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Chapter 2420: Parting (5)

Translator : MoonWhisperer, Wifi Editor : Cey, frozenfire

The Eighth Elder had no interest in reading it and frowned solemnly. Nevertheless, he ultimately received the paper with reluctance and quickly skimmed through the black 1.

After he finished reading, the hairs on the back of his neck stood up. It turned out Su Luo had actually encountered such dangers just now? Why didn’t she ask him for help? If she died just like this, then he would never get back his Crystal Ball of Departed Spirits!

The more the Eighth Elder read, the darker his face got, and the stiffer his expression became. He even gave a harsh glare to Su Luo!

Seeing this, the spectators suddenly reached a realization. Hadn’t the Eighth Elder’s disciple, Lan Yingyan, been killed by Su Luo personally? At that moment, many people felt worried and anxious for Su Luo, even squeezing out a drop of cold sweat on her behalf. With the Eighth Elder, Manager Wang 2, and Wang Xiaoyi joining forces, it was likely that Su Luo would find it difficult to escape.

The guard captain gazed at Su Luo with a hint of worry.

The instant Wang Xiaoyi saw the Eighth Elder’s expression, he felt his 90% certainty of succeeding had risen to 100%. He felt overjoyed, and thus eagerly passed the pen over: “Eighth Elder, just sign here in this blank space.”

There were a total of five copies. The Eighth Elder, Su Luo, the guard captain, Manager Wang, and Wang Xiaoyi, each got one copy!

After signing the agreement, Wang Xiaoyi immediately grew smug. He pulled out a document from an Optical tablet and projected it onto a larger screen, and said proudly, “Su Luo! Chu Yang and the others were your teammates this time for the Temple of the Abyss right?”

“Mm,” Su Luo replied emotionlessly.

“Then what about now, where are they?”

“Dead.” Su Luo’s voice was indifferent.

The youngster pointed at Su Luo, filled with justifiable rage, “They originally intended to go to the Magical Beast Zone to do missions, but just in order to form a team with you, they ultimately decided to go to the Temple of the Abyss. However, Su Luo, how could you scheme to murder them?”

Su Luo sneered, her voice carrying a trace of ridicule, “What proof do you have that I was the one who caused their deaths?”

“Based on the fact they all died, but you, on the other hand, are still alive!” The youngster glared at Su Luo angrily, “In terms of strength, Chu Yang is much stronger than you, but why did he die? Why did all his teammates die, and only you survived? Su Luo, I hope you can give everyone a reasonable explanation for this!”

Everyone expressed agreement with Wang Xiaoyi’s words one after another. The team went out to complete a mission, but it resulted in the four strong ones all dying, leaving only the weakest one alive. This didn't make sense no matter how one looked at it. And so at this time, everyone felt emotionally biased towards Wang Xiaoyi.

Wang Xiaoyi was beyond delighted. He was certain that Su Luo would not be able to find evidence to rebut this.

The Eighth Elder swept a sullen gaze towards Su Luo and spoke with an icy voice: “Killing a teammate is punishable by hanging.”

“I’m afraid this sentence of being hanged will have to be left for someone else instead.” Su Luo’s voice was indifferent and calm.

“Su Luo, could it be that you still refuse to confess even now? You should know, confession shall be dealt with leniency, but denial shall be dealt with severity!” Wang Xiaoyi shouted in anger.

Su Luo smiled, “Have you not heard of a saying? Confession shall be dealt with leniency, and be jailed for life; denial shall be dealt with severity, and you can be home before New Year’s^.”

The youngster was stunned for a brief moment.

Su Luo lightly laughed again, “Either way, it wasn't me who did bad things. So what do I have to hide?”

After saying that, Su Luo pulled out a pomelo-sized crystal ball from her sleeves, and placed it onto the table.

“What is this?” Everyone inquired one after another.

One of them had a keen eye and quite a wealth of knowledge, and shouted out, “This thing looks a bit like the Memory Crystal from the legends, the one that can be picked from the Ancient Crystal Tree,” he said while looking at Su Luo with incredulity.

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