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“I…I told you to…”

Roses words were stopped, because she couldn’t believe that the commoner woman in front of her, would just kiss a man in front of everyone!

That’s right, I knew she liked Matthew, and I guess I wanted to tease her. But, even I got a little too engrossed with my acting.

I already knew I was attracted to Matthew, I also already knew that I could be honest and upfront with him…But after I kissed him, I didn’t move away.

Matthew stared at me, then he faintly smiled, “Your putting oil on the fire, my dear.”

I looked at him and found myself softening, “Mmm.”

Since I was in this already, I wanted to make the best of it…I put my hand up to his head and pushed it towards me, kissing him more deeply this time.

Matthew put his hands around my waist and happily kissed me back, even though this wasn’t normally something he would do. But, how could he ignore such a good situation!? He felt like the heavens were opening up for him, like he had been delivered every wish that he had ever made! The fact that Sahara had initiated this, made his happiness go sky high and he didn’t want this to end!

In full view of quite a number of people, two people were kissing…Like there was no other people there at all…


Through a few people starting to say ‘Oh!’ or ‘Ah!’, and then Rose’s voice going over the top of them, brought me back to the General’s room…And out of the sweet dream. Yet, I still felt like I had every right to have done what I did…

“Ah!” Rose said, wide eyed, “How dare you!”

Even Rose was a little astounded to how she herself was acting…But every time she had seen Matthew holding this person’s hand…And then seeing that this person was so shockingly beautiful, Rose felt like she was fighting a losing battle!

…She knew everyone within the noble and royalty circle of people. This person was definitely not someone that she knew, so that would only mean she was of a commoner status and who was that to her!? No commoner deserved that man!

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