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Chapter 2320: Flaunting Wealth (4)

Translator : MoonWhisperer, Jialat Editor : Justtry123, Brook, Pyr

"I never took any Elite pill of yours. I'm warning you, if you want to slander me, you'd best find someone with poor pill refining skills. Or else, don't complain when you find yourself in an embarrassing place." Su Luo smiled icily.

"Hehe!" Li Luoming had his hands behind his back, standing tall, "Someone with poor pill refining skills? From what I see, the one with the worst pill refining skills in the whole Pill Refining Tower is you! Come on, don't listen to her nonsense. Catch her!"

The atmosphere was tensing up again, and Su Luo didn't look like she was too comfortable either.

"Li Luoming, do you know what place this is?" Su Luo swept her gaze around.

Li Luoming naturally knew what this place was. If he didn't, he wouldn't have boldly brought so many people.

"This is where Senior Brother Luo lives, but it's not somewhere you, a measly top 100 on the Dragon List, can live. You living here is a breach of regulations in the first place, so it is a matter of fact that you should get out!" Li Luoming had done his research ahead of time.

Knowing that Su Luo had not gone to any trials since coming in and that Luo Yichen had long since left Wuchen Mountain to rush to the Extraterritorial Battlefield had given him confidence.

If Luo Yichen was here and even remotely aware of the situation, he might not dare to provoke her, despite Li Luoming’s presence.

"So, what you mean is since Senior Brother Luo isn't here, you dare to bully me?" Su Luo grinned as she stood there, her expressions unwavering. "You're not afraid that Senior Brother Luo will come after you once he's back?"

Li Luoming was indeed scared, but so what? That would only happen if Senior Brother Luo was able to come back at all.

Li Luoming spoke in a righteous and justified tone, with a dead serious manner: "Su Luo! The evidence for your theft is irrefutable!"

Su Luo was about to laugh out of sheer disbelief for how far the truth had been distorted.

It turned out that framing people could be done with such brazen confidence and justice. For misfortune to befall her even when she was sitting at home, it was simply an eye-opener for her.

As expected, this was the world of the strong, where the strength of one’s fist was absolute, right? Did he really believe that Su Luo had no one left to support her?

Would she say that that Eighth Elder was completely under her thumb?

Su Luo smirked: “Li Luoming, you really are audacious.” If they treated her like this today, once the City Lord came back, both you and the Master would…hehe.

Seeing Su Luo’s scornful glance, Li Luoming’s heart abruptly shuddered.

In that instant, some kind of fear towards Su Luo suddenly rose up within him, and he had no idea why.

“Hurry up and detain her!” Li Luoming shouted, flustered.

Big Sister Wei once again charged forward, but she was stopped by Su Luo.

Su Luo was worried. Su Luo believed that if a real battle broke out, these bodyguards weren’t a match for her in the first place. But she couldn’t lay a hand on them.

Because this was Wuchen Mountain, the members of Xiao Luo’s group were still inside cultivating. If the commotion was too loud and were affected by it and resulting in the Recoil of Madness, Su Luo would definitely regret it for the rest of her life.

Therefore, Su Luo used another plan.

Just as Li Luoming’s men ferociously charged forth, a sudden fierce wind reached them!

“Stop!” The Eighth Elder’s figure appeared in the sky above Wuchen Mountain.

Once Li Luoming saw the Eighth Elder, a suspicion flashed across his mind: Had the Eighth Elder come here to help Su Luo?

No, no! Su Luo had supposedly killed the Eighth Elder’s disciple, how could the Eighth Elder be helping Su Luo? Then, the only possible conclusion was, the Eighth Elder was here to strike her while she was 1!

Thus, Li Luoming enthusiastically greeted: “Eighth Elder, you have arrived just in time. Su Luo here has stolen my Master’s Elite pill prescription, and we were just preparing to arrest her and bring her to justice.”

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