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Chapter 1186

Chapter 1186 – Nangong Liuyun awakens (1)

Just when Su Luo was broken-hearted and inconsolable, the master of the Nine Different Palace Halls strolled to Su Luo's back in a rightfully so manner.

His steady voice sounded from behind Su Luo.

"You want to save him?" The master of the Nine Different Palace Halls's tone was enigmatic, in this quiet hall, it carried a touch of strangeness and different feeling.

Su Luo's head suddenly turned around, with one reach, she grabbed the master of the Nine Different Palace Halls's sleeve. She asked in a loud and excited tone: "You can save him?!"

The master of the Nine Different Palace Halls looked at the girl in front of his eyes that cried looking like a cat. With both hands behind his back, a sharp eyebrow raised up slightly and he proudly tossed his chin up: "That's only natural."

"Quickly tell me what to do to save him!" Hearing that the master of the Nine Different Palace Halls had a

way, Su Luo was immediately pleasantly surprised. At the same time, her pair of red and swollen walnut-like eyes were vastly brighter.

The master of the Nine Different Palace Halls cast Su Luo a glance, then unhurriedly withdrew his gaze. As if he hadn't decided yet.

Su Luo was a smart person, naturally, she understood with one glance.

Her expression was eager and excited: "What do you want? As long as I can do it, I will agree to it all!"

The master of the Nine Different Palace Halls clearly wanted to get some benefit, how could Su Luo not see through it?

Don't assume that this black soul master of the Nine Different Palace Halls would be very noble and merciful. If he could be bribed by Seventh Young Master, naturally, he valued money highly.

"This ah…." The master of the Nine Different Palace Halls seemed to be too embarrassed to mention it. He unhurriedly stroked his chin, continuing to sell the climax.

"In the end, what do you want? Say it out loud, plainly and clearly!" Su Luo,

Luo, with one hand, pulled him to a stop by the sleeves, wishing to slap him.

In fact, Su Luo's temperament had always been calm and collected. Normally, her words, actions and manner were also composed. She had never been this urgent nor set on fire as this moment. But now, it concerned Nangong Liuyun's life or death, it was impossible for her not to be impatient.

Right now, Nangong Liuyun's appearance was withered, looking like an eighty-year-old man. His originally incomparably handsome complexion was full of spots of old age. He had become so skinny as to be nothing but skin and bones. From head to toe, he didn't even have fifty grams worth of meat, so light that he would fall apart from one blow of the wind.

The most serious was that his

that his breathing was only a gossamer, intermittent, just like that, sticking out for all to see, like a mummy dried by the wind.

Su Luo only had to look at him and tears would fall down with 'swish' sound.

"Quickly tell me, what must I do to cure him! No matter what the price, I am willing!" Su Luo's voice was unprecedentedly firm.

The master of the Nine Different Palace Halls watched for quite a while before Nangong Liuyun took a breath, then looked at Su Luo who had cried until her eyes were walnut-shaped. Only then did he cast Su Luo a glance: "Want to save him is fine, sell your soul to this palace halls' master."


Before Su Luo could react, Zi Yan immediately burst out.

"Out of the question! Without a soul, how could Luo Luo live? You, this kind of person, can still be considered the master of Nine Different Palace Halls. You are simply profiting from someone else's misfortunes!" The fists at Zi Yan's side clenched tightly. She panted in rage, glaring at the master of the Nine Different the Nine Different Palace Halls.

Beichen Ying pulled Su Luo behind him, his wrathful gaze was like flames, shooting towards the master of the Nine Different Palace Halls: "This condition doesn't even need to be discussed!"

The palace halls' master sighed helplessly: " You two, don't be so anxious ah, this selling the soul isn't like you can't live afterwards."

Beichen Ying's eyes were ice-cold, with a stiff face, he asked: "Say it clearly!"

The master of the Nine Different Palace Halls good-naturally looked at Su Luo and carefully explained: "Selling your soul to this master of the palace halls, it's not like I'm asking you to separate your soul from the physical body. It's merely that when this master of the palace halls has missions to hand over, you must help and go do it, and that's all."

"Just this simple?" A cold light flashed through Su Luo's eyes.

"Yes, just this simple." The master of the Nine Different Palace Halls was all smiles, his manner was good-natured like the Laughing Buddha.

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