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After receiving the jade medallion, Li Ye stood up in front of the parterre and leisurely patted the dirt on the robes. He calmly gazed at the stone tablet full of Taoist scriptures on the front side of the main shrine.

"Heir Apparent unexpectedly broke the inhibition of the Formation. He really makes it!"

Shangguan Qingcheng stared at Li Ye blankly, only one voice left in her heart.

"Heir Apparent has such skills? How can he even have the technique rivals that of the Practitioner of Qi techniques? Is this still our Heir Apparent?"

The guards of the Prince An's Mansion looked at Li Ye unbelievably after they came to their senses, as if Li Ye was a ghost or god in their eyes.

Li Ye walked calmly up the stone steps. He did not stop or make a fuss. One step after another, he walked to the Taoist scriptures left by Yuan Tiangang.

It might seem inconceivable to break through the Xiaoxuan Formation. But for Li Ye, who was once a Great Cultivator, it wasn't worth mentioning at all, and there was no need to recall it.

Such a thing was too common for Li Ye.

Seeing Li Ye walking toward the stone tablet, the middle-aged Taoist priest in the side house immediately turned scowled. The two young Taoist priests beside him were also very anxious about the present situation for it was quite different from what they expected. "Master, what should we do now?"

The middle-aged Taoist priest had not spoken yet. From the messaging jade note in his hand came an eager voice of Li Yao, "After such a long time, why haven't you answered yet? Have Li Ye been wounded by the Xiaoxuan Formation? Have you got the jade medallion yet? Talk, why don't you talk?"

The middle-aged Taoist priest's face turned gloomy while hearing Li Yao's inquiries especially mingled with joy and irrepressible excitement. He meditated for a while and reluctantly recited silently in his own mind when Li Yao was about to lose patience and curse. "Sir, you may not believe, Li Yu, he...he passed through Xiaoxuan Formation!"

"What? You're joking. But it is not the time for joking. Put the jade medallion away quickly and I'll send someone to pick it up later." The impatient voice of Li Yao came from the messaging jade note.

The middle-aged Taoist priest wished to kill himself by bumping up against his head, "Sir, Li Ye really passed through the Xiaoxuan Formation by a jade medallion. Now he has reached the stone tablet..."

The middle-aged Taoist priest can only attribute the reason why Li Ye passed through the Formation to the jade medallion.

After the middle-aged Taoist priest talked, it was silent in the messaging jade note for so long that the middle-aged Taoist priest thought that there was something wrong with the jade. Suddenly, there went a burst of kicking a small desk and throwing things and then the angry roar from Li Yao, "What are you waiting for?! Stop him! Throw him out of the Taixuan Monastery! If he really gets the Taoist's Luck, I'll destroy your ancestral graves!"

"I will demolish your Taoist temple and shred you to pieces!" After roaring, Li Yao raised his voice, which seemingly reflecting Li Yao thought the Taoist priest paid no attention to his ancestral graves.

The middle-aged Taoist priest's face changed again for he knew that Li Yao could most probably do it instead of just bluffing him. Therefore, He quickly closed the messaging jade note and flew out of the house. He said to the two young Taoist priests, "Stop them!"

At the moment, Li Ye was sitting in front of the stone tablet. When Shangguan Qingcheng and the guards of the Prince An's mansion recovered from the surprise and were celebrating Li Yao's success in getting the jade medallion with each other, they suddenly saw three Taoist priests rushing out of the house to pounce upon them. Meanwhile, they all furiously pulled out their swords after hearing the words of the middle-aged Taoist priest.

"You damned rogue Taoist priests! How dare you disrespect the Heir Apparent! Drop dead!"

Shangguan Qingcheng thrust at the middle-aged Taoist priest with her sword. Although she was always meek and modest when getting on with Li Ye, she really had a fiery temper. Once she entered the Taoist temple, she had been loathing the despicable middle-aged Taoist priest. Moreover, to her indignation, these Taoist priests started a fight, attempting to hinder Li Ye from drawing inspiration from the Taoist scriptures. Therefore, she could not bear the middle-aged any longer.

"How dare you guys start a fight in the sacred temple!" The middle-aged Taoist priest sliced through the air and pushed aside the sword Shangguan Qingcheng used to hack him. Self-righteously, he said, "Shouldn't you come quickly to kneel before Zhenwu Dadi!"

Li Ye turned his head to see what was happening. Before he said something, Shangguan Qingcheng thrust at the middle-aged again and raged. "You bastard! It's bullshit! Knock it off! You are the first to start the fight!"

"You're only a Warrior Master, I can't believe your nerve. Get lost!" the Middle-aged sneered. With an explosive strength of a Warrior Mentor without reservation, he hit Shangguan Qingcheng on her shoulder, sending her away backward.

Due to the hit-on-target, the middle-aged Taoist priest yelled, "Li Ye, shouldn't you immediately leave the Taoist scripture? Your destruction of the Formation created by Celestial Master Yuan is blasphemy against Zhenwu Dadi. Shouldn't you kneel down to beg Zhenwu Dadi's pardon for your offense and then withdraw from Taixuan Monastery?"

Li Ye stood up from the stone tablet.

For Li Ye, both the middle-aged priest and Li Yao were panicked after he broke through the Xiaoxuan Formation and became so flustered that the middle-aged priest launched an offensive attack on him instead of having been keeping aloof exposed the plot. However, seemingly, it never occurred to the middle-aged to be hurt and to betray the mastermind behind the plot.

"You damn rogue Taoist priest, I'll kill you!" Shangguan Qingcheng leaped to slash again at the middle-aged priest with eyes full of anger, wiping away the blood spilling over the corners on her mouth.

"Nonsense! In the name of heaven, I'll kill you guys for your disturbing the peace in the Taoist temple with swords. What you've done is demonic." The middle-aged angrily knocked out a guard pouncing on him and rushed to Shangguan Qingcheng.

"Kill us? No wonder the middle-aged dare to do that recklessly. He takes it for granted that he'll win the battle," Li Ye thought. This middle-aged righteously maintained that Li Ye and his fellows were rogues, disregarding the truth as if it were only decided by his words.

The middle-aged Taoist priest is in Warrior Mentor Realm so that Shangguan Qingcheng and four guards couldn't defeat him. As a result, they were injured. One of the guards was badly wounded and lay on the ground.

The guards staying at the foot of the mountain rushed to help their fellows in the Taoist temple after they heard the fight. It was only hundreds of steps away, but the fight would have been over when they arrived for the mountain road was narrow and rugged.

The middle-aged Taoist was clearly aware of this, so he attacked with no scruples.

The middle-aged Taoist priest thought, "Only when I knock down all the guards in the temple can I easily take Li Ye hostage and get out here. I'll live a comfortable life with a large reward from Li Yao."

With the greedy and selfish consideration, the middle-aged Taoist priest hurt the guards even more fiercely, and yelled, "Li Ye, you sinful man, shouldn't you kneel before Zhenwu Dadi and confess your sins?"

Upon the utterance of these words, the other two young Taoist priests also shouted," You, demonic Heir Apparent, kneel down to confess your sins to Zhenwu Dadi!"

"Zhenwu Dadi?" Li Wei turned around to look at the statue of Zhenwu Dadi in the main hall and slightly squinted. He hadn't engaged the fight, not because this Taoist temple was dedicated to Zhenwu Dadi, but at the moment, he changed his mind.

"It's well known that you have been supervising the world for God by rewarding the virtuous and punishing the wicked, and there is nothing wrong with your duty. But, why are you not angry with your amoral disciples who commit murders, make a fortune, and tell lies? if you are furious, why have you not imposed punishment?" Li Ye said with a hostile glare.

At the moment, the middle-aged Taoist priests had once again knocked Shangguan Qingcheng away and punched at Li Ye, saying, "Li Ye, kneel down, now!"

Li Ye turned his eyes away from the statue of Zhenwu as his gaze gradually became icy. He strode out, and his clothes swayed while the weather remained calm. "You are not angry, but I am !"

The middle-aged Taoist priest was rushing forth, smirking at Li Ye who was moving forwards rather than dodging back. He sneered, "What a stupid idiot! You even don't run for his life, I have no scruples about your status as the Heir Apparent."

On witnessing the scene, Shangguan Qingcheng could do nothing but shouted, "Heir Apparent, go!"

However, Shangguan Qingcheng also knew that Li Ye couldn't get away. At this moment, she harbored deep resentment against herself for she wasn't able to rescue Li Ye. She felt very depressed. "Prince An has died, but I am incapable of protecting Heir Apparent Li Ye. How can I face Prince An and my father when I pass away?"

Both she and those conscious guards thought that Li Wei would be dead after they witnessed the scene.

The two young Taoist priests braced themselves for they knew that as long as Li Ye was seized, they won the fight.

However, what happened next was beyond all expectation.

Shangguan Qingcheng was totally stunned.

All the guards' eyes widened in surprise.

The two young Taoist priests were scared as hell and turned pale.

The middle-aged Taoist priest who was rushing to Li Ye leaped into the air and stretched out his hand to grab Li Ye's throat.

Then, Li Ye took a step forth, backhand punched the middle-aged Taoist priest on the lower abdomen. The punch was very fast and hit the middle-aged Taoist priest first.

The middle-aged Taoist priest flew backward, spitting blood in midair, and then fell heavily onto the floor with a bang. He slipped and bumped into the wall. At the same time, his head was tilted, and he turned white eyes. He even fainted!

"How could this happen?!" Everyone was surprised.

Was the middle-aged Taoist priest in Warrior Mentor Realm knocked out by a single punch of Li Ye?

Wasn't Li Ye a loser who could not cultivate?

Had there been such a good-for-nothing in the world?

Li Ye took back his fist, swung his sleeves and snorted.

Although both Li Ye and the middle-aged Taoist priest were Grand Masters, the middle-aged Taoist obviously did not know Li Ye's level, thinking Li Ye was still a feeble loser. He did not expect Li Ye to resist him, so he ignored the flaw of his move. Moreover, he did not attack with full effort in case of breaking Li Ye's throat.

At the moment, Li Ye didn't treat the Taoist priests with mercy and taught them how to behave.

With hands behind back and cold eyes, Li Ye walked toward two young priests filled with trepidation, "As Taoist priests, you don't abide by your own duty. How dare you to curse me hurt my guards? Who gave you the courage? Liang Jingru?"

The most serious taboo of cultivators is to be vilified as a demon. The demons, no matter how they cultivated, couldn't achieve the true way of Tao and ascend to Immortals.

The two young Taoist priests had already been stunned by Li Ye's attack and did not know what to do. Even the middle-aged Taoist priest had been knocked down, they could not beat Li Ye at all. They were now being lectured seriously, trembling; and when they looked at Li Wei, only to find infinite majesty on him, their legs suddenly softened as they kneeled on the ground. When they thought of the foul trades they had done, they completely lost their nerve and kowtowed, saying, "Heir Apparent, forgive us!"

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