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"You court death!" Seeing Li Ye trying to hit the sword with his fists, Li Muzhao's eyes were cold.

The sword in his hand was not an ordinary sword, but a Magic Treasure. Even though the cultivator's body was protected by Spiritual Qi, it still was flesh and blood when it faced Magic Treasure.

Seeing that Li Ye blew against him and the Spiritual Qi in front of him was as much as a tide. And the scene that clouds gathered, arose and rolled appeared. Li Muzhao knew that it was not an ordinary technique, so he did not dare to neglect it and did his best immediately.

"Skylight Sword Net!" Accompanied by Li Muzhao's shout of low voice, the Sword Qi crisscrossed in front of him and formed a dazzling huge net!

At the moment when the sword net was formed, Li Muzhao was relived.

He was confident that this Sword Net would surely trap Li Ye and severely harm him.

Li Muzhao had experienced too many such battles.

Even though there was a group of guards who held shields and set barriers to defend him, Li Muzhao's Sword Net also could directly tear up their barriers and kill them all.

It even could break through a military barrier, let alone a person.

As Li Yao's trusted subordinate, Li Mu Zhao's cultivation was the same as Xue Shaoli's, but his strength was much stronger. What's more, the sword in his hand was a Magic Treasure.

Li Ye, in front of Li Muzhao, didn't elude the Sword Net and faced it directly, at which Li Muzhao sneered. He could imagine the scene that Li Ye was trapped by Sword Net and flew back with blood gushing.

Wielding the last row of Sword Qi, Li Muzhao looked grim and said, "I'll send you to heaven!"

However, what happened shocked Li Muzhao.

When Li Ye's fist was formed, his whole body was surrounded by purple air.

He stepped on the cloud, and his punch lit the whole sky!

His look was calm, and his long hair was flying. In the bright purple Qi, he was solemn!

It looked like Immortals emerged from the clouds in the east at dawn!

After a series of explosions, the Sword Net in front of Li Muzhao was directly torn apart by Li Ye. And those rows of Sword Qi suddenly dissipated in mid-air, like mirages.

And Li Ye's punch haunted by purple Qi seemed not to meet any obstruct and reached Li Muzhao's chest in an instant!

"This's impossible!" Li Muzhao was shocked and frightened, the hair on the body going up.

But Li Ye's face that was close at hand was calm. It seemed that in his view, everything was as natural as the lowering of grass when a hurricane passed.

"Bang." Li Ye punched Li Muzhao in the chest.

Li Muzhao spat out a mouthful of blood, and his body hit the wall and then bounced back, just like a ball.

Li Muzhao crashed back into the eave of the festooned gate, crashing the eave directly. And his body fell to the ground with broken tiles and wood. Dust sprinkled all over him. He half knelt down and could not stand up. His eyes looked at Li Ye bulged and were full of disbelief.

Previously when he knew that Xue Shaoli failed, he laughed at Xue Shaoli's incompetence and stupidity in front of Li Yao.

Now Li Muzhao finally knew why Xue Shaoli failed.

But he would rather not know.

Ignorance would bring fearlessness. If he knew the truth, he only would be frightened.

"What's this cultivation method... How is it so powerful... I've never heard and seen it before!" Li Muzhao thought in mind.

"However, this is not enough!"

A dozen Qi-refining cultivators passed by Li Muzhao and attacked Li Ye. Countless fireballs and countless Sword Qi shrouded Li Ye.

At this moment, the techniques all over the sky looked like a meteor shower!

"Li Ye, no matter how strong you are, you're unable to withstand the simultaneous attacks from a dozen cultivators!" Li Muzhao looked at Li Ye in the courtyard with hatred and growled angrily, "You can defeat me, but does it matter? Many hands provide great strength. But you're alone. You are doomed to be crushed by us!"

Li Muzhao's eyes sparkled with madness. Just now he was defeated by Li Ye's one blow. His self-esteem and self-confidence were all shattered. At this time, he felt much better immediately when he saw his companions besieging Li Ye and were close to capturing him.

"In this world, high cultivation stands for nothing. One is really powerful with great companions!" Li Muzhao spat one mouthful of blood and looked at Li Ye motionlessly, hoping to see him blown to bits by the magical techniques all over the sky.

However, Li Muzhao immediately found that Li Ye, who was standing in the courtyard with his hands clasped behind back, gave him a disdainful look.

This made Li Muzhao angry from embarrassment, and he almost cursed aloud.

But before he could curse, what was happening in front of him made him speechless.

A white light shield appeared around Li Ye without a sign, and it looked like a reversed bowl and protected Li Ye from the attacks of all techniques.

Li Ye, standing with his hands clasped behind back, was surrounded by the light shield, calm and peaceful.

"This is ..." Li Muzhao was dazed, then he realized that this was Small Mystery Formation because he saw the Jade Gourd that was put in the hall from a distance.

"Idiot! The Small Mystery Formation can only deal with the Level 1 Qi-refining practitioners. There are several Level 2 Qi-refining practitioners, and they attacked together. Even though we don't have Cloud-shaking Flag, we still could break through Small Mystery Formation directly!"

The magics all over the sky approached the white light shield.

At that moment, the white light shield changed suddenly. A burst of green light flashed, and the white light turned into blue light.

Numerous techniques attacked the blue light shield, causing great sounds of explosive and ripples, like rain falling on a lake.

But that was all. Neither the fireball nor the Sword Qi could break up the blue light shield. And after attacking, all fireballs and Sword Qi dissipated!

"What's going on?"

"How did this happen?"

"This's impossible!"

Dozens of practitioners of Qi techniques who fought just now were all surprised when they looked at the scene in front of them.

When they came, Li Yao told them that Li Ye had got Glazed Cyan Jade Gourd which could stimulate the Small Mystery Formation.

But no one took it seriously. It was just a Small Mystery Formation that could be broke up by several Level 1 Qi-refining practitioners who attacked together. In addition, there were also four masters of Level 2 Qi-refining except for Li Muzhao.

But they fought together just now, and it didn't work at all.


"Let's fight together!"

Several Level 2 Qi-refining practitioners called out immediately after consternation. As masters of the Level 2 Qi-refining, they couldn't tolerate that they can't break up the Small Mystery Formation and showed maliciousness on their faces.

"Inferno Technique!"

"Spirit Wind Sword!"

Cultivators cried in low voice and attacked one by one. Immediately fireballs and Sword Qi crashed on the blue shield again.

However, in addition to ripples, there was no other change on the blue light shield.

At this point, everyone was shocked.

Li Yao who was on the attic was angry. "What's going on?!"

He looked back and glared at his advisor angrily, "The Glazed Cyan Jade Gourd is yours, tell me, what's going on?!"

At first, the advisor was also confused. But suddenly he seemed to think of something, and his face changed greatly and back became cold. Under Li Yao's glare, he faltered out, "When my teacher gave me the Glazed Cyan Jade Gourd, he once mentioned that there's also a mystery in it in addition to the Small Mystery Formation... In addition to Small Mystery Formation, there may be a Great Mystery Formation!"

"The Great Mystery Formation?" Li Yao was dazed. He was a genius among the Imperial Clan children and had experienced a lot and knew a lot. At the moment when he heard the Great Mystery Formation, he couldn't help changing his look because he knew the power of Great Mystery Formation. Then he became furious. "You left the Magic Treasure which contained Great Mystery Formation to Li Ye?"

Advisor: "......"

Now he looked like a dumb person taking a dose of bitter medicine who couldn't speak out the bitterness, he also couldn't speak out.

He had never thought that the Glazed Cyan Jade Gourd had fallen into the hands of Li Ye.

The advisor said bitterly, "How mysterious the Great Mystery Formation is. Few practitioners in the world can know its structure. Otherwise, I should have found the Great Mystery Formation when the Glazed Cyan Jade Gourd was in my hands... and I also wouldn't have put it in Tai Xuan Summit..."

"Bastard!" Li Yao's anger didn't decrease. Obviously, the advisor's explanation didn't satisfy him.


"Say! How can the Great Mystery Formation be broken?!"

"Er... The Great Mystery Formation is mysterious, but it is not indestructible, as long as we have a Formation Flag..." The advisor said thoughtfully as he looked at the Manor, but his expression changed as soon as he spoke. He pointed at the Great Mystery Formation and was horrified. "What... what's that? The Cloud-shaking Flag?"

The Cloud-shaking Flag was in the Barrier Eye of Great Mystery Formation.

Li Yao was stunned at first, then his pupil shrank suddenly, and his face was full of gloomy. That was Cloud-shaking Flag. He gave it to Xue Shaoli to break up the Small Mystery Formation!

Actually, Xue Shaoli was able to break up the Small Mystery Formation by himself, but it would take some time and make a great noise. In addition, he might be distracted by the guards of Manor and he was asked to snatch people at the beginning. They needn't attack openly. So he gave Xue Shaoli the Cloud-shaking Flag.

"There is a Cloud-shaking Flag to stable the Great Mystery Formation. Unless there is a Great Cultivator, otherwise we can't break up it..." The advisor gave Li Yao a timid look and said.

"Bastard!" The muscles on Li Yao's face twisted because of great anger. He lifted a stone and smashed his own foot. He felt ashamed and angry.

After a while, Li Yao gnashed the teeth and continued to say. "He had powerful cultivation method and defeated Li Muzhao at the beginning, now he is casting the Great Mystery. Who is helping him behind the stage?"

At this moment, the advisor cried, "Look, Childe!"

In the Great Mystery Formation, something changed suddenly.

Teams of guards rushed out of the rooms on both sides of the courtyard, not less than a hundred people. They either armed with strong bows or with strong crossbows. They embattled in order in the courtyard, then prepared for shooting. They aimed at the cultivators outside the Great Mystery Formation under the command of a fine-scaled armored general.

"Shoot!" Shangguan Qingcheng pulled out his knife and pointed ahead.

A burst of dull sound of bowstrings shaking rose and hundreds of iron arrows flew out and shot to the Qi-refining cultivators outside the Great Mystery Formation.

People outside the Big Mystery Formation couldn't attack the people inside, but people inside could attack the people outside!

Seeing that, the looks of the Qi-refining cultivators outside the Great Mystery Formation changed, especially the looks of the Level 1 Qi-refining practitioners.

In such a close distance, the hundreds of strong crossbows could deadly harm the cultivators of low level.

Arrows came out of the Big Mystery Formation, dense as locusts. The practitioners of Qi techniques outside the Formation either hurriedly raised the Spiritual Qi Shield, or waved the sword to protect the body, or hurriedly retreat to dodge.

Their attack was destroyed!

Li Muzhao in front of the festooned gate looked pale when he saw this scene. "This is an ambush!"

Of course, it was an ambush.

Otherwise, hundreds of bowmen would not have gathered here.

Otherwise, the resistance they had previously received from the guards would not have been so weak.

Now they all gathered in the courtyard and faced the attack from bowmen, couldn't they be hurt?

If one was attacked unilaterally, the smallest trauma also would be expanded to an unbearable trauma with the passage of time.

Besides that, hundreds of guards poured out of the main hall when the bowmen embattled. Each of them held a shield and a knife. They were divided into several teams and then gathered on both sides of the bowmen team. As soon as any practitioner was shot and fell to the ground, they would rush towards and kill him together!

Li Muzhao opened his mouth but could not say anything. He couldn't help turning his head and looked back at the attic where Li Yao was.

Under the cover of the arrows, Li Ye inside the Formation suddenly rose up and rushed out of the Great Mystery Formation to attack the practitioners outside the Formation.

"Cloud-gathering Punch!"

A Level 1 Qi-refining practitioner who was closest to Li Ye was raising a Spiritual Qi shield to ward off arrows. Li Ye jumped up and arrived at the place where he was with a speed as fast as a cannonball's.

The cultivator stared. It was too late to dodge, so he could only transmit Spiritual Qi into the shield in front of him, hoping that it could block Li Ye's blow.

However, the facts proved that he was delusional. How could he succeed in resisting the punch that Li Muzhao, a Level 2 cultivator, couldn't resist?

Li Ye smashed the Spiritual Qi Shield with one punch. Under the cultivator's horrified eyes, Li Ye punched him at his lower abdomen, making him bow like shrimps and weak. He couldn't strike back at all. Then Li Ye hit him on the back neck with the elbow, causing him to fall down to the ground.

Then the guards with shields and knives in the courtyard rushed toward him and took advantage of this chance to kill him.

"Blow him to death!"

When Li Ye came out of the Great Mystery Formation, other cultivators reacted and attacked him while resisting the arrows.

But Li Ye went away as soon as he hit them successfully. Before the fireballs came to him, he came back to the Great Mystery Formation.

"It's shameless of you!"

Seeing that, the cultivators cursed. They were furious and angry, but there was nothing they could do.

Li Ye fell back into the Great Mystery Formation and immediately bounced up again. With the arrows shot again, he rushed out of the Great Mystery Formation again and blew a punch at another practitioner of Qi techniques!

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