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Chapter 2230: The Past Life 155

The Ninth Emperor gritted her teeth viciously as she thought of Di Ming

This was the first time Nan Changfeng saw the Ninth Emperor in such a state. A cold light flashed in his eyes but soon disappeared…

In Master Di’s manor…

Di Ming stood within the courtyard, quietly looking at the lake in the distance. He smiled.

The lake rippled just like his mood at the moment.

Suddenly, a familiar scent came from behind him. He did not turn his back, but the smile on his face grew even wider.

“You’re here?”

His voice was deep as if he had known from the beginning that the Ninth Emperor would come.

The Ninth Emperor looked at his back indifferently and asked, “How did you know I would come here?”

“Not only did I know you would come, but I also knew you were coming to ask about your mother.”

He laughed, but the affection under those eyes was so obvious that it could not be hidden.

“Other than that, I couldn’t think of any reason for you to come to me.”

After all, every time, he was the one who tried every possible way to get close to her.

And she… Had turned him away again and again.

He could not think of any reason for her to come to him except about her mother.

“It’s good that you know.”

She stared at Di Ming darkly. “Did you know early on that I would never find her again…”

Di Ming closed his eyes.

From the very beginning, he already knew that her mother would not come back.

But he knew that no matter how he persuaded her, she would not believe, and even as always, she had to find her.

Only when her mother told her personally would she accept it.

“Little Nine, after so many years, there is no need for you to keep looking for her. With your strength, if she was still there, would you not be able to find her?”

Precisely because she was no longer there, no matter what efforts she made, it was impossible to see her again…

The Ninth Emperor clenched her fists tightly, and only after half a second did she let go.

“There is no way. I will never give up until I know that she is no longer here. No matter where she is now, I will find her!”

She had only given up looking for her whereabouts in this mainland, but that did not mean she had given up completely…

She would continue to look, just not in this world anymore.

But the Ninth Emperor also understood that there was no way to find her now. Her mother also said that they would be able to meet later.

So, where her mother was going, she would certainly follow as well.

It was just that her mother was one step ahead…

“You do not just want to talk to me about this when you come to me today.”

Di Ming finally turned around.

His purple robe made him look more stunning.

A faint smile grew on his handsome face.

“Di Ming…” The Ninth Emperor looked up at him, “Do you know something? About my mother… and… My birth father? Where exactly is she? And why did she leave without saying goodbye? And why didn’t she take me with her?”

This was what she could not figure out so far.

Even if it was more dangerous, it was better than leaving her in this place.

But in the end, she still chose to leave without saying goodbye, leaving her with Mu Yi.