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Prince An's Manor

A group of guards gathered together, talking.

"When you step on the Tai Xuan Summit, you'll immediately realize the Warrior Mentor Realm, and you'll achieve Qi-refining as soon as you finish reading Taoist scriptures. Is there such a miracle in the world?"

"What are you saying? Would I lie to you? General Shangguan said that Celestial Master Yuan left Daoism scripture and Taoist's Luck for the sake of waiting for predestined men and guiding and supporting inferiors. Now it seems obvious that Heir Apparent is the predestined man!"

"Unbelievable, it's so amazing! Heir Apparent is the person that Celestial Master Yuan chose... No, he is the descendant of Celestial Master Yuan!"

"That's the point. Who is Celestial Master Yuan? A hundred years ago, he had reached the Spiritual Master Realm and was the most powerful people in the Tang Empire. Now Heir Apparent is the descendant of Celestial Master, there's no worry about his future."

The guards who returned from Tai Xuan Summit told the guards who stayed in the Prince An mansion about their experiences there. The speakers spattered with saliva and the listeners stared.

Such scenes occurred not only in Guard Campsite but also everywhere of the Prince An mansion. Those guards who returned from the Tai Xuan Summit bombastically told all the people they could see about the "great deeds" of the Heir Apparent, which caused the subordinate officers, servants, and maidservants in the mansion shocked as ghosts and gods.

"Heir Apparent just had reached the Qi-refining stage, did he defeat a cultivator who was on the Level 2 of Qi-refining with one attack?"

In the barrack, a Leader who was in the realm of Warrior Master looked at Shangguan Qingcheng amazingly, and his eyes were protruding.

The eight hundred guards of Prince An's Manor were commanded by eight Leaders respectively.

Unlike the surprise of all Leaders in the barracks, Shangguan Qingcheng was calm. Under the attentive gaze of all the people, her drinking of tea was particularly elegant and tranquil, and her words and deeds were slower than usual, which showed her calmness and peace.

"A blue jade gourd, which contains Tao formation, is enshrined in Taixuan Hall, and now it's owned by Heir Apparent. Although it is not a Magic Treasure which cannot come into the world, it is enough to deal with the low-level cultivators of Qi-refining." Shangguan Qingcheng said casually, with peace on her face.

"Magic Treasure!" All leaders took a deep breath, looked at each other, and saw surprise in their eyes.

As warriors in the Mortal Realm, Magic Treasure was a rare thing they cannot expect. A cultivator of Level 1 of Qi-refining, with a Magic Treasure of Rank 1, could defeat ten Warrior Mentors.

"For hundreds of years, countless outstanding young men of Imperial Clan and folk cultivation geniuses competed to understand the Tao scriptures in Tai Xuan Summit, but no one achieves something. This time, Heir Apparent not only got the Taoist's Luck left by Celestial Master Yuan but also got the Magic Treasure enshrined in Tai Xuan Summit... His Luck is really amazing!"

"In the future Heir Apparent will certainly have great expectations and become the best!"

The Leaders recovered from their shock and marveled at Heir Apparent's experiences.

Shangguan Qingcheng laid down tea bowl and glanced around the crowd, feeling that these Leaders still had some insights. Then she earnestly said, "Heir Apparent has achieved Qi-refining, so now his identity is different. In addition, he owns such Luck. So, he will surely inherit Prince An's business in the future. As the guards of the Prince An Mansion, we should be unreserved and loyal to Heir Apparent!"

Hearing that inheriting Prince An's business, all leaders became serious at once.

Even if when Li Ye achieved Qi-refining, people would laugh and let it go when they heard those words.

Prince An's merits were extremely great.

When the last empire Xuanzong was still alive, Prince An was already a master in the middle level of Qi-refining. In politics, he could civilize people and make people live and work in peace. In the military, he was invincible in battle and was able to suppress rebellion and garrison.

When the Emperor of today hadn't yet ascended the throne, Prince An in his thirties had been commissioned Prime-Minister, Top General of Six Army and Imperial Guards, and Duke, had his own palace and own army, enjoyed the same treatment of Three Ministries. And he also had been awarded Luke Sword by Emperor Xuanzong. Luke Sword, the words could be only used by the Emperor.

This showed how much Emperor Xuanzong valued Prince An.

After the Emperor of today had ascended the throne, Prince An suppressed the Rebellion of Xuanwu Army and repulsed the Nanzhao Army that invaded Chuan area from the south. After that, he was honored as Grand Prince. Until this time, he possessed the highest authority among all officials and had great power.

If it hadn't been two years ago, Prince An died unexpectedly in the process of putting down the Rebellion of Pang Xun, now the position of Prince An's Manor would have been above Six Departments!

Prince An's literary talent and martial arts were not only superior to the present Imperial Clan, but also to the officials of Tang Dynasty in the past hundred years.

That was not a realm that any Practitioner of Qi techniques could expect to reach!

But now was different. Li Ye accomplished Qi-refining within one day, got the Magic Treasure enshrined in Taixuan Monastery, and defeated a master of the Level 2 of Qi-refining. Possession of such Luck and strength represented infinite possibilities!

"As the Close Army of Prince An Mansion, we should be loyal to Heir Apparent, and sacrifice all to him!"

"Hoping that General Shangguan could declare our loyalty to Heir Apparent!"

All Leaders immediately stated their stands.

When Li Ye was twenty and had the Adult Ceremony, they looked on coldly. Now Li Ye had his day, they immediately changed their attitude.

In Cultivation World, only the strong could gain the respect and loyalty of others.

"Of course." Shangguan Qingcheng showed a self-conscious calm smile, but her smile now was better than the blossom of peony because she was extremely beautiful. Her white and flawless face was embellished with cinnabar-like red lips, just like a blooming peach blossom in wash painting, which dazzled everyone immediately.

Seeing everyone's stiff eyes, Shangguan Qingcheng realized the problem. Immediately, she shouted, with her cold eyes and angry look. "What are you looking at?"

All Leaders coughed and smiled awkwardly and turned around heads.

When Li Ye returned to Mansion, he felt that everybody looked at him strangely.

Now he was a Practitioner of Qi techniques, so he has a clear mind and a keen sense, which was superior to ordinary people's.

He found many abnormalities.

The guards at the gate not only stood upright but also were full of spirit and energy. Seeing Li Ye from a long distance, they shouted to him together, "Welcome home, my Heir Apparent." Their loud voice was like thunder, almost frightened Li Ye.

Subordinate officials and servants in the mansion stood on both sides of the road from afar, bowing and making an obeisance by cupping one hand in the other before chest, saluted him regularly, and waited for him to pass by.

Those maidservants dressed in silk looked at him more passionately. Li Ye had walked far, but still felt their eyes staring at his back warmly.

In the past, those guards, subordinate officers, servants, and maids never showed their awe to Li Ye although they had good manners in front of him. They were always downhearted, lacking in spirit, let alone respect.

In Li Ye's memory, only Prince An had enjoyed the respect of people in the mansion.

"Should it not be. Though I have become a Practitioner of Qi techniques, and my aura is different from ordinary people, but it shouldn't have become so awe-inspiring. It clearly is the release of aggressiveness..." Li Ye thought, touching his chin.

It was not until Li Ye heard how those guards who had followed him to the Tai Xuan Summit told others in the Mansion that he realized why they behaved like that.

"As a servant of the Prince An's Manor, you should stand as straight as pine trees and walk as fast as the wind. What is walking with your back arched? If Heir Apparent sees your downhearted behavior, he may become unhappy and slap you to fly which let you hang on the treetop! I can tell you that the cultivator of Level 2 Qi-refining still can't withstand one blow from the Heir Apparent!"

Li Ye saw that a soldier who inspected courtyard was reproaching a servant. Obviously, it wasn't the guard's business, but he took it for granted. From the guard's words, Li Ye could sense his glory because he had fought with Heir Apparent, bled for Heir Apparent, and already was Heir Apparent's trusted follower.

"My Heir Apparent!" Noticing Li Ye was approaching, the guard immediately saluted him, raising his head and chest.

Li Ye now finally realized that the soldiers who followed him to the Tai Xuan Summit had a sense of superiority.

On the other hand, these gurads, who had been fully loyal to Li Ye at the Tai Xuan Summit, naturally wanted to work for Li Ye. Now when they returned to the Prince An's Manor, they began to publicize Li Ye's extraordinary power and won the support of the people in the Prince An's Manor for him.

Li Ye looked at the young guard with acne on his face and felt enthusiasm from his eyes. Li Ye had intended to advise this guard not to be so strict, but he changed his words when he was going to speak out and patted the guard on the shoulder, "Do a good job."

Encouraged by Li Ye, the guard stood straighter and answered loudly, "Yes, sir!"

Li Ye nodded his head and left with his hands clasped behind his back. When he walked away, he still could hear the voice of the young guard who was teaching the servant.

Returning to the Main Courtyard where he lived, Li Ye called Shangguan Qingcheng to come.

He now knew that the reason why those guards behaved in that way was that Shangguan Qingcheng had arranged on the way back to the Mansion. In order to maximize the publicity of Li Ye's achievements, educate people and win people's support, Shangguan Qingcheng divided guards into teams and each team was responsible for a region...

Li Ye stared at Shangguan Qingcheng who wore Armour of Fine Scale and looked valiant and heroic in bearing, "You've arranged it very well."

"It's my duty!" Shangguan Qingcheng raised her chest.

Her such appearance reminded Li Ye of the past.

In his Last life, when he was poor and had no authority, all the people in the Prince An's manor had abandoned him, but Shangguan Qingcheng accompanied him all the time and took care of his living.

This warrior, who only knew how to kill and fight, learned to cook for him. But because she really had no talent, she had to cook for several hours every time. But in the end, she always burned the food and made herself ashy so that her nose and eyes couldn't be distinguished. Often, she was choked by firewood smoke and ran out of the kitchen to breathe.

"Don't be restrained. Sit down." Li Ye asked Shangguan Qingcheng to sit down. "I have something to discuss with you."

"Are you worried about the people behind those Taoist priests?" Shangguan Qingcheng was very clever. She had already felt that these Taoist priests were commanded by someone to target Li Ye.

Li Ye also didn't hide, and he said directly, "Those Taoist priests were commanded by Yi Yao."

Shangguan Qingcheng's bright eyes suddenly opened wide, and it seemed shocked. Then she burst into rage and looked like she wants to draw out a knife and kill Li Yao at once. "What can I do for you?"

She continued to say, "Now those Evil Taoist Priests are in our hands, Li Yao must be afraid that we'll know something from them and then go to Chang'an Office to accuse him of murdering Imperial Clan Descendants... In order to avoid things being exposed, he may send a master to Prince An's Manor to rescue these Evil Taoist Priests!"

Li Ye was satisfied with Shangguan Qingcheng's quick thinking and said with a smile, "That's why I brought those Taoist priests back to the Mansion. Li Yao will not give up. But I also can't tolerate these things. I can't inherit the Nobility Title successfully if I don't defeat Li Yao."

Shangguan Qingcheng asked, her eyes bright. "Do you have any plan?"

Li Ye drank tea and said slowly, "Lead the snake out of the hole."

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