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"Law Punishment? What is that?" Chen Xiang asked. That island was too strange, she was unable to chase after him immediately, so she could teleport so far away in one breath.

After Xia Bailing took out a pellet to recover his strength and ate it, he said, "The Law's Punishment is used to punish the life of a special existence. For example, this island has a consciousness of its own, but it violates the Law.

"So that's it? Why would there be such a punishment?! " Chen Xiang still didn't understand.

"The main reason is to prevent other creatures from entering this island, and at the same time, to prevent this island from landing on this land. "I don't know why I'm punishing them either. This could be related to what the island did after it gained its spirit." Xia Bailing said: "Wait until I recover and continue to chase, I should be able to."

Chen Xiang nodded. Since he had already begun to search for his own father, he would not give up. He too wanted to know what happened on that island to actually receive such a punishment.

Xia Bailing took a few more pills, which could help her recover a little faster. Once she recovered, she could continue to track that island.

Feng Yujie closed his eyes and tried to sense it, then said, "This island is constantly moving, is that what you want it to do?"

Xia Bailing nodded his head: "It should be, this island is also resisting, if not it would not have stayed here for a period of time. It seems that this island wants to land on the ground, and only by landing on the desolate land, can the island absorb the energy of the land."

Chen Xiang had seen that island before, it looked like it was filled with the aura of death, it was extremely scary, he now understood a little!

The punishment of the Laws was to sever the connection between that island and the Eight Desolate Lands, and let that island die on its own!

Chen Xiang knew how powerful that island was. It could produce a dragon vein on its own, and when it landed, it would definitely frantically draw out the energy of the earth's core, nurturing an even stronger dragon vein beneath him.

"I have recovered. Yu Jie, get ready!" At this time, Xia Bailing had become serious as well. It was because she was extremely interested in this matter and also because this matter was extremely difficult, that caused her to have a competitive spirit. She must chase to that island and enter it to investigate.

Feng Yujie nodded, then pointed in a direction. Xia Bailing immediately teleported over, this time they were very close to the island, just a bit away from entering it, but Xia Bailing shouted loudly instead!

"What's wrong?" Chen Xiang asked hurriedly, the gigantic black island floating in the air also disappeared in a flash.

"It's nothing. That island has a very powerful enchantment that cannot be broken through. Otherwise, we would have definitely been inside." Xia Bailing shook his head: "It's quite difficult, let's try again!"

After taking two pellets, Xia Bailing quickly recovered. Just now, the island wasn't too far away from them, and when Xia Bailing entered the spatial passageway, he could immediately feel the aura of the island, which allowed him to determine the distance.

"Sister Bai Ling, this time, you just need to get close to the island. Once you enter the Spirit Formation, leave it to me." Chen Xiang said. He had the White Tiger's jump, he wanted to see if he could break through the island's barrier.

Xia Bailing said: "You really can? If I can't even use my spatial energy, don't force yourself. If I hadn't controlled it in time, I would have definitely been injured by the rebound of the barrier. That kind of power is too terrifying. "

Chen Xiang nodded his head: "I can try, you don't have to worry about me!"

She had stayed in the Hundreds of Flowers Village for a few days, and from those women, she had learned a lot of things related to Chen Xiang, which were all quite shocking stories.

After Xia Bailing recovered, he nodded towards Feng Yujie, indicating that they can begin.

Feng Yujie quickly sensed the position of the island after it had teleported, and immediately teleported there. After teleporting, the moment Chen Xiang saw the island, his mind immediately moved, and he channeled all of his strength, even borrowing a lot of the power of the spatial laws to activate his White Tiger Dao mark.

Under the power of the White Tiger Dao mark, he rode his Six Realms mirrors and teleported to the island with Feng Yujie. He successfully broke through the barrier!

"Come in!" Chen Xiang laughed: "Sister Feng, you can enter You Yao Mountain Villa. You are safer inside."

Feng Yujie nodded and then entered the You Yao Mountain Villa, but Xia Bailing was extremely surprised and asked: "How did you get in? Something that even I can't sit on, you actually did it! "

"Hehe, this is my secret … This is the power of my Dao mark. " At this time, he was still riding on his Six Realms mirrors and entering the mountain forest inside the island.

The island was shrouded in darkness, with black clouds everywhere. There was not a single ray of light from the sky, and the evil aura of death was everywhere, causing people to feel uncomfortable.

"What happened to this island? Could it be that many people have died before? Even if I got punished by the law, it shouldn't be like this! " Xia Bailing exclaimed in surprise. Chen Xiang's Six Realms mirrors had a formation that prevented the outside world's Qi from entering, otherwise, it would be extremely uncomfortable.

Chen Xiang shook his head: "I don't know either, in short, my father is on top of this, I have to find him!"

In order to find Shen Tianhu, Chen Xiang was currently taking a huge risk, because he wasn't sure how he would go out after entering the room!

"This is a dead island. It should be because it's completely sealed up by a Law Barrier and unable to absorb any aura from the outside. That's why it became like this!" Of course, there must have been a lot of creatures that died on this island. Moreover, after these creatures died, they were unable to release their resentment and could only gather on this island. As time passed, they became like this. " Xia Bailing said.

The entire island was tightly sealed, and no aura would leak out or enter. This was how this island was being held up.

"My father is still alive!" Chen Xiang said.

"Un, Undead Divine Race probably calculated it. They are more accurate in calculating these things." Xia Bailing nodded, she did not want Chen Xiang to worry too.

As Chen Xiang entered the island, all the trees that he saw were completely withered and were covered in a layer of black stuff. He walked over to the trunk of a large tree and touched it with his hands, only to realize that the black thing that wrapped around the tree was a layer of black stuff.

"What is this?" Chen Xiang sniffed it, but it did not smell anything.

"Let me take a look!" Xia Bailing took out a jade plate, and asked Chen Xiang to place the black object on top of his finger onto the jade plate.

Chen Xiang pointed at the center of the jade plate, and the jade plate that was made of white jade instantly turned into black mist!

"Poison!" Xia Bailing shouted in shock, and then he used his spatial energy to send the poisonous gas outside.

"What poison is this?" "Why am I fine?" Chen Xiang was also a little worried, he had touched it just now and sniffed it, but it was fine now.

"Absolute poison!" Xia Bailing's face paled. She was actually frightened to this extent.

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