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Chapter 2358: Temple of the Abyss (6)

Translator : MoonWhisperer, BlackieMeow Editor : Frozenfire, Cey

Xiao Luo was so frightened that her face turned white as she let a scream out.

"What should we do?" She grabbed Su Luo's right hand in panic.

Su Luo was lost for words, the twitching of the corners of her mouth the only thing she could do. How could such a fragile-hearted girl be let in? She seems to be even weaker than Li Manman.

Seeing that the group of patrol soldiers were about to rush up and surround them, Chu Yang shouted out, "Hurry up and use your flying skills!"

After reaching the Saint rank, everyone was able to display Flying Skills. However, their faces soon turned pale.

"I, how come I can't fly!" Xiao Luo's face turned pale with nervousness.

She wasn’t the only one feeling nervous, as the rest of the team also had similar reactions from not being able to fly. In other words, it was forbidden to use flying techniques here.

At this time, everyone realized that there was a raging army of demons in front of them, and a hard, smooth wall behind them, leaving them with no way out.

Chu Yang made a prompt decision: "If we are to enter the Temple of the Abyss, we must step on the corpses of these patrolmen. Let’s fight, friends!"

This was a real fight, with no one thinking about relying on luck to help them out. No one expected to have such a dangerous encounter right after coming to the underground Abyss.


"Now start reporting your level and attributes, as well as your best skills!" Chu Yang said loudly.

As the squad leader, it was natural for him to take command.

"Leng Qi, four-stars Saint rank, Ice element."

"Senior Sister Yu, three-stars Saint rank, Thunder element."

"Xiao Luo, two-stars Saint rank, Light element."

Then, all four of them looked at Su Luo.

Su Luo was secretly surprised. Although these four people appeared to be newly-formed acquaintances, they seemed to have a tacit level of cohesion, as though they were a single entity. Before taking the task, didn't the teenager who gave the task say that this was a rag-tag bunch of soloers? How come…

â??â??Although Su Lu had doubts in her heart, she nonetheless followed and reported her attributes: "Su Luo, two-stars Saint rank, wood and fire double elements."

â??â??"Very good, now I'll arrange our tasks." After making detailed calculations, Chu Yang quickly said, "Senor sister Yu and Xiao Luo will form one team. Combine your Ice and lightning elements to do the main attack. Xiao Luo will aid with healing. Su Luo will team up with me and focus on attacking from the sides. Remember! Our aim is to rush through the wall of people, not to exhaust ourselves fighting with these patrolmen. There’s no need to save each other, just look out for yourself. Understood?“


"Speed up!" After Chu Yang gave the order, he pulled Su Luo and rushed forward!

Su Luo actually wanted to say that she wanted to be in a group by herself. This way, she would be able to use teleport. With the ability to teleport, she would not be afraid of the patrol corps.

However, Chu Yang didn't give her a chance to refute, as he shouted his instructions loudly to Su Luo: "I'll be on the right and you on the left. We’ll handle our own fights, and guard each other's backs!"

Leaving her back to the stranger was not a habit that Su Luo had. Nevertheless, with how natural Chu Yang said it, Su Luo could only nod her head lightly: "I’ll try my best."

However, traces of suspicion appeared in Su Luo's heart. This was a vague sensation, a feeling without substantial evidence… of the strange vibe from this temporary team. Those four people, everyone appearing to be unfamiliar with each other, yet on occasion, showing a flowing tacit understanding.

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