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A middle suggests there is an end. What I feel for you is forever.

"Prove it," she said with a grin of her own.

He kissed her. I wil , at least five times a day, and probably more on Thursdays, considering we'l be naked.

She laughed. "I have a feeling Thursday wil be my favorite day of the week."

Mine, too, sweetheart. Mine, too. That said, he got busy proving each one of his claims.

Lords of the Underworld Glossary of Characters and Terms Aeron-Former keeper of Wrath Al -Seeing Eye-Godly artifact with the power to see into heaven and hel Amun-Keeper of Secrets Anya-(Minor) Goddess of Anarchy.

Ashlyn Darrow-Human female with supernatural ability Baden-Keeper of Distrust (deceased) Bait-Human females, Hunters' accomplices Bianka Skyhawk-Harpy; sister of Gwen and consort of Lysander Cage of Compulsion-Godly artifact with the power to enslave anyone trapped inside Cameo-Keeper of Misery Cloak of Invisibility-Godly artifact with the power to shield its wearer from prying eyes Cronus-King of the Titans, keeper of Greed Danika Ford-Human female, target of the Titans Dean Stefano-Hunter; right-hand man of Galen dimOuniak-Pandora's box Galen-Keeper of Hope Gideon-Keeper of Lies.

Gil y-Human female.

Greeks-Former rulers of Olympus, now imprisoned in Tartarus Gwen Skyhawk-Half-Harpy, half-angel Haidee, aka "Ex"-Immortal Hunter.

Hate-A demigod and keeper of the demon of Hate Hera-Queen of the Greeks Hunters-Mortal enemies of the Lords of the Underworld Kaia Skyhawk-Harpy; sister of Gwen Kane-Keeper of Disaster Legion-Demon minion, friend of Aeron.

Leora-Human friend of Haidee (deceased) Lords of the Underworld-Exiled warriors to the Greek gods who now house demons inside them Lucien-Keeper of Death; leader of the Budapest warriors Lucifer-Prince of darkness; ruler of hel Lysander-Elite warrior angel and consort of Bianka Skyhawk Maddox-Keeper of Violence Marcus, aka "The Bad Man"-an ancient Hunter Micah-A Hunter Olivia-An angel One True Deity-Ruler of the angels.

Pandora-Immortal warrior, once guardian of dimOuniak (deceased) Paring Rod-Godly artifact, power unknown Paris-Keeper of Promiscuity Reyes-Keeper of Pain Rhea-Queen of the Titans; estranged wife of Cronus; keeper of Strife Sabin-Keeper of Doubt; leader of the Greek warriors Scarlet-Keeper of Nightmares Sienna Blackstone-Deceased female Hunter; new keeper of Wrath Solon-Husband of Haidee (deceased) Strider-Keeper of Defeat.

Taliyah Skyhawk-Harpy; sister of Gwen.

Tartarus-Greek god of Confinement; also the immortal prison on Mount Olympus Themis-Greek goddess of Justice Titans-Current rulers of Olympus.

Torin-Keeper of Disease.

Unspoken Ones-Reviled gods; prisoners of Cronus Warrior Angels-Heavenly demon assassins Wil iam-Immortal warrior, friend of Anya Zacharel-A warrior angel Zeus-King of the Greeks ISBN: 978-1-4268-8887-8.

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