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Book 39, Nuwa, Chapter 10 – Request

Hegemon Goodsong instantly began to grow nervous. The moment of truth had come! He had spared no expense and even hired a realmship, all for the sake of this favor! If Daolord Darknorth hadn’t been willing to offer anything at all, it wouldn’t matter how strong he was; no one would’ve been willing to work so hard for him!

However, Hegemon Goodsong couldn’t help but feel nervous. He was worried that his request would be too excessive and anger Daolord Darknorth.

In the end, a favor was just that; a favor. If Hegemon Goodsong asked Ji Ning to do something that would result in Ning’s truesoul crumbling even faster, Ning would probably refuse immediately. Thus, there was a limit to what he could ask for. Hegemon Goodsong himself was rather nervous, but he had long ago decided on what he needed. He felt certain that Daolord Darknorth wouldn’t attack him.

“Daolord Darknorth,” Hegemon Goodsong said respectfully, “I reached the level of Hegemony long ago, longer than even I can remember. I have many friends, and a good number have become Otherverse Lords! But I remain a mere Hegemon, unable to improve in power.”

Ning continued to listen.

“Daolord, as you know, we are quite close to the Eight Domains. Although Hegemons are quite powerful, there are also many people here who are stronger than Hegemons,” Hegemon Goodsong said sadly.

Ning had to agree. This was a place that was completely unlike the Sixteen Realmverses Alliance he resided in. The Eight Domains… they were closer to the prime essences of the realmverse than any other place. Aside from the prime essences themselves, which were almost impossible to find, the Eight Domains represented the most central region of the entire Chaosverse! It was filled with countless treasures and experts, which was why the major powers of neighboring realmverses would often go exploring and adventuring within them. Many major powers had died in the Eight Domains, but some would successfully acquire the treasures they sought.

Every so often, an otherverse would appear within the Eight Domains, as would Sithe weapons and other things. Even Nuwa, who had merely been at the World level, had somehow reached the Blazesun Domain from the Three Realms, then stumbled across a Sithe weapon there. The Blazesun Domain was one of the Eight Domains, and it truly was a special place.

In comparison, the Flamedragon Realmverse was extremely far away from the prime essences. It could be viewed as something of a peripheral backwater, a place where very few Otherverse Lords resided. It was simply too far away from the core!

“So what are you asking for exactly?” Ning said.

Hegemon Goodsong gritted his teeth. “Daolord, I wish to increase my power to the Otherverse Lord level!”

“Hah! You actually dared to make a request like this?” The nearby Hegemon Azurefiend let out a cold snicker. “Generally speaking, there are three ways in which one can reach the Otherverse Lord level of power via external methods. The first is to take control of an otherverse! However, the appearance of every single otherverse will result in a frenzied struggle and competition that is far more cruel than you can imagine. The second is to obtain a ‘Golden Emperor form’ and to use it via the Ritual Sacrificium to become a Golden Emperor… but do you know how rare and valuable those things are? Even the Lonely King chose to transform himself into a Golden Emperor. Who the hell are you and why do you think you deserve one?”

“The final method is to acquire extremely powerful Sithe weapons that can let you unleash the power of an Otherverse Lord. Some Sithe weapons are strong, some are weak. A Sithe weapon that will increase your power to the Otherverse Lord level is probably going to be just as valuable as a Golden Emperor form!”

Ning frowned as well. Could he accomplish this? He could! The Lonely King had a total of six extremely powerful Sithe weapons, but he himself normally only used three of them. The most valuable of the six was the silver throne, which could create illusory dopplegangers and allow one to flee by warping through spacetime. It could also build up power to unleash an attack that was so terrifying it could destroy an entire otherverse.

The other Sithe weapons were a bit weaker, but they were still enough to raise a Hegemon to the Otherverse Lord level of power… but Ning was planning to give them to Nuwa and the Three Realms.

“I’m a cultivator. My only goal is to increase my personal power as much as I can. Aside from this, there truly is nothing else that I need.” Hegemon Goodsong looked at Ning.

Ning was silent for a long moment, then said: “Otherverses are blessings that can only be hoped for, not counted on. I can’t just find one for you! Sithe weapons… although I have some, I already have plans for them. As for Golden Emperor forms, I don’t have any.” The Lonely King had long ago used up all of the Golden Emperor forms he had acquired.

“Daolord Darknorth, you might not have one… but someone nearby known as Divine Sovereign Goldsun does,” Hegemon Goodsong suddenly said.

“Divine Sovereign Goldsun?” Ning frowned.

“Are you asking my master to go and get it from him?” Azurefiend stared.

“If Daolord Darknorth went to ask for a Golden Emperor form, I imagine Divine Sovereign Goldsun wouldn’t dare to decline,” Hegemon Goodsong said.

Ning began to ponder on this. Although the star map which Realmslord Windgrace had provided Ning was fairly incomplete, it did record information about the supreme powers of various regions.

The Sixteen Realmverses Alliance was something of a backwater, but the area around the Eight Domains could be considered part of the core of the Chaosverse. Experts were incredibly common here, and the people who were able to become local rulers were all extraordinary. Divine Sovereign Goldsun was someone who was unquestionably as powerful as the Lonely King. If the Lonely King could be described as a madman, then Divine Sovereign Goldsun was like an emperor who had unified this entire region under his rule.

Divine Sovereign Goldsun controlled a total of eight nearby realmverses. He himself was an Otherverse Lord, and he also had acquired Sithe armories in the past! He had once bestowed two Golden Emperor forms to his subordinate Hegemons, and had promised that anyone who had rendered great merits would be given one as well.

“You are quite daring,” Ning said. “But aren’t you afraid that Divine Sovereign Goldsun would come for you later?”

“No.” A frenzied look appeared in Hegemon Goodsong’s eyes. “Once I become a Golden Emperor, it’ll be very hard for anyone to kill me. I have no kith or kin who can be used against me, and I’ll be far more powerful than I was in the past. What do I have to fear?”

“Very well.” Ning nodded. “I owe you a favor. I’ll go pay Divine Sovereign Goldsun a visit.” As Ning saw it, visiting the Divine Sovereign might end up being a good thing.

“Let me lead the way!” Hegemon Goodsong was delighted. It was incredibly difficult for a Hegemon to increase another level in power. For the sake of becoming more powerful, many Hegemons would be willing to risk their lives. Alas, very few would have a chance like this. Hegemon Goodsong had successfully grasped his!

It took them more than five million years to fly from the Squaremix Realmverse to the Goldsun Realmverse, the central region of Divine Sovereign Goldsun’s rule.

Whoosh. Before them was an enormous flaming star that was emanating endless amounts of heat and light. The surface of this fiery star was actually covered with many beautiful palaces. This was the Goldsun Palace of Divine Sovereign Goldsun, and there were more than ten Hegemons who resided here! There were also two Golden Emperors and sixteen Black Emperors.

“This flaming star is actually a marvelous Sithe weapon as well,” the white-robed Ning evaluated as he stared at the star. They had used the realmship to warp through spacetime and come to this place. “The formations covering this entire cluster of palaces is quite abstruse and profound. It won’t be easy to attack this place.”

“But it would be nothing for you, Daolord Darknorth,” Hegemon Goodsong flattered.

“Come, let us go meet with Divine Sovereign Goldsun. I’m quite curious about him.” Ning had a rather favorable impression of Divine Sovereign Goldsun, as the man was truly committed to the Dao. He clearly had access to Golden Emperor forms, but he didn’t undergo the Ritual Sacrificium; from this, one could see that he was still committed to attempting to become an Autarch.

Whoosh. Ning immediately flew out towards the surface of the fiery star with Su Youji, Whitethaw, and the others by his side. Right as they landed…

“Halt!” A loud shout rang out, followed by an onyx humanoid flying over in a fierce manner. When he saw Ning’s group, he barked, “This place is the Goldsun Palace. Trespass is not permitted!” As a guard of the Goldsun Palace, he had long ago grown accustomed to behaving arrogantly in carrying out his duties.

“Hmph.” Flamewing let out a cold snort. Its aura flared malevolently, causing the guard to instantly feel a terrifying sense of danger.

“Send word to Divine Sovereign Goldsun. Tell him that Daolord Darknorth has come to visit him.” Ning smiled.

“Daolord Darknorth has come to visit him?” The guard stared blankly for a moment. In the next moment, his face turned completely ashen. When he thought of the many rumors swirling around this man, his voice began to quiver as he said respectfully, “Please wait a moment, Daolord Darknorth. I’ll go send word right now.”

Ning nodded, and the guard instantly flew off.

“Master, why are you so courteous to him? Just fly right on in. I’d like to see what Divine Sovereign Goldsun would do about it!” Hegemon Azurefiend said.

“I already have an overwhelming advantage in power. There’s no need to use it to bully others.” Ning shook his head.

Within the Goldsun Palace. Divine Sovereign Goldsun was being waited upon by two female attendants. He held a jade slip in his hands and was viewing and meditating upon it.

“Divine Sovereign! Divine Sovereign!” A frantic cry came from outside as the Black Emperor guard came rushing into the room.

“Hrm?” A hint of annoyance could be seen in Divine Sovereign Goldsun’s eyes as he glanced at the guard. The Divine Sovereign was someone who cared tremendously about propriety and status. He naturally felt rather irritated that this guard actually dared to barge into his private meditation room.

“Divine Sovereign, Daolord Darknorth has arrived!” the guard called out frantically.

Divine Sovereign Goldsun snapped, “And so what if Daolord Da-… eh? Did you say Daolord Darknorth?” His face instantly turned ashen, and his heart began to quiver. He naturally didn’t feel the slightest bit of pride or arrogance when faced with someone who could slay him with ease. In fact, he felt a hint of terror. Why had Daolord Darknorth suddenly come to visit him without any preamble? Could it be that Daolord Darknorth had come to kill him and take his treasures?

“Where is he?” Divine Sovereign Goldsun could feel that his heart was shaking.

“He’s right outside the palace gates,” the guard said.

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