li Guanshu died, but if you were able to kill Li Jing'an's attendant with only one strike, then I won't be surprised that Li Guanshu died in your hands. In this big Chang'an City, who can expect that you're so powerful now? Elder Brother Ye, hiding your power is to hide the possibility of your killing Li Guanshu. I will help you."

Grand Prince Gong's Manor.

After sending away the people sent by Wei Baoheng, Grand Prince Gong stood under the eaves and looked at the night sky with his hands behind his back, being silent for a long time.

Li Jing'an, who had recovered most of his injuries, came to the side of Grand Prince Gong. He gnashed his teeth and said, "Father, why do we hide the fact of that day and why don't we tell Li Ye's true strength to Duke Wei? Isn't good for Duke Wei to confront Li Ye and deal with Li Ye?"

Grand Prince Gong glanced at Li Jing'an and said slowly, "I did not tell you the reason before, because I thought that you could figure it out. Now it seems that you have been blinded by humiliation. I'm going to tell you the reason, and you listen to it carefully. I won't say it again."

Grand Prince Gong's gaze was deep and his voice was steady. "You have been asking me the reason that I retired from the army and was idle at home in the prime of life, though I had high cultivation and good means. I tell you today that was because of the example of Prince An."

"His Majesty is not a wise person and the current court is not a court where people can make an achievement. This is true for everyone, especially for the youths of the Imperial Clan who are in a more difficult situation. Once the youths of the Imperial Clan have become powerful and famous, their threat to the throne will be greater than that of ordinary people, because they are surnamed Li. And His Majesty fears them more than the ordinary ministers."

"I hope that you can see through the current political situation. I'm not Wu Hongshan who would like to take the bull by the horns. He hopes to gain power in a difficult situation, so he lives with grievance and panic. My proposition is to stay away from the court because that means staying away from right and wrong."

"Now you should understand why I did not let you tell the truth of that day. Since Prince An got Celestial Master Yuan's inheritance, he became intelligent and powerful. More importantly, his Luck is different from before. It's better to stay away from such a person. If we cannot get along with him, we should not provoke him."

Speaking of this, Grand Prince Gong turned his head to look at Li Jing'an. "I allow you to become an official, not because I want you to succeed and occupy a high position, but because I want you to have an official position so that people won't underestimate you. I don't expect too much. Although Li Ye had hurt you, he didn't go too far. And today, he also sent a gift. Although the gift is not expensive, he is thoughtful. However, what really matters to me is that his personality and means are better than his father's!"

Grand Prince Gong sighed. "Just wait and see. Prince An's cultivation is not lower than the old Prince An's. But the old Prince An was too upright. The behavior that Li Ye could send a gift to be nice to me today shows that he is tactful and will not be too upright. He destines to make a change in Chang'an City. We just watch and do not get involved."

Grand Prince Gong finally glanced at Li Jing'an and left with his hands behind his back.

He had a feeling in his heart that he did not say nor could he say.

They were both the youths of the Imperial Clan and Grand Princes, but compared to Li Xian, he had lost too much.

That very year, he was beaten in cultivation and in battlefield glory.

And now, his son did the same thing.

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