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After seeing Old Antique's passive skill at attracting women in his "artsy mode," Wang Ling had started to sort out his own passive skills.

Because sometimes, especially for him, the trouble wasn't always caused by the power he couldn't control, but by his "passive skills."

Thus, over the last two days, he had in fact been silently sorting his passive skills into the practical series, the chicken rib 1 series and the damn useful series... this really did make things clear and simple at a glance.

In the damn useful series, the skill that had left the deepest impression on Wang Ling was a passive branch spell called "Jumping Carp," which had originated from one of the Three Thousand Great Spells, the "Great Wave Palm." As long as he clapped his hands at a person thirty-two times consecutively, that person would start acting like Magikarp 2 when it utilized its Splash move: flopping around with no attack effect whatsoever.

And then, in the chicken rib series... from the name alone, one could tell that the passive skills in this series were the type that were "tasteless, but a waste to discard." Some of the skills might seem very practical, but were of no value to him.

For instance, the passive spell the "Boundless Devouring," was a branch spell of one of the Three Thousand Great Spells, the "Great Devouring Spell"— as long as Wang Ling dropped his tears in any kind of food, the food would multiply quickly within a short period of time, one becoming two, two becoming four... unfortunately, he wasn't a foodie. The only thing he liked were crispy noodle snacks.

He remembered using this spell to clone his crispy noodle snack when he was a kid. In the end, the crispy noodle snacks had multiplied like crazy beyond his control. At that time, he could only open a tunnel and send these magically cloned crispy noodle snacks into the boundless vastness that was the universe.

By now, these crispy noodle snacks had probably already formed their own galaxy...

So though he had a lot of passive skills, most of them weren't very practical.

As for the practical skills series, although there were only a pitiful few, they were all abilities that he thought were very useful for hiding his cultivation realm, like the "Great Shielding Spell," which blocked the possibility of unscrupulous people investigating him through whatever means available.

And now, in front of this "black cat movie king" floundering in the water, another one of Wang Ling's passive skills had unwittingly activated...

His Heavenly Eye had the ability to "eliminate the false and retain the true"!

Honestly speaking, even he hadn't expected that in this type of Foundation Establishment high school, there would actually be people who knew how to use the Transformation Spell. This was quite an advanced skill. The General Administration of 100 Schools didn't forbid people from learning it, but given its complexity, it was useless for a Foundation Establishment cultivator to try and learn this skill on their own without the guidance of a master.

At this moment, the "black cat movie king" had already been struggling in the lotus pond for two whole minutes...

Faced with such a weak and pitiful kitten, this person actually had no sympathy at all!

This was what He Bufeng was thinking in his heart.

Earlier on, he had arranged for his shamate underling to be in position nearby to immediately take photos as evidence any time Wang Ling behaved as if he wasn't going to do anything to save him... then the next day, they would flood the school's Tieba 3 and BBS forums! For this small piece of news, they would only need to write a sentimental article and exaggerate it a little, and it would definitely rile up a whole bunch of shit-shoveling officers who would condemn Wang Ling en masse.

At that time, No. 60 High School would definitely lose face.

However, the premise of the whole plan depended on the Transformation Spell working flawlessly.

The black cat was still floundering merrily in the lotus pond...

"..." Wang Ling stared at the black cat; no one noticed his pupils, as dark and deep as obsidian, shine with unusual radiance, like a kaleidoscope.

It had to be said that He Bufeng's Transformation Spell was superb and he could hide perfectly from most people's eyes and ears. Unfortunately, this petty transformation couldn't escape the authority of the Heavenly Eye.

While He Bufeng was playing delightedly in the lotus pond, he was surprised to notice that he seemed to be creating much bigger splashes and his visual angle was changing drastically. Even the black fur on his hand seemed to be disappearing...

Huh... strange!

The situation...

Seemed a bit off...

Then, after a few short seconds.

He stood up in the lotus pond, his face full of surprise...

Standing gallantly, full of vigor, his wet balls hanging out...


He Bufeng had utterly never expected to turn back into a human at this moment! And the most alarming thing was that his clothes were gone!

"..." Stung by the sight, Wang Ling covered his eyes as he also thought "f**k" in his heart. Someone please tell him... why the hell had He Bufeng's clothes been restored to nothing! This damn ability to "eliminate the false and retain the true" was really a bit too thorough! It stung the eyes! Obviously the spell had a bug somewhere!

The scene was an unimaginable embarrassment for Wang Ling.

He felt a little repentant!

He couldn't control this Heavenly Eye passive skill... the ability to eliminate the false and retain the true was indeed impressive, and could help him see through plenty of false illusions.

Clearly, however, there were times when things were restored too thoroughly, which wasn't a good thing...

At that very moment, He Bufeng felt wretched and like he had gone a little crazy — as if he was in a game and had drunk a healing potion with a transformation effect, but then found out that all his top gear had been swallowed by the system. Additionally, this feeling of wind blowing coldly on eggs made his balls ache with melancholy 4 ...

He covered his face and once again sank down into the lotus pond — he didn't think he had ever felt this ashamed before.

There was no one around, and his shamate underling was still lurking at a distance, completely unaware of what had happened.

Bracing himself, He Bufeng looked at Wang Ling and said in an entreating tone, "Classmate, could you please find me some clothes..."

Wang Ling: "..."

After thinking for a bit, Wang Ling took off his jacket and threw it beside the lotus pond.

He then lowered his head and quietly turned around to leave.

After all, he was not Super Chen and would never show interest in a brother who had stripped completely.

A young boy walking among the sakura trees, carrying a slightly melancholy air...

Sitting dazedly in the middle of the cold lotus pond, He Bufeng looked at Wang Ling's back as the other boy left.

He hadn't expected the Transformation Spell to wear off so rapidly. What was more, he hadn't thought that this guy, who he was supposed to be bullying, would instead come to his rescue during the most embarrassing moment of his life.

Utterly ashamed, He Bufeng climbed out of the lotus pond and put on the blue jacket which Wang Ling had given him. The sports jacket was longer than ordinary clothes and was just able to cover his embarrassing bits. Luckily school wasn't over yet, otherwise, he would really have been embarrassed if there had been more people in the sakura forest.

"Boss, I recorded everything!" The shamate underling popped up next to him.

"F**k! Still want to f**king record! Delete all of it!" He Bufeng's face twitched. He recalled the moment when he had just turned back into a human and had yet to react — still happily splashing around in the lotus pond, he would just look like a dimwit. How could he keep such a video?

"Then this person... are we bullying him or not?"

"For this type of student from another school who upholds the three views, we should open our arms and welcome him! If not for this Classmate Lei Feng 5 , I would have completely lost face!" As He Bufeng said this, he stripped his shamate underling of his pants and put them on.


As the breeze brushed against his bare thighs and short leg hairs, the shamate underling felt a little aggrieved.

"I will have to properly thank this Classmate Lei Feng later." He Bufeng sighed. Thinking of Tang Jingze's group of people that wanted to stir up trouble, he keenly felt the gap in the quality of character between the students of the two schools... he couldn't continue being a degenerate like this. No. 59 High School's Student Union had to be completely reorganized!

The two individuals stared in the direction which Wang Ling had disappeared in for quite a long time.

Then, unwittingly, Wang Ling's "Great Shielding Spell" was reactivated...

Almost at the same time, the two people realized an important problem...

F**king wait! —

This Classmate Lei Feng... what the f**k was his name?

Tieba is a Chinese online communications platform. Colloquially speaking, "chicken ribs" in Chinese refer to things that have little value or are of little interest, but which a person is reluctant to give up. Lei Feng was a soldier in the People's Liberation Army who, after his death, was held up by the communist party as an example of a model citizen. He has become a cultural icon, symbolizing selflessness, modesty and dedication. Magikarp is a fish-type Pokemon that... is pretty much useless. "Wind blowing on eggs" is adapted from the first part of a Chinese saying: "Like wind blowing on eggshells, when money is gone, a person feels light," and thus refers to He Bufeng (literally) losing everything. There is a also a pun here, in that the pinyin for egg 蛋 is the same used in describing a man's balls 蛋蛋.

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