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Chapter 1119

Chapter 1119 – The Seventh Challenge (3)

Nangong Liuyun nodded slightly.

At that time, it was said that an Amethyst Thorned fish was equivalent to a green-colored crystal stone. Then, the spirit energy this blue-colored fish contained must be an equivalent to a blue-colored crystal stone!

How difficult was it to find a blue-colored crystal stone. So, how could a blue fish be so easily hooked?

In a short while, Su Luo became more guarded against this mysterious man.

That man leisurely reeled in the fish and placed it into a deep basket for fish at his side. Then, he slowly turned around.

Everyone finally saw his powerful true appearance.

One could see that he had thick, sharp eyebrows, and bright star-like eyes. His appearance was like a waning moon shining brightly in the night sky, lustrous and alienating, yet could charm all living things. He was extremely dazzling.

A modest nobleman, elegant as jade.

These words

appeared in Su Luo's mind.

That gaze contained a shallow smile, faintly discernible as it swept across Su Luo's face.

When it swept past, Su Luo clearly saw the hidden ridicule in his eyes.

It seemed that this individual was not as gentle and harmless as he appeared. Contrary to expectations, he was somewhat two-faced and cunning. Inside, Su Luo secretly made this assessment.

"You guys can call me Seventh Young Master." He cast the fishing line with the hook back into the ocean and said this line relaxedly with grace.

The way he cast the fishing rod was full of beautiful lines. Adept and vivid, also carrying a touch of leisurely indolence.

"Seventh Young Master, may I ask how to pass this seventh challenge? Is it to defeat you to pass?" Li Yaoyao loudly asked.

"Defeat this young master?" It was as if that Seventh Young Master had heard the world's greatest joke. He glanced at Li Yaoyao as if looking at an idiot, and he said, "Do you believe that

that I, this young master, can pulverise you with a single finger?"

Li Yaoyao met his gaze.

In a split second, an unprecedented feeling of fear appeared in her heart.

LI Yaoyao felt like her acupuncture point had been poked, her entire person was as rigid as a statue. Chills ran down her spine and goosebumps appeared on her skin.

This person… was this frightening with just a single glance……

Li Yaoyao lowered her eyes and did not dare to say even half a word more.

"I dislike fighting and killing the most." The Seventh Young Master retracted his gaze, unhurriedly casting a glance at Su Luo, "You, this girl's, luck isn't bad. To think that you're able to come all the way to

way to the seventh challenge."

"Seventh Young Master, you flatter me." Su Luo smiled shallowly, her expression indifferent, "Don't know, with this challenge, what sort of game rules will Seventh Young Master set?"

If it was a competition to fish for blue-colored fish… A crafty expression flashed through Su Luo's eyes.

She was able to fish that many Amethyst Thorned Fish, how could she not hook these blue-colored fish!

However, luck didn't stand completely on Su Luo's side.

"Rules of the game?" Seventh Young Master's eyes lit up slightly, "That's right, this challenge has this young master in control, which means I can draw up the rules of the game. Girl, seeing as you hit it off so well with this young master, how about we play an intelligence quiz for this challenge?"

Intelligence quiz? Wasn't it to hook blue-colored fish? Su Luo was slightly disappointed.

However… currently, Su Luo's body was weak, and wasn't suitable to use force. If they were to play an intelligence quiz, then this Seventh Young Master was Young Master was truly biased towards helping her.

It's just that… Su Luo tilted her head and sized up this seemingly gentle, but was in fact two-faced and cunning Seventh Young Master.

Was he truly that easy to get along with?

Right when Su Luo was being suspicious, Nangong Liuyun gave a faint cold snort: "Intelligence quiz is not bad either. Though, don't know what will happen if we answer correctly, and what will happen if we can't answer?"

Just now, Nangong Liuyun had secretly tested out this Seventh Young Master.

The opponent's strength was profoundly mysterious. It was difficult to tell who was stronger compared to Grandmaster Rong Yun. Even if Nangong Liuyun went all out, he might not be able to even wound the other side.

Let alone to say during the sixth challenge, his mind had suffered a little injury, and he was not fully recovered. If he could refrain from fighting, then naturally, it was better not to fight.

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