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When they arrived at the night market, the sky had already darkened.

The barbecue stalls began to pay for it.

Long Fei and the others who had just arrived could only be placed in a remote corner.

Zhao Dahan set up a few simple little wooden tables.

Long Fei was burning charcoal.

The little phoenix stood at the intersection, constantly shouting, "Roast meat, roasted meat, the most delicious barbecue meat in history, one bite is something you'll never forget. Two bites will cause your cultivation to soar, come quickly."

Just like a happy little sparrow.

Long Fei looked at her and he couldn't help but laugh.

Many people on the street were looking at them.

Isn't that the junior brother who joined the ancient antiquity with us?

"It's not them. I didn't think they would fall to the stage of setting up a barbecue stand. How come they can't get away so quickly?"

"They deserve it. Who else can they not offend? and even offended Elder of Inner House s. "

"Did you guys see that, the 'looby' word? That idiot even said that he had some kind of Ancient Inherent Skill that was sent flying by Senior Brother Lin Yuan's attack. From what I see, his Ancient Inherent Skill must be a retard, right?"

"Hahaha …"

"And that guy, what four-brain genius, he was clearly selected by the elders, but he stood up for another trash and ruined his future. I think all four of his brains are filled with water."

"Hahaha …"

Another round of laughter.

"If I had to say so, the most trashy one would be that kid."

"What blood vein? A trash blood vein. The aura emitted by the blood vein was extremely scary, but … "It's just a piece of trash."

"Most importantly, it's because of him that Baili Tianhai did not enter the inner sect. It's good enough to offend the Elder of Inner House now, but they still want to stay in the ancient antiquity?"

"Serves him right!"

… ….

Many of the new disciples around them couldn't help but laugh at Long Fei and the others when they saw them.

Baili Tianhai was furious and wanted to seek their 'theory', but he was stopped by Long Fei.

"The dog bit you, and you have to bite it back? You know, they're just dogs that bark. " Long Fei said indifferently.

He had heard too much of this mockery.

In his eyes, these people were completely unqualified for him to take a look.

"Kid, who are you calling a dog?"

"Only you bunch of useless bastards are dogs, right?"

"Forget it, don't argue with a group of trash. Our identities have been destroyed."

"Come, let's go eat barbecue. I'll treat you today!"

"Hahaha... is not to eat your food! "

… ….

The group of them walked over to the barbeque stall next to Long Fei and started to eat.

Baili Tianhai's face was sullen, he stared at the people laughing at him, "Don't let me get the chance, or I'll make you guys angry."

Long Fei laughed.

No more words.

As the sky darkened, the other barbecue stalls were bustling with business, but there was still no one at Long Fei's side.

One was because he was a new stall.

Furthermore, there were constantly people talking about how they had offended the Elder of Inner House.

No one came.

The little phoenix's voice was hoarse, but it couldn't get a single guest.

Baili Tianhai saw that Long Fei was organized and orderly, and couldn't help but say: "Boss, is it okay? "Why don't we just forget about it? There are many ways to make money, so there's no need for us to do this."

Baili Tianhai still found it hard to accept this kind of way to make a public appearance.

Phoenix also walked up and said, "My Honey, they are all bullying us. None of them are coming."

Zhao Dahan swallowed his saliva as he watched Long Fei marinate the barbecue.

Long Fei did not panic in the slightest, and said: "Don't worry, I've been busy for a while and I'm already hungry. I'll roast some food for you guys first."

Baili Tianhai immediately asked: "Boss, have you roasted meat before?"

Long Fei laughed: "This is the first time in this world."

Baili Tianhai was startled, and said: "Then it's over."

Phoenix's eyes widened, her hands at her waist: "My My Honey is not done for, no matter what he does, he is the most powerful, hmph!"

Long Fei looked at the phoenix and smiled.

Phoenix giggled and said: "My Honey, can you give me a Holy Source Stone? I want to go next door and buy some barbecue. "

Long Fei:...

Phoenix chuckled.

Long Fei said: "Wait a moment, you will all want to swallow your tongues soon."


Long Fei moved.

Roast meat was the same as cultivation. One had to advance slowly, starting from the most basic of things.

Meat selection, skewers, pickles, sauces were all very important.


These were just the basics. The most important thing was to roast them and fuse them together with the ingredients.

On top of the charcoal rack, Long Fei was constantly flipping and turning the meat.

Not long after, the oil began to drip down, creating small sparks as it fell onto the charcoal. It was mixed with some seasonings, and the fragrance immediately began to leak out.

The smell of burnt flesh permeated the air.

The fragrance of meat wafted in the air.

As the fire fused with the meat, he sprinkled some cumin onto it. With a bit of chili powder, the fragrance seemed to explode out.

It attacked your taste buds.

He kept swallowing his saliva before he even started to eat.

Phoenix's saliva was already flowing out of the corner of her mouth, frantically swallowing it down, her eyes shining as she stared at the roast meat in Long Fei's hands, smacking her lips.

Zhao Dahan's saliva was flowing out of the corner of his mouth like a waterfall.

Baili Tianhai's stomach growled as though he was playing a zither.

Long Fei's every movement was like an art form.

Turn over, sprinkle, scrub.

Flip again and spread the material.

Every time she did so, her grace was so great that others couldn't even move their eyeballs.

The sound of charcoal cracking, oil on the roast meat pulsing in the air, everything was like a magnificent art.

The barbecue crew next door were all dumbfounded by what they saw.

Many people around them gulped as they smelled the fragrance.

Ten minutes later.

Long Fei picked up the roast meat, looked at the mouths of the three people dripping down his chest, and smiled: "Alright, take it and eat!"

Without saying anything further, Phoenix snatched it away. She bit down on a piece of roasted meat and chewed it. The moment she swallowed it, her eyes blazed like a ball of fire. "It's too, too, too delicious!"

"Woo woo …"

"I, good, I'm about to cry from the delicious food!"

"Woo woo …"

Phoenix was so excited that she did not pretend to eat. "I have never tasted anything so delicious in my life."

Long Fei laughed: "Slow down, be careful."

The phoenix did not care about the string of food, its mouth full of grease and stains.

Baili Tianhai muttered from the side: "Is it that delicious?"

After taking a bite of the roast meat, his entire body seemed to have been struck by lightning as he stood there in a daze. Looking at the roast meat in his hands, he said: "Big, big brother, big brother, this, is this really roast meat? I, I, I, how come I feel like this is the meat of a god? "

"This is too delicious, isn't it?"

"Moreover... I can feel the spirit energy in the meat, but it's not leaking at all. "

"This roast meat!"

"Wow..." I don't want to talk anymore. "

He had gone completely crazy. The surrounding people were all dumbfounded.

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