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3174 Chapter 3,062, all the tricks were used

Su Yu was not unfamiliar with this scene. He was petrified!

After petrifying, the aura of the reincarnated human king rose crazily. He actually skipped the quasi-ten thousand saints realm and jumped towards the ten thousand saints realm.

Su Yu’s eyelids twitched as disappointment appeared in his eyes. “I didn’t expect that as a human, you would still bow down to the emperor in the end.”

He had once obtained the Ten Thousand Saints body, which was an existence that relied on the emperor to finally break through to the ten thousand saints level.

However, the reincarnation king, as a human, should be like Ren Zu and fight against the Emperor to the end.

However, the result was extremely disappointing.

As a human king, he was willing to fall. Ren Zu’s glory had been completely thrown away by them!

“Originally, I had been hesitating whether I should choose to be petrified and become a member of the Emperor.”The Reincarnation King’s distorted and petrified face was filled with deep resentment.

“They had looked for me long ago and planted a ten thousand saints seed in my body. As long as I wanted to, I could petrify and become a saint.”

“I know the disadvantages, so I have been trying to become a saint with my ancestral technique. But, you, Su Yu! You destroyed my ancestral technique one after another. There is no hope for me to become a Saint!”

“Don’t blame me for letting Ren zu down. It is you, Su Yu, who caused me to become a Saint!”

“Ah! ! ! All Saints, break for me! ! !”

A terrifying force was emitted from the reincarnation king’s abdomen. It was as if a seed full of vitality had finally begun to sprout.

Seeing this scene, Zhan Wushuang’s eyes revealed a trace of joy. Su Yu still wanted to survive below the All Saints?

Hehe, in his dreams!

However, he was a little worried about who the reincarnation King’s next target would be after Su Yu’s death.

Without a doubt, it would be him, Zhan Wushuang, right?

If he was the reincarnation king, he would definitely turn around and deal with Zhan Wushuang after he dealt with Su Yu.

For No other reason, the emperor’s killing sword and the Divine Throne of Heaven and earth in Zhan Wushuang’s hands were things that he had to fight for.

Hence, his eyes flashed. Zhan wushuang quietly came near the teleportation formation and chose to hide.

As long as he was sure that Su Yu was dead, he would use the teleportation formation to leave!

The reincarnation king took a glance and noticed Zhan Wushuang’s small actions. He frowned but did not make a move.

His main target was Su Yu. He would deal with Zhan Wushuang later.

“Su Yu! Do you regret it?”The Reincarnation King’s killing intent was shocking.

Su Yu took back the seven-colored feather fan and the nine yin heavy water expressionlessly and said, “Regret what? Regret that a loser found a reason to be a Lackey?”

“When you accepted the petrifying seed of Tian Zi, you already became a dog. It’s just a matter of time.”

“The path of the ten thousand saints is filled with difficulties. If you didn’t meet me today, you would have encountered other difficulties. It’s only a matter of time before you open the seed. There’s no need to shout at me and say that you’ve let Ren zu down.”

“As long as you have backbone, that seed will not be in your body.”

As if he had exposed the reincarnation King’s lie, the reincarnation king narrowed his eyes and his killing intent became even more shocking, “Since you respect ren zu so much, then, I will send you to meet Ren zu later!”

Su Yu said indifferently, “Why later? Do you think that I will give you a chance later?”


The reincarnation king narrowed his eyes and laughed mockingly, “What, what can you do to me?”

He was in the middle of a breakthrough and it was indeed inconvenient for him to make a move, but it was definitely not something that anyone could easily shake.

“What can I do to You?”Su Yu’s expression became unfathomable, “You should regret making a breakthrough in front of me.”

Silently, a blue figure appeared beside Su Yu.

His skin was smooth, but it was all dark blue. His eyes were empty and lifeless, which meant that he was a dead object.

With a thought, Su Yu divided half of his soul into the puppet.

In the past, he only managed to control the puppet with a little bit of his soul, but today, he had more than half of his soul, which was enough to fully control the blue heart iron puppet.

At the same time, the puppet clenched its hand, and a huge sword with a scabbard appeared in its palm.

That was the heaven-severing sword!

Su Yu activating the heaven-severing sword and the Blue Heart Iron puppet activating the heaven-severing sword were two completely different things.

Clang Clang Clang —

The Absolute Heaven sword was slowly pulled out. Under Su Yu’s instructions, the vengeful souls on it quickly relaxed their suppression and erupted with the boundless fierceness of the Absolute Heaven Sword!

Streams of killing intent seemed to engulf the entire sixth level like an explosion.

Zhan wushuang, who was hiding in the distance, suddenly felt his palm tremble. Surprisingly, the emperor’s killing sword in his hand started to tremble non-stop.

The killing sword was surging with a strong battle intent, as if it had encountered a great enemy in its life.

Zhan wushuang was shocked, “Is that sword on the same level as the killing sword?”

Instantly, Zhan Wushuang felt extremely uncomfortable, and his eyes were filled with jealousy!

He was the heavenly emperor, so he had a peerless sword.

Why did Su Yu have it?

Was he the Heavenly Emperor? How could he have the Absolute Heaven Sword, which was not inferior to the Emperor’s killing sword?

This was not fair! !

Looking at the reincarnation king, he actually recognized this sword. His eyes flashed as he said in shock, “This is the son of Heaven Sword, which was refined by the famous sword Saint Clan for the Sons of Heaven — the Absolute Heaven Sword!”

“Rumor has it that the absolute heaven sword was snatched away by someone named Su Yu. Could that person be you?”

He had never expected that the Su Yu in front of him was Su Yu, who was far away in the realm of mirror flower son of heaven.

After all, there were so many humans, so it was not strange for Su Yu to have the same name.

“It’s a pleasant surprise, isn’t it?”Su Yu smiled faintly. “Then, welcome the pleasant surprise I’ve given you happily!”


The Absolute Heaven Sword slashed down with a loud bang.

The puppet activated and unleashed part of the true power of the Absolute Heaven Sword!

A materialized 30,000-meter-long sword shadow pierced through the Sun, Moon, and stars. It shook the six regions of the sinkhole imperial tomb and slashed down with earth-splitting power!

“No!”Madness erupted in the eyes of the Samsara King.

He could already feel the terrifying earth-splitting power contained in the Absolute Heaven Sword. One strike was enough to completely destroy it.

At this critical moment, the reincarnation king used his ultimate technique.

“Nine forms of reincarnation!”

“Body of reincarnation!”

“Eternal Reincarnation!”

He used everything he had learned in his life as his strongest defense.

Unfortunately, his strongest defense, the ancestral reincarnation technique, was completely destroyed by the Starlight Formation.

The remaining ultimate techniques couldn’t give him any protection.

What was even more unfortunate was that if he could not beat him normally, he could still dodge. A quasi-ten thousand saints expert was not so easily hit.

However, he was petrified and was in the middle of it.

At this moment, he did not have the slightest chance to dodge.

He watched helplessly as the heavenly sword’s boundless sword momentum crashed down.

However, a clear sound rang out. The sword’s aftershock arrived first and shattered the surface of the petrified reincarnation king’s body, revealing his bloody flesh!

He had already lost his human skin, and was barely a human on the inside.

“No!”The Reincarnation King roared in despair!

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