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Chapter 2425: Questioning (3)

Translator : MoonWhisperer, BlackieMeow Editor : Cey, Skyrise

Su Luo slowly opened her eyes. Her animated eyes flashed with streams of light, swept over him, and whispered, "Many thanks."

The three words "The Fifth Elder" already revealed a lot of information.

When Su Luo swept a glance over the guard leader from the corners of her eyes, a light blush lightly appeared on his cold and rigid face.

He had been in the Genius Training Camp since he was born but had never seen such a beautiful girl. Thus, when he was looked at with such intent, he subconsciously felt a little shy.

"Hmm!" The guard captain coughed and pretended as if nothing was wrong, "Do you need help?"

Su Luo thought for a while. She did need help, and so she spoke to the guard leader. “Please help me to inform the Sixth Elder of the Pill Refining Tower to come."

Su Luo had tried to notify the Sixth Elder on the way. However because the Sixth Elder was busy in the laboratory for years and years, therefore the communication jade had just become a piece of decoration.

The guard captain was only asking politely. He didn't expect Su Luo to really ask for his help. "You trust me?" His eyes were full of surprise.

Su Luo nodded with a light smile, "Yes, I trust you."

‘I believe that a guy who blushes when he sees a girl can’t be that bad, no matter how bad he is…’

The guard leader did not know that Su Luo added that sentence inside her head. Knowing Su Luo placed her trust in him, he solemnly nodded: "I… will help you."

The guard captain had also seen Fairy Wu You, who was certainly beautiful. However, he disliked her lustful indulgence from the bottom of his heart. He felt that, compared to the beautiful girl in front of him, Fairy Wu You was nothing short of trash. He really couldn't understand how those men were blinded and kept going for her. This problem had bothered the guard captain for so many years but has never been solved.

After sending Su Luo into the Elders’ Hall, the guard captain personally took the trip for Su Luo.

As for Su Luo.

At this moment, she was standing in the middle of the Elders’ hall—a place that was spacious and bright, floored with ancient sunken wood and decorated with understated noble elegance and luxurious splendor.

After the guards brought Su Luo in, they filed out and left undisturbed, leaving Su Luo standing alone here.

Suddenly, Su Luo felt that her mind was gradually becoming a little heavier. No, it’s not right!

The Phantom Cold Rosemary… It was actually this kind of incense being burned in the hall.

Very few people knew that the Phantom Cold Rosemary had a hallucinogenic function. When Su Luo followed Master Rong Yun learning to refine medicine, reading books all day long, and reading all the rare books, she obtained a wide range of knowledge. Thus, she immediately recognized it.

The Phantom Cold Rosemary, when inhaled in excess, would not only cause psychedelia but also make the person excited, especially encouraged to talk. Even if the mouth were gagged, it wouldn't stop people from talking… an excellent means of extracting confessions.

The Phantom Cold Rosemary, after being lit, unless the incense burned out completely, even if it was soaked in water, it could not be extinguished. Now in the hall, the doors and windows were closed, the air was trapped inside, and the smell of the Phantom Cold Rosemary was getting stronger and stronger…

This was a deadlock.

A sneer flashed under Su Luo's eyes!

The other party thought they had a scheme in play. So, even though Su Luo had already seen the key plot, she still had to follow the steps designed by the other side to go along with the other party’s scheme.

The corner of Su Luo's mouth evoked a sly sneer. Using the Phantom Cold Rosemary on her, a quasi-grandmaster apothecary, they were really not afraid of being embarrassed.

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