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Chen Xiang didn't have a good impression of Steward Tai and Peng Renyi, if it wasn't for him being a little capable, he would definitely be in great danger here. These two people didn't even put his life in their eyes, and now that they saw how useful he was, they would only treat him so well.

After Chen Xiang and Steward Tai walked for a while, they had already left the vicinity of Feng Shen Native Bank. At this time, Peng Renyi suddenly popped out from a corner.

Peng Renyi was very concerned about Chen Xiang, he was still staying in the city, and would be waiting for news from Steward Tai everyday. He wanted to know if Chen Xiang was competent enough for their plans, and if not, they had to kill Chen Xiang as soon as possible.

Now, Peng Renyi already knew that Chen Xiang had done extremely well. Upon seeing Chen Xiang, he said while beaming: "I already said before that I had sold you out, it's for your own good. But now you have tasted the sweetness, right?"

Chen Xiang scoffed, but in his heart, he agreed with what Peng Renyi said. Peng Renyi was right, bringing him into Feng Shen Native Bank would give him great benefits, which Peng Renyi and Steward Tai did not know about.

"He wants to buy some things here, so you can go with him. You're quite good at this." Steward Tai handed Chen Xiang over to Peng Renyi and then returned to the Feng Shen Native Bank.

Peng Renyi knew that Chen Xiang could get a reward of over 20,000 silver every day, and with his current strength, it could be considered a pretty good income.

"What do you want to buy? I'm just a businessman, I can sell it to you for a cheap price. " Peng Renyi patted Chen Xiang's shoulders and chuckled: "Being so familiar with you, I will definitely give you a good price."

The more he got to know, the more dangerous the situation became. Chen Xiang did not believe that he would do this.

"Take me to the store here first. If it's really more expensive than your store, then I'll buy your stuff." Chen Xiang smiled slightly: "Merchant Peng, now is the time to check if your price is the lowest."

He had experienced Chen Xiang's intelligence before, and he was still concerned about Chen Xiang's divine blade, but he was only thinking about it. He knew that in the next few years, Chen Xiang would definitely help him and Steward Tai get a large amount of silver, and that would be much better than the divine blade.

"What do you want to buy?" Peng Renyi asked.

"The best materials for refining a Saint artifact are those that can be refined. How much silver does it usually cost?" Chen Xiang was not familiar with the market price here, but as a annihilator, Peng Renyi definitely knew a lot of things, so letting Peng Renyi bring him to buy things was not bad.

"Aren't you supposed to only forge pills? "He even knows how to forge artifacts!" Peng Renyi had thought that Chen Xiang was going to buy medicinal ingredients for pill refining, but he never thought that it was actually for refining.

"I don't understand. I just want to buy it here and sell it." Chen Xiang laughed.

"You still don't know when you'll be able to go back. Isn't it too early to think about buying and selling?" Peng Renyi said: "How much money do you have right now?"

"A total of one hundred and thirty thousand." Chen Xiang said.

Manager Tai had previously given Chen Xiang a hundred thousand silvers. Peng Renyi was also aware of this matter.

Peng Renyi said: "There are materials to refine saint artifacts, but they are not cheap. Usually they are all based on weight, the more common ones cost 1000 silver coins per kilogram."

To Chen Xiang, this was extremely cheap.

"What about the better ones?" Chen Xiang asked.

"Saint artifacts are generally divided into low-ranked, high-ranked, and Holy level crafting materials are also of the same kind. Low-ranked items are usually divided into low-ranked, high-ranked items, and Holy level crafting materials are usually of the same type, with the low-ranked items being of the high-ranked, high-ranked items being of the high-ranked, and high-ranked items being of the middle quality. Peng Renyi replied, "What? "Why don't you think it's expensive? Is it really that cheap?"

Chen Xiang replied: "Isn't it?"

Peng Renyi pondered for a moment. In the future, Chen Xiang would be able to get a hundred million silver coins every month, and at the same time, get two levels of twenty to thirty million silver coins.

Liu Meng'er said: "For the time being, we will use them to cultivate our hands. After we become proficient in them, we will buy some good ones to refine high grade saint artifacts."

Xue Xianxian laughed: "When the time comes, refining an entire set will not be a problem."

"I hope everything outside is peaceful. After that, I will stay here for a while, and find some God level materials to familiarize you with. Then, I will begin to refine the Suzaku bow and the large ship that can dodge the Tracing mantra." Chen Xiang said.

Peng Renyi brought Chen Xiang to a market. There were many stalls here, and it was a place where some people would risk their lives to obtain some heaven and earth treasures and then sell them.

Chen Xiang followed Peng Renyi to a place that specialized in selling stones. There were all sorts of stones, and most of them were Artifact Forging Materials, many of them were Holy level materials.

In Divine Prison, resources were considered rich, if not there would not be so much Black Saint Iron. Holy level materials were not rare here, as long as one had money, they could usually be bought, and the rarest were the God level materials.

"What do you need?" Chen Xiang asked Liu Meng'er who was inside the ring.

"Fire attributed. Although we cultivate ice and fire, we usually use fire techniques and ice to defend ourselves!" If you want to forge a weapon, use the fire element. If you want to make defensive magical equipment or soft armor, use the ice attribute. " Liu Meng'er said.

Chen Xiang came to a stop in front of a vendor's stall. There were a few fiery red rocks placed there that were steaming hot, and it was obvious that they were pretty good materials for refining the fire element of the Holy level.

"How much is this stone?" Although it was only the size of an apple, it was still more than ten kilograms and contained a terrifying amount of heat. Chen Xiang was sure that the fire energy being released from within must belong to the Holy level.

"Here is a medium-grade Sacred Flame Stone. 2500 silver taels for one catty. Here is 12 catties. If you want them, I'll sell them to you for 27,000 silver taels." The old man who set up the stall said.

Chen Xiang said: "Two thousand and one catty, I will buy all of the Sacred Flame Stones you have here. You have fifty catties of them in total, right?"

The old man considered for a moment before nodding, "One hundred thousand silver taels!"

Chen Xiang gave him a hundred thousand silver coins to buy the fifty kilograms of Holy Flaming Stone!

When he was refining the sacred artifact, it was already very good to add a few Holy level materials. Now that he had fifty kilograms of Sacred Flaming Stone and some other Holy level materials, the divine artifact he refined would definitely be very strong.

Peng Renyi laughed: "You spent one hundred thousand silvers all of a sudden, you only have a little now, you can't buy much anymore."

"Then lend me several hundred thousand yuan, I'll return it to you next month." Chen Xiang smiled at Peng Renyi.

"Keep a low profile. You have just arrived here for a short period of time and already have over a million silver coins. You will definitely arouse suspicion." Peng Renyi said, he was worried that Chen Xiang would have more money in the future and spend it everywhere, which would definitely attract the attention of the Feng Shen Native Bank.

Chen Xiang suddenly caught a glimpse of a big piece of black stone in one of the stalls. It had a hint of spatial energy, similar to a Space black iron, but he was sure that this was not a Space black iron, but a better material for carrying spatial energy.

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