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Soon, Lyu Liang flew into the southern region. Upon entrance, he felt the atmosphere, which was completely different from other regions, spreading all over. "It does not feel like Primordial Qi but it has the same function like it and it does not feel strange to me. It feels like the aura of the black crystal that is inside my body," Lyu Liang thought while flying, with that inspiration, he messaged Fei Ling, "Feiling, why is the atmosphere here so weird?"

After Feiling has recognized Lyu Liang as his master, Lyu Liang was requested not to address him as senior anymore, and Lyu Liang had no choice but to demand Fei Ling not to address him as master too, so they could just call each other names at normal times. Since he had built a mind connection with Feiling, Lyu Liang did not need to speak and could communicate with Feiling by sending a message through the sea of consciousness.

"It is Devil Qi here instead of Primordial Qi! Living things all over the world need Spiritual Qi for their immortal practices, Spiritual Qi is divided into a few types. For example, human's practices depend on Primordial Qi, demons depend on Demon Qi, and Devil Qi is used by devils. Most of the time, Spiritual Qi for practices among the races is unexchangeable, of course, some evils have special methods to absorb two types of Spiritual Qi." Boy Feiling had been here for a long time and knew the situation here. "Few devil seniors are staying here. Being a Magic Treasure Spirit, I have never been here. Only the Land Spirit is familiar with here."

The road to the south was really long, and it was much longer than the east side where Lyu Liang had been. After flying for about an hour, Lyu Liang had also reached the end of the south. There, a man and a cat were waiting for him.

"You have finally arrived. Two months ago, when you first came in, I have never expected you to have fate with us." The man in black examined Lyu Liang with a burning look.

At this time, Lyu Liang did not notice the words of the black man at all. He was attracted by the Cenotaph in front of his eyes!

Affability! Familiarity! Looking at the huge Cenotaph, a warm feeling rose from the bottom of Lyu Liang's heart, like an orphan who led a wandering life, finally found the feeling of home.

After a moment of loss of consciousness, Lyu Liang rejuvenated himself and looked carefully at the person and the cat. In front of him was a man who exuded the black Devil Qi that was visible to the naked eye from all parts of his body. Lyu Liang once learned that some powerful people had accumulated so much Primordial Qi that if not deliberately concealed, Qi will eventually form into a solid form revolving around the body. This black man had vigorous Devil Qi, and probably was a powerful person.

The black cat on the side had been fixing its eyes on Lyu Liang from the beginning. When he caught its eyes, Lyu Liang only felt a flash of lightning strike through his head!

"I, I have seen you! I have seen you before! Yes, when I was very young and in a dream! At a very dark place, my father is holding me, and you are in front, there seemed to be someone on the side, but I can't remember clearly! Although I have never dreamed of it anymore, I still remembered your eyes, exactly the same!" Lyu Liang pointed at the black cat with surprise but immediately found that the small ball with the word "seal" was slowly rotating in his sea of consciousness. The ball suddenly sped up and was followed by a feeling of a splitting headache which made him give up thinking, mustering all the strength to concentrate on restraining the rotation of the ball.

While Lyu Liang was suffering and resisting the pain, the black man moved. Waving his arm, a black and visible Devil Qi touched the soul of Lyu Liang directly. Lyu Liang was shocked, and the resisted this energy subconsciously. No joke! The Divine Soul was the most important field for the immortal cultivator. Once destroyed, the cultivator would become a fool or even worse, the Divine Soul would be shattered into pieces. This was the common sense that he knew when he began his cultivation journey.

"Don't resist, this is the ultimate Devil Qi that will help you to resist the Mysterious Devil Seal. Try to accept it and use it to help you suppress the rotation." The voice of the man in black came from the Divine Soul.

Lyu Liang's heart was loosened, and the black man's words gave him an inexplicable sense of assurance. He instantly gave up resisting the black Devil Qi and allowed it to enter his Divine Soul and to wrap around the outer layer of the small ball.

The moment Devil Qi wrapped the ball, Lyu Liang clearly felt the rotating ball slow down, even slower than the normal speed before. Naturally, the headache stopped. "Senior, thank you for saving me!" Lyu Liang was relieved and was grateful to the black man in front.

"My Devil Qi could only ease the Mysterious Devil Seal power temporarily. If you want to get rid of it, you still need to cooperate with me." The complexion of the black man remained unchanged. "The other part of your soul is sealed inside. This soul is currently in a coma, and you need to wake him up. I have to work with him internally and externally to break the seal."

"The Mysterious Devil Seal? What is it? Why is it in my Divine Soul? Why didn't I discover it before?" Lyu Liang had so many questions that he did not know where to start, so he just asked all the questions that were on his mind now.

Of course, with the doubt at the same time, his mind flashed a scene that he did not want to believe. "Father has a relationship with this Devil Seal? Impossible! He is an ordinary man who worked as a teacher, and he has been against me to pursue the dream of immortality. Relating to my father was impossible! However, why didn't father let me start my cultivation? And that dream, is it real? Does it represent something or..."

Lyu Liang did not dare to think about it further. He was scared; he was afraid that his father, whom he had always been dependent on, suddenly became strange. This was unacceptable to Lyu Liang who had no mother since childhood!

"There had been the Mysterious Devil Seal inside of you before you reached the Virtual Land. You had not noticed it because you are a mortal! And once you start to practice, as your cultivation rises, the Divine Sense will be powerful and you will inevitably find this seal." The black cat, who had been staring at Lyu Liang, spoke. "The Mysterious Devil Seal is a precious weapon for humans to seal any powerful Devil Soul. Once the devil is sealed by it, the devil's body is rapidly weakened, Devil Qi is reduced drastically, turning someone into a complete waste. Unless there are a special means or magic treasure of breaking the seal, the Devil Soul will be imprisoned eternally, and it is impossible to improve yourself forever!"

"The Mysterious Devil Seal may have secrets about your life that you can't accept. If you unlock them, maybe you will no longer be yourself. Are you sure about it?" The black man's tone was unprecedentedly serious.

Without any hesitation, Lyu Liang replied solemnly, word by word, "Senior, please teach me how to awake the soul in the seal, I have to unseal it! My mother's whereabouts are likely to fall on this soul! I have that feeling, I am him, and he is also me! I believe that even if he is liberated, I am still the same Lyu Liang! The Lyu Liang of Siji Village in Qingluo Town, who is dependent on his father and looking forward to his mother!"

"Good! No wonder you are a child of the Xuanli Clan! You don't need to explore your identity now, I will pass you a set of devils' techniques, to let you slowly weaken the power of the Mysterious Devil Seal. The day when the other part of your soul awakens is the time when I break the seal!" Once said, the man in black waved his hand, and a worn scroll that exuded an ancient sense flew to the front of Lyu Liang.

"This is the front and middle part of "Devil Reshaping Technique", which has a total of twelve levels. When I got it, the last part was missing. This is a top technique used for reshaping devils. It can provide cultivators with a strong Devil Soul and a golden and imperishable body and can also hide their devil aura. You will have to at least reach the second level of this technique. Then you will be able to withstand the pain of breaking Divine Soul when you break the seal!" The black man's eyes glistened and continued, "Devil and demons are not as good as the human race in terms of practicing Qi, but they are much higher than the human race when it comes to reshaping the body. Although the devil cultivators are lesser than the human's, each one of them can fight against ten, relying on the powerful reshaping technique! At your current level, reaching the third level of this technique is still not a problem. At that time, the magic treasure below the Gold Core Level can no longer hurt you! Unfortunately, the last part is missing, and if you can reach the eighteenth level, I am afraid that even those powerful immortals would be impossible to hurt you easily in a melee."

"You should have discovered that there is a crystal in your Sea of Qi. Although it is not big, it has begun to condense, and that is a Magic Core. Humans have Sea of Qi, and devils have Magic Core. A Gold Core human cultivators condensed Sea of Qi into a Gold Core; a devil condenses a Magic Core into a Devil Core. You can condense out a Magic Core at this stage, although incomplete, it is still precious!" the man in black said with a hint of admiration revealed in the eyes.

After asking the men in black for some problems on body reshaping, Lyu Liang left. When he returned to his residence, the wreckage of the house that had been scattered all over the place was gone and replaced by a brand new home.

Outside the house, there were two figures standing side by side, one was tall, and the other was short. Lyu Liang strained his eyes and recognized that the tall one was the Land Spirit, and the short one was an old man whom he had never seen before.

"Is it the new spirit of magic weapon?" Lyu Liang thought and bowed, "Two seniors, I have come back! Thank you for the reconstruction of my house. Also, may I ask who is this senior ?"

The strange old man seemed to have not heard the question. He stared at Lyu Liang and remained silent, as if he was feeling something. After a moment, he raised his hand and shot a golden light which stopped in front of Lyu Liang, and turned into a green scroll and a small bag. Then, the old man disappeared.

"Is this senior dissatisfied with me?" Lyu Liang touched his nose and asked the Land Spirit, feeling a little anxious.

"Not satisfied? Silly boy, he is too satisfied with you, okay? The two former people who have also entered here, this old guy didn't care about them at all! He is the owner of Elixir-refining Room in the north, King of Medicine! There are no plants in the world that he couldn't recognize, no pills that he couldn't make! The two guys before you, he didn't care! But for you, the King of Medicine took the initiative and came by himself. He even gave you the pictures of all plants and the bag of Spirit Grass, except for my master and a friend of my master, he treated you the best!" The Land Spirit rolled his eyes, irritated by Lyu Liang's ungratefulness.

"Oh? That is my misunderstanding. What do I have to let the King of Medicine give me such a big gift?" There was a saying no gains without pains. Lyu Liang's heart would not rest before understanding why.

"You don't have to worry about anything. The King of Medicine came to help you, and the reason must be the devil senior." The Land Spirit sighed and drifted his views to the huge Cenotaph in the south.

Inside the Cenotaph, there were three wooden chairs side by side, emitting a quaint aura, and three beautiful and identical women in black robes were sitting on the chairs.

The man in black was now standing respectfully in front of the woman in the middle. He seemed to be whispering something to her. The black cat was held in the arms of the woman, squinting and looking very enjoyable.

"Is that the child? Let him come, even if I give up a piece of my soul, I must not let my Xuanli people suffer from the pain of sealing the Devil Soul!" The black robe woman's tone was soothing but undoubtedly determined. She turned her gaze to the man in black and said softly, "It just that you have to work hard once more."

At this time, the man in black, who had already been kneeling in front of the woman, lowered his head and shivered slightly. He uttered a few words soberly. "Feiwu, sorry..."

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