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Chapter 723 Wrong Guess?

Li Mu looked at him, sneered, and said, “What’s the matter? Is it difficult for you to take action?”

The chief of the Green Fox Tribe knew that Li Mu was prejudiced against him and his son and Li Mu had not dropped his guard yet. It was normal, because Li Mu was surrounded by enemies in the Heavenly Fox Secret Realm and the two sides had once had conflicts.

“Well, now that you want me to take action, I will take action then. You just need to watch out and take good care of yourself. The Green Fox God wants me to protect you. If you die, I will be in big trouble.”

After that, the chief of the Green Fox Tribe said to the young master of the Green Fox Tribe, “Don’t be reckless. Act cautiously. The lives of we two depend on Li Yidao.”

The young master of the Green Fox Tribe nodded with a solemn look on his face.

The chief of the Green Fox Tribe disappeared in a flash.

Li Mu was lost in thought.

At this time, Ying Yuanyuan approached Li Mu gingerly and asked, “Mr. Li, are you… all right?” She looked at Li Mu’s wounds, especially the sword wound through his left shoulder, with undisguisable concern in her eyes.

Li Mu nodded and said, “It doesn’t matter.”

Liao Bi’ting came over and snorted, “Humph! He who is unjust is doomed to destruction. This is the result of your excessive killing. Those who kill will always be killed. Li Yidao, I hope that you can put yourself in others’ shoes and think for others in the future…”

“Ting’er, stop!” Ying Yuanyuan immediately stopped her.

Liao Biting shouted, “Why should I stop talking? This is a lesson to be learnt by him… Humph! Take this. It can remove toxins and heal your wounds.” She threw a dark green pill onto Li Mu’s knee.

Ying Yuanyuan was surprised. “Ting’er, that is your…”

Liao Bi’ting said loudly, “You’re right. It’s a small thing that I made casually. It’s just an experimental object of no special use.” She glanced at Li Mu and said coldly, “You can throw it away if you don’t want to take it. I never take back what I give to others.”

Ying Yuanyuan looked at Liao Bi’ting in astonishment.

Without saying a word, Liao Bi’ting turned around and walked away proudly.

Ying Yuanyuan looked at Li Mu. She still wanted to say something, but Li Mu waved his hand, so she didn’t say anything.

“Alas, there’s no need for her to do that. What’s gotten into her?” Ying Yuanyuan sighed.

After a short while, she was surprised to find that Li Mu did not throw away the green pill on his knee as she expected. Instead, he picked it up, looked at it, and threw it into his mouth without hesitation.

Then he continued to regulate his Qi to heal the wounds.

Ying Yuanyuan remained in a daze for a moment and then began to think more highly of this man.

Only she knew that the pill that Ting’er gave Li Mu was not a casually made experimental object at all. It was a Nine Turns Life Pill that the Liao family of the human race prepared for Ting’er before she entered the Heavenly Fox Secret Realm. It was a third-class Immortal Elixir, which could effectively repair damages caused by poisons and heal wounds. Having such a pill was almost equivalent to having an additional half of life.

It was a very precious pill.

“Ting’er, that silly girl, cares so much about Li Yidao deep down in her heart. She even cried because of his leaving. She was eager to see him again, but when she really saw him, she said harsh words. She meant well, but she said it in such a casual and mean manner…

“Fortunately, Li Yidao is not the kind of person who is selfish, domineering, and self-opinionated. Obviously, he can tell that the pill is of extraordinary value and understand Ting’er’s intention. That’s why he accepted her kindness.

“This man looks murderous and cruel, and his silvery mask seems to have isolated him from the world and gives him an indescribable feel of mystery. However, he is actually a warm-hearted person.

“Such a person is much better than those who appear to be kind, righteous, graceful, and elegant but secretly play tricks and deceive others.”


Suddenly, the sound of a violent explosion and energy fluctuation came from the distance.

The eyes of the young master of the Green Fox Tribe glinted sharply.

Over ten other Heavenly Legends, including Ying Yuanyuan and Liao Bi’ting, looked in the direction from which the sound came.

The chief of the Green Fox Tribe took action.

The phantom of a huge green fox appeared in the sky, giving off an extremely terrifying aura, as if it were going to devour heaven and earth. It was engaged in a close and fierce combat with a black shadow. Terrifying blast waves spread out like mushroom clouds.

It was hard to tell who would win.

Li Mu stood up, looked into the distance, and said, “I’m leaving this place. You’d better not follow me.”

With that, he walked straight into the depths of the mountain.

The young master of the Green Fox Tribe looked angry.

“It is really difficult to protect such an uncooperative person.

“I have been in a high position and widely recognized. Now I put my pride aside and serve as his guard, but he is so ungrateful…” However, he dared not berate Li Mu, and he had no choice but to follow closely behind Li Mu together with the others.

“Mr. Li, where are you going?” The young master of the Green Fox Tribe said, choking down his anger.

Li Mu casually said, “I’m going as far away as possible from the battlefield, so that I won’t be affected.”

All others were speechless.

“This man has really taken my father and me for laborers.

“The chief of the Green Fox Tribe is fighting at the risk of losing his life somewhere far away, but you want to run away now?”

The young master of the Green Fox Tribe said, “Fine, you can go to a safe place. There won’t be any danger once the secret realm is closed.”

Li Mu ignored him and walked forward.

In order to avoid being spotted by the powerful protectors of his opponents, he could only travel on the ground instead of flying high up in the sky.

After crossing several mountains, Li Mu stopped.

Another person appeared in front of him.

It was Wang Yanyi, the God of Sword.

He was holding a bloodstained head in his hand.

The face of the head was expressionless and zombie-like, and the look on it was frozen.

It was the Witchcraft Saint’s head.


Wang Yanyi threw the head at Li Mu’s feet.

“It’s a gift for you,” Wang Yanyi said.

A smile flashed across Li Mu’s face under the mask. He walked over and said, “Thanks a lot…”

Before his voice faded away…

He suddenly thrust out his broadsword.

The broadsword flashed like the moonlight.

“You…” Wang Yanyi looked extremely shocked. In an instant, he was cut into two pieces by the broadsword light.

Li Mu stood there holding his broadsword.

He opened the Third Eye between his eyebrows to observe the surroundings.

The head that had been thrown onto the ground suddenly grew two small feet, which turned into a streak of light and fled quickly carrying the head.

Li Mu raised his hand to slash, but he suddenly let out a muffled groan. His move hurt the sword wound on his left shoulder, and blood spurted out from the wound.

In the end, the Witchcraft Saint’s head escaped.

Wang Yanyi’s body, which was cut into two pieces by Li Mu’s broadsword, quickly shriveled like a deflated balloon. It had no flesh and blood. Finally, the two parts of the body turned into two pieces of skin spread out on the wet ground.

It was the Gu Witchcraft · Shadow Puppet.

This technique could create lifelike shadow puppets. It was difficult to tell if they were real or fake.

However, Li Mu could recognize them with his Eye of Flaws.

In addition, Li Mu was suspicious about another thing.

Back then, Wang Yanyi had to use all his might to defeat the Witchcraft Saint on the Immortal-slaying Platform. Due to the restrictions on the platform, the Witchcraft Saint was unable to use many of his witchcraft techniques. The incredible power of those Gu witchcraft techniques could be exerted in the wilderness. In the Heavenly Fox Secret Realm, it was more difficult for Wang Yanyi to kill the Witchcraft Saint. Therefore, when Wang Yanyi appeared, unscathed, holding the Witchcraft Saint’s head in his hand, Li Mu was certainly on alert.

Looking at the two pieces of skin on the ground, Li Mu became more vigilant.

“It is really difficult to guard against the means of many reclusive clans and families having strange techniques and skills.

“I have to keep an eye on the Witchcraft Saint.”

“I need to have a rest.”

Li Mu covered the wound on his left arm, leaned against a big tree, sat down cross-legged, and regulated his breath.

The young master of the Green Fox Tribe said, “Mr. Li, why don’t you endure it for a while and start healing your wounds after we get to a safe place? Otherwise…”

No matter what he said, Li Mu just ignored him.

He shook his head without saying a word.

Ying Yuanyuan and Liao Bi’ting looked at Li Mu with concern.

They all witnessed that Li Mu’s wound burst open and he couldn’t thrust his broadsword.

“Why didn’t his injury get any better after he took the Nine Turns Life Pill?”

Liao Bi’ting frowned.

She thought carefully. It seemed that the Nine Turns Life Pill was the best thing she had on her. If it could not heal Li Mu’s wounds… what should she do?

The young master of the Green Fox Tribe instructed the Heavenly Legends to be on alert and keep guard in secret.

Heavy rain and hail fell from the sky.

Ordinary inclement weather could not affect strong practitioners at all.

However, the young master of the Green Fox Tribe and other Heavenly Legends were surprised to find that even though they tried their best to resist the chill, they still felt cold, as if they were in an ice cellar.

“What’s going on?”

Liao Bi’ting shivered in the cold wind.

Ying Yuanyuan immediately handed her a Fire Dragon Ball, which could help her keep herself warm.

Only then did Liao Bi’ting feel a little warmer. She turned around and saw Li Mu, who was over ten meters away from her. His hair was covered with frost, and there was a layer of ice on his mask. She thought for a moment, bit her lip, walked over to him, and threw the Fire Dragon Ball at his feet.

“Don’t think too much. I just take pity on you. Hmph. I don’t want to let a severely injured person freeze to death.”

Biting her lip, she explained in a very low voice, not caring whether Li Mu could hear her or not. She stood far away from him.

Ying Yuanyuan didn’t know whether to laugh or cry when she looked at this best friend of hers.

“She is such a loving and soft-hearted person, but she proudly pretends to be a thorny rose.”

At daybreak, a Heavenly Legend on guard came running. He reported that some Heavenly Legends on the enemy’s side were approaching, and there were quite a few of them.

Upon hearing that, the young master of the Green Fox Tribe immediately came up to Li Mu and explained the situation. “Mr. Li, we have to get out of here as soon as possible.”

Li Mu opened his eyes, glanced at him, and said, “I can’t move at such a critical moment of healing.”

“But…” The young master of the Green Fox Tribe was anxious.

Li Mu said, “Aren’t you here to protect me? It’s time to show your sincerity.”

The young master of the Green Fox Tribe was both anxious and angry.

In the end, he drew the long sword from his waist and said, “Ying Yuanyuan, Liao Bi’ting, Zhang Meng, and Cai Si, you four stay here to protect Mr. Li. The others follow me to intercept the enemy and buy time for our people.”

Then he left with the others to intercept the enemy.

Li Mu did not say anything, but he looked a little confused.

“Could it be that I guessed wrong earlier?”

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