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Matthew walked into my line of vision and said, “Can we go now!?”

“Mmm, he’s better now. His wife is fine too, I checked her, just in case.” I said, moving around Matthew and going through the windowed area. I picked up Naruto and pat him, as he dug his head away from view.

Aw…Poor thing!

Grumbling came into my hearing and I turned to find Matthew…Looking like Naruto just did.

I laughed and patted him on the shoulder. “There there.”

She’s hopeless!

Matthew took my hand, that I had patted him on the shoulder with, and kissed it.

If I leave some kind of mark on her, will she never do that again!?

But, just being able to kiss her hand, made him feel better…He thought, as he slowly let her hand go again.

Sighing in his heart, Matthew calmed down and found himself distracted when he looked back up at her.

Wow, that’s…So romantic!

I went beat red!

Blinking, I tried to find my composure again…But it left me…

Ah, he’s really like a prince charming!


Seeing the reaction his Princess had, made Matthew feel proud. He was most definitely someone that wanted to entice a lady to want more of something. He’d finally seen something that might be a weakness to his Princess!

Staring at her red, adorable face, Matthew smiled. He was having the best day!

I finally looked away from him, only blushing more now, because I had been so taken to his actions…And looks!

“I want to see the animals.”

This will help me calm down! No looking at the man! No looking at the man!

Trying to act myself, I look everywhere else but him, and finally found something down a hill. It was a horse paddock and I disappeared…To appear right near it.

Animals, come save me!


After ten minutes, Naruto and I were finally back to ourselves and we were finding new friends…

Matthew shook his head to her happy face. But, he didn’t do anything.

Sighing, he could only watch and wait, that maybe one day, the adorable woman would come to him.

Unable to think of more important tasks anyway, he walked a bit closer, sat down and watched the silly Princess and fox pet, talk to the animals.

It wasn’t strange, that the animals didn’t seem to listen to Sahara, but they listened to Naruto, which made Matthew unknowingly enjoy his time even more. He knew that he should try to like that fox, if he could teach it to protect and make sure it listens to him…

What made Matthew frown though, at a time, was that his Princess seemed to be a lot better with animals then people…Thinking back to her past, he could see why.

Did she dislike people now?


When an hour had past, I had gone into the stable and had even fallen asleep against the hay.

Matthew sighed to this, wanting to put his Princess into a bed.

“Have I an extra guest?”

Matthew turned to see the General, “Ah…”

Remembering what Sahara had done, not too long ago, Matthew looked away, not able to say anything more.

“She can stay, don’t worry yourself, I’ll get someone to keep an eye out for her.”

Matthew looked back at his friend and smiled, “Thank you.” It was really good, to see Shaun walking and looking normal again. After the shock of such a difference from the last time he had visited, he expressed his happiness to the General’s good health.

Shaun widened his eyes, “I should be thanking you! Wasn’t it you that brought her here?”

Narrowing his eyes, Matthew shook his head, “…If I didn’t…Then who did?”

Silence overcame them, when they realized they had no idea how this had taken place.


Smiling, to the strange fate, Matthew couldn’t help but say, “Whoever brought her here doesn’t matter. I am glad you are alright again. I’ll make sure she knows that we are very grateful for her help.”

Laughing, Shaun slapped Matthew on the shoulder, “Of course you will!”

Frowning at Shaun, Matthew said, “You have misunderstood!”

“Sure I have…Oh…That’s right! She doesn’t even know that you’re the Second Prince! How are you going to let her know about that!? And, her eyes! Matthew, she’ll be great on the battlefield!”

Sighing, Matthew went silent. He still didn’t know how she had gotten red eyes…

“Worry less, my boy! Just know that I will look after her while she’s here! But…Why can’t she sleep in a bed?”

The General was really curious, did the little woman not feel dirty or uncomfortable? There was a good thing about this though, when he takes her to the battlefield she’ll be already be used to the sleeping arrangements!

“…She was out in the big wilderness for quite some time, maybe having hay is a luxury to her.” Matthew pondered.

Again, the General was astounded, “What!? How long!?”

Matthew looked back at Shaun, “I’m not sure, maybe a year.”

“What!? A whole year!? Out there by herself!? How did she survive!?” Shaun was sceptical, it was too unbelievable!

Yet, where else would she have gotten that beast!

Matthew proudly smiled, “She knows the ‘Bending Space’ meditation and can teleport. I would assume that if harm was coming towards her, she would probably use that.”

“Bending Space?” Shaun didn’t think the name sounded familiar.

Continuing with his pride over his Princess, Matthew said, “It’s the old meditation that used to be the best-known back in the Golden Haven era.”

Widening his eyes, Shaun blinked back at Matthew, “You mean the meditation that can see in other Haven’s when the person themselves are miles, upon miles away?”

“Yes! That meditation. She knows it!”

An opened mouth in shock, was the response Matthew received…

The General was so shocked, he was shaking his head! Imagine it on the battlefield!

Sadly, this General couldn’t wait for Green Haven to declare war upon another Haven…But, the best action he had received in his life, was the intense assignment he had to do to become a General. His dreams were exactly that! Sadly, he was like a little cowboy, all dressed up and shooting a play gun! Well, that would be my own interpretation of the General…But, that doesn’t mean preparation isn’t done for battle. The General has made his men train to the bitter end and go through harsh circumstances, so that they would be ready at a moments notice to wherever they are called too.

“My son is angry.” The General mumbled.

Matthew frowned, “Why?”

“When I had been sick, we didn’t pay him any attention…”

The two men talked for a bit more, before they separated. The General got two of his own guards to watch the lone girl in the stable, to keep her safe, and Matthew went to finalize his investigation upon clearing his name…



In another part of the capital, in another very large establishment, a young miss, of the age of eighteen, had been waiting impatiently for her father to return.

Having waited for nearly an hour already, he finally came into his study to stop, when he saw his daughter.



After a quick greeting, Rose got straight to the point to why she was there, “Father, I know the Second Prince will clear his name. I would like your help to ask the Emperor again, for him to bestow the marriage between us.”

Her father looked at her and frowned.

Memories of being declined from both the Second Prince and the Emperor previously, was not something he was proud of!

“You still insist upon the Second Prince, my dear?”

“Yes, Father! I have thought that perhaps you can offer something that they can’t refuse! Please, Father!”

Rose grabbed her father’s sleeve and looked up at him pitifully.

Her father sighed and took a deep breath, “The Emperor has already declined…”

“But!” Rose let go of her father’s sleeve in anger.

Her father sighed and sat down on the chair, the room falling into silence as he massaged his temples, “I had hoped that you would fall for someone else, my dear…”

Rose interrupted him, “I told you all those years ago, Father, I won’t have anyone else!”

Shaking his head to his daughter’s stubbornness, the father sighed and then said, “I did come up with an idea, if you did not change your mind.”

Rose looked up, her eyes sparkling, and she ran over to her father, “What is it, father? Tell this daughter!”

Smiling, her father said, “The Emperor may have declined, but the Second Prince is close to not just the Empress, but Empress Dowager. Telling them that you care very deeply about His Highness may help!”

“Oh, please, Father, let me enter the palace and ask!” Rose felt some kind of burden being lifted, seeing a chance come right before her eyes. She must take it!

Her father stared at her for a moment, “This Father had already wanted to gift to you the ‘Spirit Convert Association’ in your dowry, are you willing to part with that, to gift to the palace for this marriage that you want?”

Rose knew of how special and important this Association was. Without it, Green Haven would probably fall into chaos! Having been a rich family from many, many centuries ago, this family has always owned the Green Haven’s ‘Spirit Convert Association’.

There was no doubt, the palace would definitely want this! Who wouldn’t want to own the place where ‘sum’ accumulates! This place is the heart of all ‘sum’!

Since obtaining the monopoly, this father had thought very thoroughly about this. He was positive that it would be losing something very substantial, but he had no male heirs…His eldest daughter had already married away. Having a few other daughters born from concubines, his last choice was to leave this to Rose, a daughter from the main wife…

He had already been unhappy about his situation for years but had never been able to produce an heir that lived beyond seven years old. Some years later now, this was the best he could come up with, to give this unmarried daughter what she wants or give it to her in her dowry…

“I am willing, Father!” Rose said, delighted.

How could there be any fault now! She will be the second wife of the Second Prince!

Everything she felt like she had lost this day, she felt like she had gained the whole world in return!

When she sees that commoner again…Well, perhaps they will never meet again anyway, because they are too different! She belongs down below, and the Second Prince and I have to be careful not to walk on her…Haha.


(TLCsDestiny: ‘Sum’ will be described better very soon. For a brief explanation, if someone owned this ‘Spirit Convert Association’, they would become rich easily, as all the required objects are only at this place. (Because the one family had owned the objects as well. Obviously if they give this ‘Spirit Convert Association away, the object will have to be bought from this family. But they are not sold through any kind of black market in Green Haven.) Not only that, there is a tax upon obtaining them and for the ‘spiritual’ transfers which is quite popular. It is a needed asset for the whole of Green Haven.)

(TLCsDestiny: Thanks for following my story and I hope you continue to read it on wattpad :))

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