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Book 32, Waveshift Realm, Chapter 4 – Flight






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“Absolutely terrifying. How could he be as strong as this?” As Daolord Feiting fled, his mind was filled with horror and shock. In truth, he was also quite strong. He was a second-tier Daolord who had reached an extremely high level in the Dao of Wind, and in battle his movements were inscrutable and ghostly. His sword was similarly fast and unpredictable.

And yet, just now when he had battled against Ji Ning, he had found himself at a completely disadvantage. During their first clash, Ning had used the [Dreamstar] art against him, not even giving him a chance to use his agility techniques. Right after that, Ning had hit him with a sword-blow.

During the second clash, Ning hadn’t used the [Dreamstar] art. They had competed in close combat alone… and it had only taken Ning two strikes! After twelve clashes of sword-light, Daolord Feiting had been completely defeated! It was clear that the disparity in their close combat skills was simply enormous, and Ning’s sword-stab against his lower jaw had completely dazed him.

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