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Chapter 1101

As the female lead in this story, Classmate Lotus Sun still didn’t come to school today, but to everyone’s surprise, it was her grandfather who actually came . This chairman of Huaguo Water Curtain Group created waves wherever he went .

This was a sudden move on Old Man Sun’s part which no one had anticipated this time . Otherwise, the school gate would have been surrounded by reporters from the major media outlets before the old man arrived .

Old Man Sun wasn’t here because he was idle and had nothing to do; he was indeed here on business . The renovation works at No . 60 High were about to begin, and he was here ostensibly to inspect the campus environment . Reasonably speaking, a bigwig on the board didn’t need to personally appear for the renovation works; it could have just been left to the engineers under him .

Thus, everyone at school more or less knew why the old man was here .

With just one look at the old man’s stretch limo parked at the school gate, Super Chen couldn’t help exclaiming, “Wow, Wang Ling… The chairman of Huaguo Water Curtain Group is here! The father-in-law has come to inspect the son-in-law!”

Hearing this, Wang Ling almost spat out the chocolate milk in his mouth .

What “father-in-law inspect the son-in-law”…

This hadn’t even been decided yet…

Besides, Wang Ling didn’t have many thoughts on this .

He could only take it one step at a time .

Looking out the window, Wang Ling sighed inwardly .

The roads around No . 60 High had already been blocked off, and the area was surrounded by the bodyguards of Huaguo Water Curtain Group . Of course, this was only targeted at media reporters, and didn’t affect the movements of ordinary people .

After learning that Sun Yiyuan was at the school gate, Headmaster Chen and Director Shi went to each teacher’s office right away and had some teachers who weren’t too busy go to the school gate to welcome him .

“Mr Sun, you honor us with your presence…” At the school gate, Headmaster Chen stepped forward to shake his hand .

Old Man Sun shook his hand symbolically and had a photo taken with the headmaster . Looking out the window at this scene, Wang Ling reckoned that this photo would most likely end up in the school history exhibit at No . 60 High someday .

No . 60 High was still in the process of being selected as a key city high school, but every other school had to recognize its notable history . This was an old school that had been around for almost a thousand years; when combined, the total number of years that the dozen or so schools in Peiyuan district had been around for could barely compare with No . 60 High .

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“I’ve always been concerned about the children’s learning environment . Coming to No . 60 High this time, I find that it’s much better than I expected . It’s slightly out of date on the whole, but the moment I passed through the school gate, I could sense the intense scholarly atmosphere . How nostalgic…” As Old Man Sun expressed his thoughts, someone in his retinue recorded his words down in a small notebook . Smiles blossomed on the faces of the teachers who had come out to greet Old Man Sun .

As chairman of Huaguo Water Curtain Group, Sun Yiyuan had met his fair share of bigwigs, and was naturally excellent at speaking words that were very comfortable and refreshing to listen to .

Headmaster Chen couldn’t compare with Old Man Sun, but he knew that these words were just a formality, so he didn’t react in an exaggerated way . He merely gave a gratified smile before gesturing in invitation: “Mr Sun, let us go to my office . ”

In the headmaster’s office, Headmaster Chen poured Old Man Sun a cup of tea . This was already the best tea he could get his hands on . Sniffing it, Old Man Sun frowned, took a symbolic sip, then put the cup down .

Old Man Sun then said, “With Rongrong’s grades, she could actually have gone to a better school . However, she chose No . 60 High herself, so I didn’t stop her . ”

Headmaster Chen nodded . “Lotus Sun certainly has excellent grades; she currently ranks in the top ten in the history of our No . 60 High . ”

“She’s my granddaughter, after all – to meet that standard is normal,” Old Man Sun said happily, unable to hide his smile . “Actually, No . 60 High and my Huaguo Water Curtain Group have a very deep connection . ”

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Headmaster Chen: ???

Old Man Sun: “In those days, there was a river named Sad Wind on this land which No . 60 High is on . ”

Hearing this, Headmaster Chen understood instantly . “There indeed was a river here, before No . 60 High was set up . Following the impact of climate change, however, the river dried up . In the end, this land changed several times . A mausoleum was set up here first, and then replaced with a school . ”

“That’s right, that’s it . ”

Old Man Sun said, “Back then, when my ancestors successfully refined the first medicinal pill, they used the water from Sad Wind river . That’s why I said that we have a deep connection with No . 60 High . ”

Headmaster Chen was dazed by these words . He had no idea that No . 60 High and Huaguo Water Curtain Group shared this unknown story .

“My ancestors refined the first medicinal pill here . That this land can be used for a mausoleum and then a school, nothing needs to be said about the feng shui here . After these hundreds of years, I’ve come back here to help reconstruct No . 60 High, which can be seen as a representation of my ancestors’ feelings for this land,” Old Man Sun said .

After chatting for a while, the atmosphere gradually turned friendlier . Once they started chatting, they naturally talked about all sorts of things .

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The truth was that from the moment Old Man Sun entered the school, he had wanted to ask about Xia Ming and Wang Ling . There had been so many people around at the time, however, so he had been a little embarrassed to speak about it . Now, sitting and chatting in the headmaster’s office, he knew that it was the right time for him to ask his question .

“Well, Headmaster Chen… What is your opinion on the matter regarding Student Xia and Student Wang?” After spending so long laying the groundwork, Old Man Sun finally brought up the subject he wanted to ask about .

Headmaster Chen had long known that Old Man Sun would ask him about this, and had naturally already outlined an answer in his mind . “Mr Sun, rest assured . Our school will deal with this fairly, and teach Student Xia and Student Wang to restrain themselves and put their energy into their studies… They’re young, so it’s normal for them to be impulsive . Student Xia and Student Sun are outspoken individuals, so it’s unavoidable . As for Student Wang, he’s actually a more introverted kid…”

“He’s introverted? So he’s from a single-parent family?” At the mention of Wang Ling, Old Man Sun suddenly became interested .

“No, both his parents are around . It may be that his family environment influenced Student Wang’s character as a child . But his grades are very stable…” Headmaster Chen was about to say that Wang Ling was outstanding, but when he thought about it again, he remembered that the grades in Wang Ling’s report card always seemed to hover around the average . It would be somewhat exaggerated to describe him as excellent, so “stable” seemed more fitting .

But Headmaster Chen regretted it a little as soon as he said it .

He felt that “stable” could refer to a student who got average marks for just a particular period of time .

However, for a student who could get the average mark every single time… It actually wasn’t too much to describe such a student as “excellent”!

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