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The entire world's netizens were in heated discussions.

"First place has a new master!"

"The world's most dangerous hacker in a hundred years?"

"In a hundred years?"

"This assessment is—"

"How many years has it been since hacking existed? How old is the Internet even?"

"Yeah, computers have only gained mass adoption for how many years!"

"This person is too dangerous!"

A multinational hacker war!

Legendary hacker 2 reemerged!

A new computer virus had been discovered!

Hacker groups from many countries cowered in defeat!

The world hacker rankings witnessed a change!

For the past few days, the entire world was bombarded with this news. Perhaps, back when Panda Burning Incense first reared its head in this world, many people did not take notice of it, nor knew who 2 was. But now that the CIH virus was released and with every country in the world sounding the highest alert on it, almost everyone became conscious of 2's name. As the most dangerous hacker in the world nowadays, especially in Asia and Korea, even the normal person who did not understand computer networking technology was no longer unfamiliar with this legendary hacker who used a number as his strange pseudonym!

What a lot of people really wanted to know now was:

Who was 2?

Was it a male or a female?

Where was this person right now?


The Internet Surveillance Bureau.

At this moment, the office was also in chaos.

The leaders kept holding meetings as they were also becoming anxious. Right now, the entire world's eyes were on them. Everyone knew that 2 was a Chinese citizen, and the target range had been minimized to within their Internet Surveillance Bureau. But even now, they were still confused about it all. The person in their crosshairs had been ruled out!

"It's not Fan Yingyun!"

"Can we be sure of that?"

"For sure! Their technical flairs are just too different!"

"What if it's someone who's trying to help Fan Yingyun elude suspicion?"

"And how would they do that? Who has the capability to do so?"

"The international cybersecurity experts have also analyzed it. The person who created this virus and got involved was definitely '2.' We can effectively rule out Fan Yingyun as a suspect."

"Then who can it be!"

"Do we have someone like that in our bureau?"

"The evidence points to one of those at the First Department, and the evidence is indisputable. Investigate them one by one and rule out whomever is not a suspect!"


"I'll get Director Dong to round them up, and we'll place them all into custody!"

"Don't let Old Dong take charge."

"What do you mean?"

"In this situation, anyone can be a suspect."

With the tone set, the investigations were restarted!

Director Dong.

Fang Xiaoshui.

Meng Yi.

The people of the First Department were all led to an office space serving as an isolation room. Two staff members who had been transferred last year were also transported back overnight in a police vehicle. All of them were put into a room of no more than 40 square meters. It was a room without any computers. Much less computers, there weren't even any electronic equipment or a network signal. Outside, eight security officers were standing guard, likely armed. A lot of people from the Public Security Bureau, Information Technology Security Center, and other organizations were also present. It was such a strong showing that most people had never seen anything like it in their lifetimes. They were all made up of the highest-ranking officials—the most dangerous hacker in a hundred years was among them, so the security had to be tight.

Director Dong sat down helplessly in the center.

The employees around him were all flustered and bewildered.

"Director Dong."

"Wh-What is happening?"

"Why did they place us in custody?"

""Damn, this is gonna be bad!"

"My cell phone has been confiscated, and my family still doesn't know that something has happened."

Soon after, the door opened and Fan Yingyun also came into the room.

Fang Xiaoshui hurriedly went over. "Sister Fan, have you been let off?"

Fan Yingyun rolled her eyes. "How would I know?"

An employee gave a wry smile. "Are you really not 2?"

Fan Yingyun was blunt. "No, you!"

That employee choked and didn't dare say another word.

Fan Yingyun grabbed hold of Fang Xiaoshui and asked, "What happened out there in recent days? Why did someone tell me that the suspicion on me has dropped?"

She had been held in custody recently, so she wasn't aware of the happenings in the outside world.

Director Dong spoke, "Hackers from many different countries started attacking our Chinese networks, leading to 2 showing up again online. He created a computer virus that could destroy the hardware of affected systems."

Fan Yingyun turned happy at the words. "Beautiful!"

Meng Yi didn't know whether to laugh or cry. He said, "What's so beautiful about that? We were all brought here because that happened. They suspect that one of us is 2!"

The door opened.

A high-ranking leader of the Internet Surveillance Bureau entered. "We don't suspect it, we know it."

Everyone stood up.

The leader asked his assistant next to him, "Is everyone here?"

The assistant replied, "Everyone is here."

The high-ranking leader said, "Alright, I don't have to explain things. Everyone should know exactly what has happened. All of you in the First Department back then are here. You are all civil servants and should know the extent of this matter. We're behind closed doors to talk about this, so there shouldn't be anything to worry about. I can clearly say that I'm also very impressed with 2. Stepping up and protecting the country at a critical time, even I have secretly praised him for it. But the fallout from the Panda Burning Incense incident was too extensive, and someone has to be held responsible, so we must find out who the person is." He looked at Director Dong. "Old Dong, although you're also one of the suspects, I believe that it's definitely not you. Please say a few words."

Director Dong nodded and looked at his subordinates. Then he said, "Who is it? Step forward on your own. At most, you'll be put away for several years. After you're released, you can still stand proud. What's the big deal about that? Besides, the leaders and I can guarantee that after this matter blows over, we will still keep 2 in our employment at the Internet Surveillance Bureau, or perhaps in an even higher office. This is because our country needs an individual as talented as that. The world's best hacker will not be made to stay in prison forever. You can rest assured of that."

No one uttered a word.

Director Dong singled someone out. "Little Fang."

Fang Xiaoshui was sweating profusely. She said in panic, "Director Dong, it wasn't me. It was definitely not me. You should know how I am. My technical skills are terrible. I've only done enough to get by all these years at the Internet Surveillance Bureau. All of the cases I handled were only finished after I begged Sister Fan for help. I even had to treat her to so many meals before she agreed to help me!"

Fan Yingyun smirked.

Director Dong was speechless.

Meng Yi also started speaking anxiously, "It's not me either, Director Dong. You should know that my technical skills are even worse. I play games all day in the office, so it's not like I really do much work at all. I dare not make a claim on other things, but I am definitely the worst in the First Department when it comes to technical skills!"

The high-ranking leader was speechless.

A female employee also started panicking. "I am the worst! I really am! Director Dong, you know me well. I was only recruited into the First Department after pulling some strings. I don't have any real skills. It's true! If anyone says that they're worse than me, I wouldn't accept it without going down in a fight!" She spoke as though she were very proud of it!

Director Dong and the high-ranking leader were still speechless.

"I'm bad!"

"I'm worse than you!"

"My programming skills are especially bad!"

"How can you compare to me in that regard! I don't know anything at all!"

"Sister Fang, didn't you create a really good program once?"

"Th-That was just a shot in the dark!"

In the end, the several of them nearly came to blows.

The high-ranking leader looked at Director Dong.

In this moment, Director Dong wished to crawl into a hole!

Their First Department was supposed to be the most elite team within the Internet Surveillance Bureau. They were the team that handled the most major of crimes, and every one of them was only recruited after a careful selection. Whenever an annual evaluation or competition was held, every one of them would compete to finish first. But now? Looking at this, these people were actually proudly comparing who was the worst! Why the hell are you all comparing that! So you all know how to show "humility" to one another now?

Looking at his subordinates, Director Dong was suffering a huge loss of face. He couldn't help but lecture them. "Look at you all, just look at your behavior! Is there any meaning in this? Huh? Is there? Do you know what situation we're in? What's the point in acting like a smartass? Will that let you escape your responsibilities?! Will you get away as a result of that?"

Fang Xiaoshui gave a bitter smile.

Meng Yi and the others did not dare say another word.

Director Dong said to the high-ranking leader, "Sir, don't listen to their nonsense. This group of young people are all more skilled than the last. However, it's true that my technical skills are terrible!"


Everyone was floored!

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