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Everything Will Work Out In The End (2)

This was also why the eighth prince gave up. When he thought of all the effort and money put into looking for the treasure, plus the risk of accidents, investing three hundred thousand was not worth it. He would rather keep the three hundred thousand for himself.

"I don't know…" answered Ye Lang casually. He didn't think too much into it. Ye Lang was just there to spend money.

Most of the things he owned were very valuable. He just never used them.

The crowd fell silent. They realised this lady might be a little clueless, but she was still cute. They liked her.

"Alright, alright, the deal is done! Let's move on to the next item!" said Ye Lang. To him, the most important thing was to move on. The deal was done.

"Yes, we'll proceed. We can discuss later!"

Ye Lang's words reminded everyone they were still at an auction. It wasn't the time for casual conversation!

The auction proceeded. Ye Lang continued bidding for a few things. People thought there wouldn't be any more drama, but the spirit girl was in the limelight once again over another small object.

However, this time, Coldblood Seven was worried. He was about to ruin a perfect situation all because he was about to bid against the little princess. The most popular, adorable little princess...

It was a very, very tiny object---a necklace with a rare sapphire pendant. Made by a legendary jeweller, its workmanship was exquisite. Not only was it valuable, but it was also worth keeping too. 

Obviously, the ladies all liked this necklace very much, but they saw the little princess bidding for it so not many wanted to bid against her. If all went well, she'd get the necklace at almost starting price.

Then something unexpected happened- Ye Lang made a bid. The crowd was stunned, but they thought the gorgeous lady probably liked the necklace too. It would look so pretty on her.

Why was Ye Lang so interested? He wasn't, but he saw Coldblood Five's eyes light up. She'd whispered three words, "It's so pretty!"

And all because of this, Ye Lang immediately started bidding.

Of course, Ye Lang had to stand out. He immediately bid at an insane price of one hundred thousand gold coins…

The little princess glared at the spirit girl. She was very upset as if someone had taken a toy away from her. The crowd pitied her, especially her siblings who loved her very much.

And because of this, everyone started to hate Ye Lang!

"One hundred and ten thousand!" shouted the princess, clenching her jaw.

"Hundred and twenty!"

"Hundred...and thirty!"

"Hundred and forty!"

… And so they fought.

"Little brat, what are you doing? You're going to offend her. It was all perfect! Look around now! Everyone hates you!" exclaimed Coldblood Seven, panicking.

"They can hate all they want. No one can take away what I want!" waved Ye Lang. Once he had his eyes on something, not even the gods could stop him- unless he ran out of money.

He never cared about money, he didn't mind if his family went bankrupt!

"A hundred and eighty!" shouted Ye Lang.

"I hate you!!" shrieked the princess, sobbing as she glared at the spirit girl. Everyone hated Ye Lang even more.

"I don't know you!" Was Ye Lang's reply.

Fortunately, Ye Lang wasn't attending as himself but through the spirit girl. Everyone could dislike the girl, but they wouldn't hate for long. It was the benefit of being gorgeous.

Then again, unfortunately, no royal member would approach him anytime soon because of this. Not without an important reason.

Coldblood Seven was furious. The perfect setup was destroyed by a necklace and Ye Lang didn't even like it. It was for Coldblood Five.

At an auction, cash was king. Status didn't matter. The auction continued…

"The next item is the most-anticipated item of our collection…" said the auctioneer awkwardly. The most-anticipated items had seemed to be what Lady Marge won, and Lady Marge herself.

"Zeus's Bane of Lightning!"

A very dull, giant sword appeared on stage. This was what everyone was waiting for! That was why the crowd was here.

It was a very rare weapon, forged in ancient times from meteorite. This sword can control lightning, and it didn't require lightning-related talent to control. Even regular magicians could use this weapon.

"Starting bid at one hundred thousand!"

"One hundred thousand!"

"Hundred fifty!"

"Two hundred thousand!"

"Little brat, this looks good! Why aren't you bidding for it? Don't you want it?" asked Coldblood Seven.

"I do, but I don't have that much money. If I'd known this would be up, I wouldn't have spent so much," said Ye Lang. He knew the sword would reach a very high price, so his money wouldn't be enough to win the bid. He had to observe the bidding before making a decision.

In reality, Ye Lang wanted the sword for its material. He was going to melt the sword if he got it.

Therefore, this sword wasn't very important to him!

"...You mean you still have money with you?" Coldblood Seven was speechless. The amount of money he had was terrifying now.

"Yep! After the auction, I'll make an offer double its closing bid to the guy. He's so dead!" said Ye Lang solemnly. That was his plan.

"Four hundred and fifty thousand!"

At this point, no one could afford to bid against him. It was the eldest son of the richest family in the empire.

This gentleman was one of the elites of his generation. Many people expected great things from this young man!

Although the sword was the most expensive item sold at the auction, no one was surprised because it was valued at approximately this point.

But the two items Ye Lang bought--- that, was surprising.  

"Lady Marge, how will you pay?" After the auction, everyone paid either with their cards or gold coins. Ye Lang hadn't paid.

Many people were staying to see if this new mysterious new lady had the money to pay.

Although it was unlikely she couldn't, the numbers were still astronomical. Everyone wanted to watch.

DOGE's notes:

3 / 4 chapters this week

henlo. welcome back. tenks for your time.

i wonder how he's gonna pay!! gold coins?? 

bork wishes, 


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