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Chapter 2042: Fighting Mo Cheng (Two)

Mo Cheng's sword glowed brightly, and with a jerk, he directly tried to cut off Jian Chen's sword-wielding arm.

However, when he tried to cut off Jian Chen's hand, he only felt like a great clamp had locked down on his sword. He was actually unable to control the supreme quality saint artifact in his hands.

That was not all of it. To his shock, he struggled to harm Jian Chen's hand even with his full power.

Mo Cheng's eyes immediately narrowed from this. The toughness of Jian Chen's body had shocked him.

Jian Chen struck out extremely quickly. He gripped Mo Cheng's sword with his right hand as his left hand suddenly flew out. He formed a sword with his fingers and stabbed towards Mo Cheng with a blur.


Jian Chen moved just too quickly such that many Overgods failed to see what had happened. Every single strike of his had surpassed the level of Overgods and reached the level of Godkings. Only supreme prodigies like Mo Cheng could match up to him as an Overgod. However, in just a split second, Jian Chen's finger had arrived before Mo Cheng.

Behind, the eyes of the old man who had come along with Mo Cheng immediately shone brightly. He stared at Jian Chen closely, and he felt surprised as well.

Mo Cheng's face changed slightly. His calm composure finally became serious. Bellowing out, he no longer held back, unleashing both the Laws of the Sword and the Laws of Destruction. The power of the two laws revolved around him as he extended a finger, causing the power of the laws to shoot towards Jian Chen as an arrow.

With a boom, the sword Qi condensed on Jian Chen's left hand collided with Mo Cheng's laws. Both of the energies ate away at each other as they unleashed a blanket of scattered sword Qi into the surroundings, just like resplendent fireworks.

Their comprehension of the Laws of the Sword was at the same level after all. They had both reached the limit of the partial achievement of Sword Spirit. Both were only a step away from the major achievement of Sword Spirit. As a result, no one gained the upper hand in a clash of the Laws of the Sword.

However, Mo Cheng had comprehended two types of laws. After his Laws of the Sword had dispersed, his Laws of Destruction continued onwards without slowing down towards Jian Chen as a black streak of light, bearing a part of Mo Cheng's power from his cultivation with it.

Immediately, a destructive presence permeated the surroundings to annihilate everything. The origin energy in the surroundings all fled as the observing Overgods all became extremely shocked.

Jian Chen's expression remained the same. He clenched his left hand into a fist as Chaotic Force rampaged through his body. Not only did he push his defences to the limit, but some of the Chaotic Force had even emerged from his body, coating his fist as a dark light. It also gave off a presence of destruction.

This presence was different from the Laws of Destruction, as it was even more powerful and violent!

If the Laws of Destruction was a furious beast, then the presence that the Chaotic Force gave off was an infuriated, blood-thirsty beast that had completely gone berserk.


Jian Chen's fist was thrown like it was unstoppable, dispersing Mo Cheng's Laws of Destruction in a single stroke before continuing onwards without weakening at all. With a deep thud, it struck Mo Cheng's chest heavily.

The power in the fist was extremely great, directly reducing Mo Cheng's clothes to shred. It revealed the armor that Mo Cheng wore inside.

At this moment, the armor flickered with light as it a layer of energy covered it. It formed various lines of defence to protect Mo Cheng and block the power from Jian Chen's fist.

"A supreme quality saint artifact!" Jian Chen's eyes narrowed. He glanced at the armor and realised that it was also a supreme quality saint artifact. Its defences were extremely great.

Defensive supreme quality saint artifacts were extremely expensive and precious in the Saints' World. It was to the point where they completely outmatched offensive supreme quality saint artifacts.

Even though Mo Cheng was protected by the armor, so Jian Chen's attack basically failed to injure him completely, Jian Chen still possessed the Chaotic Body after all. He was so powerful that the great force in the punch still caused Mo Cheng to stagger backwards.

Jian Chen's right hand gripped Mo Cheng' sword tightly as he tugged it towards him. Through the sword, he directly brought Mo Cheng's stagger to a halt.

Jian Chen charged up, arriving before Mo Cheng with a single step. He continued to swing his bleeding left hand at Mo Cheng.

Mo Cheng was stern as energy gathered in his surroundings. The Laws of Destruction and the Laws of the Sword both condensed as he took Jian Chen head on.

His supreme quality saint artifact had been clamped down by Jian Chen's right hand, so it was unable to break free straight away. Mo Cheng could only face Jian Chen's close attacks reluctantly.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

With several deep thuds, Jian Chen alternated between punches and palm strikes, clashing with Mo Cheng time and time again. Even though Mo Cheng possessed two different laws, Jian Chen was still able to suppress him with the advantages of the Chaotic Body.

Jian Chen moved extremely quickly, dealing punch after punch, palm strike after palm strike. He used his own Laws of the Sword to nullify Mo Cheng's Laws of the Sword, while he used his Chaotic Body and Chaotic Force to stop Mo Cheng's Laws of Destruction and the power of his cultivation. He was able to gain the upper hand with each attack, landing several strikes on Mo Cheng.

However, Mo Cheng possessed a supreme quality saint artifact, so he remained uninjured despite Jian Chen's attacks.

On the other hand, both Jian Chen's left and right hands had become bloodied.

After all, he was still made out of flesh and blood. Even though the Chaotic Body was very powerful, he was still unable to remain unscathed against Mo Cheng's attacks.

Many Overgods struggled to see Jian Chen and Mo Cheng's battle clearly in the Divine Medicinal Garden. Even with the senses of their soul, they were only able to capture that Mo Cheng was unscathed, while Jian Chen's hands were injured.

However, the Godkings were able to see everything clearly. This outcome astounded all of them, and it left them stunned on the spot. They struggled to accept it.

Mo Cheng was the supreme Overgod ranked first on the Overgods' Plaque. His name was renowned throughout the Saints' World, and he was so powerful that he was the undisputed most powerful among all the Overgods across the entire Saints' World.

However, Mo Cheng, who was publically acknowledged as the most powerful, had actually been suppressed by someone with the same cultivation, a nameless Overgod. This shocked everyone present.

These Godkings all understood that Mo Cheng only remained unharmed because he possessed a defensive supreme quality saint artifact, not because of his own power.

Mo Cheng possessed both offensive and defensive supreme quality saint artifacts such that both his attacks and defences were the greatest that they could be. However, his opponent, the nameless Overgod, had yet to use a single saint artifact at all.

"Who is this Overgod? Where did he come from?" Everyone was extremely shocked. Many of them tried to guess Jian Chen's identity. His battle prowess was so great that it caused intense shock to all the Godkings.

Mo Cheng was able to kill regular early Godkings as a late Overgod, which was astonishing enough, making him renowned across the Saints' World. However, they now discovered an Overgod who was even more powerful than Mo Cheng!


Mo Cheng bellowed out as his presence erupted, surging right into the sky. At this moment, he felt extremely furious. Even though he had clashed with Jian Chen several times now, he was completely suppressed. If it were not for his supreme quality saint artifact, his injuries would be far worse that Jian Chen's.

He struggled to accept an outcome like this.

The Laws of Destruction and the Laws of the Sword condensed at the same time. Mo Cheng erupted with all his power, gathering it in his left hand to strike the sword that Jian Chen had clamped down on.

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