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"Fifteen Star Generals! This is the final limit of your Star Duel Covenants with Star Maidens!"

Su Xing was stunned.

There was a sort of feeling of his previous freedom immediately crumbling.

"Why do you say this?" Su Xing was not convinced, or perhaps he was unwilling to believe this fact.

"We opened a restaurant, and we have heard much information about the Star Duels."

"Could it be that previous Star Masters were also capable of unlimited contracts?" Su Xing's expression was stern. Hu Niangzi also drew closer to her Dear Husband.

"This actually has not been heard of, however, do you know of the Seven Stars Assembly?" Sun Xinyue thoughtfully smiled.

"The Seven Stars Assembly. The Fifth Phase of the Star Duels, and also the last phase. After thinning out the herd to the final seven Star Masters to ascend Maiden Mountain, they will fight for hegemony to obtain the Star Duels' final wish." How could Su Xing not know. This was so oft repeated about the Star Duels that all Star Cultivators had committed it to memory. However, Su Xing did not understand how this and his unlimited contract limit being actually only limited to signing fifteen Star Maidens were related.

Could it be…Su Xing wrinkled his brow, suddenly thinking of something.

Sun Xinyue's eyebrows rose: "Have you thought of it? That's right. In the past, there have already been countless people who have attempted to unravel the mystery of Liangshan's Star Duels and Star Maidens, but genuine materials can be counted on fingers. However, the Black Turtle Territory has a saying – the reason why there are battles in the Star Duels is because Maiden Mountain has a forbiddance limiting the number of people."

Su Xing did not have anything to say.

"Each Star Master contracts one Star Maiden. Add on a single special double contract, this means that the final Seven Stars Assembly can have fifteen Star Generals ascending Maiden Mountain. This is the final limit of the Star Duels." Sun Xinyue softly said.1

Su Xing's heart was complicated. He naturally understood Sun Xinyue's meaning – since fifteen Star Maidens was the limit for entering Maiden Mountain, then his contract limit also was derived from this, but how believable was this? Who knew…

But, Su Xing also was hesitant.

Although, he clearly knew that he should not be deceived by completely baseless speculation, any way it was put, he was a world crosser. Of Liangshan's variables, this rule perhaps could not necessarily be established on him. After all, his contracts with ten Stars was inherently unable to be found anywhere.

But if he actually was capable of contracting fifteen, the first one Su Xing thought of was Wu Siyou.

Wu Siyou was unwilling to sign a contract with Su Xing, but the two had long already surpassed the intimacy of Star General and Star Master. Su Xing also had the idea that at the final juncture of the Star Duels, no matter what, he would make Wu Siyou become his own Wifey in name and reality. He did not want to see a melodramatic tragedy show. If he truly was limited to fifteen Star Generals as Sun Xinyue and the others surmised…Seeing Su Xing's eyes beginning to shrink, Sun Xinyue twitched her lips, very excellently concealing her disappointment. The Spring Breeze Drunken Rain Pavilion's other Star Maidens each looked at one another.

"Let's contract then!!"

These three words, with a voice like thunder, shook apart this brief silence.

Gu Tong, Sun Xinyue and the other Star Maidens were each astonished. They looked in shock at Su Xing, and the Tangtang against his chest also lifted her gaze.

"Limit, that is not the end." Su Xing smiled, fearlessly saying this phrase.

His ease and self-confidence made Gu Tong feel a rush of excitement.

"Are you thinking that however more you can contract is fine regardless?" Li Shuangfei pondered. Her guess was not at all without reason. Now that Third Phase Evil Smiting Hall was already about to end, at this point, contracted Star Maidens naturally were very common to find.

This was not a lost opportunity.

"I am but preparing to sign a contract with my Wifey, Wu Siyou." Su Xing smiled/

"Wu Siyou?"


Gu Tong and the others blinked, and they were suddenly startled. "You could not be speaking of Harm Star Pilgrim Wu Song!"

Su Xing cheerfully nodded.

"Who are you kidding, how can Wu Song possibly sign a contract with you…Wait, you said you contracted ten, and that you do not have the support of a Great Sect…Just what kind of person are you?" Suddenly, Gu Tong thought of something.

"Purple Thunder Monster, this is what people seem to call me." Su Xing smiled.3

Gu Tong felt she may have still been in a stupor. Otherwise, how could such a preposterous matter occurring first thing in the morning. Even those documents and stories were not so fantastical.

"The Purple Thunder Monster."

These four words made the Spring Breeze Drunken Rain Pavilion incredulous. Even the calm and collected Shi Meng unavoidably had the same expression as the rest of her Sisters – dumbstruck.

"So it was this all along…"

By doing so, all of the explanations were connected.

Ten Star Maidens, able to possess martial arts that could contend against a Star General. If he was the Purple Thunder Monster that had contracted the Lin Chong that never signed a contract in a thousand years. Everything made sense.

"Hee, hee, Tangtang has found a good Papa." Li Bailian's smile was a gently swaying flower.

"How about it? Are you willing to sign a contract with me?" Su Xing asked once again.

"Do you not wish to sign a contract with that Harm Star Wu Siyou?" Sun Xinyue said thoughtfully. "Could it be you do not want her anymore…"

"Of course I want her. Even Maiden Mountain cannot stop me from marrying her…However, Your Servant does not believe in this limit. Even if there actually is a limit, if worst comes to worst, I won't ascend Maiden Mountain." Su Xing trampled on the rules.

All of the Star Maidens were moved.

"Your Servant is somewhat moved." Sun Xinyue admitted to the Sister, "From this perspective, we have been taken advantage of, Your Servant actually feels that she was taken advantage of by you.

Su Xing perspired – was this the legendary backwards logic.

"This Old Lady likes you, but I will not sign a contract with you. The Sisters that wish to ascend Maiden Mountain with this man can go." Gu Tong sat on her chair, sipping wine.

The other Star Maidens glanced at each other, smiled tacitly and all shook their heads.

"What, are you afraid?" Su Xing shook his head.

"You dare make that bet. I admire your courage. I am confident that a courageous man will be the one capable of achieving great things, but we do not dare make that bet." Gu Tong was very direct in her answer. She stared blankly at the Tiger on her shoulder that jumped onto the table and drank wine, "We six Sisters have never been separated since opening up shop, so your good intentions, we appreciate them." Sun Xinyue's hands propped up her chin as she smiled.

"Don't you want to look after Tangtang?" Su Xing asked.

"With a Papa like you, do we still need to worry? You had better set aside the quote for your Wives. En, that Lu Junyi is pretty good. Oh, right, shall we give you introductions to the Three Ruans and Shi Jin?4 They have not signed contracts, and we know where to find them." Gu Tong said with interest.

Su Xing sighed: "Are you sure?"

"Exactly, since you can contract so many Sister, it can be deduced that Chao Gai will not let you go. You worry about yourself first."

Seeing Gu Tong and the other six Star Generals already make their decision to not sign contracts, Su Xing had nothing he could say.

"Since this is so, I won't insist."

"You honestly are an understanding man. Such a Star Master…If there were more, that would be better…" Gu Tong faintly said.

But how could the environment fermented over Liangshan Continent's thousand years of Star Duels be changed.

"Today is a happy day for Tangtang. Do not talk about these upsetting things. There is still one more bridal price, Su Xing, do you wish to pay it?" Gu Tong was stern, her eyes narrowed in happiness as she asked. Ever since she knew that Su Xing contracted multiple Stars and issued an invitation, the expression Female Tiger looked at Su Xing with was much warmer, unlike her conflict from the very beginning.

"There is another bridal price?" Su Xing smiled.

"Seven times the bridal price, add on there is only six of us Sisters, you have only paid six. Naturally, you are missing one." Gu Tong pointed to each of the Sisters.

"Say it then." Su Xing said.

"This bridal price is not ours. It is Tangtang's." Gu Tong said.

"Tangtang?" Su Xing looked at Bai Yutang. The girl was also at a loss.

"Tangtang's Dark Rank Wine 'Seemingly Drunk And Stupefied'5 is only missing the final brewing ingredient, however, we have no way to help her obtain it. To the extent that the Third Phase is already ending, we are still unable to let Tangtang brew the Seemingly Drunk And Stupefied. Since you are her Papa, it should be by rights that you help her?"

"What material is it." Su Xing asked her.

"Baby's Breath…"6 Gu Tong concisely named the material.

Tangtang's wine brewing results were very powerful. This Dark Rank "Seemingly Drunk And Stupefied" could make Heavenly Stars use their corresponding Dark Ranks. There were no after effects, and it was for this reason these wine brewing materials were very hard to find. Now that Su Xing had ten Stars. If he could have the support of Tangtang's wine brewing, he would be like a tiger that had grown wings. Just seeing this result, Su Xing made his decision.

However, this material was located in a dangerous zone. The Spring Breeze Drunken Rain Pavilion's six Sisters could not do even by teaming up.

"Then I'll go." Su Xing smiled and said.

Before he left, Su Xing once again said with great care: "Gu Tong, I feel maybe you ought to move?" The Spring Breeze Drunken Rain Pavilion was so ostentatious, in this region known to everyone, now that the Third Phase already was nearing its end, the probability that the six Star Maidens of the Spring Breeze Drunken Rain Pavilion were not being eyed was zero. The Black Turtle Territory's Devil Palaces were numerous, and recalling Great Sage Starkiller and Guan Ying, Su Xing was even more sick at heart. For this reason, he previously wanted to sign contracts with them.

"Starfall, what is there to be afraid of." Gu Tong and the others scoffed at death.

To be able to open shop with great fanfare, they already made their psychological preparations.

"I mean this." Su Xing did not want to see this sort of thing happen.

"There is no need for you to worry about us. We naturally have considerations. The Three Ruans that we just mentioned to you, we shall go there." Gu Tong waved her hands.

The Three Ruans, huh. There was some friction between Su Xing and the Three Ruans, however, the influence of the Three Ruans was extensive. The Spring Breeze Drunken Rain Pavilion's six Stars going there was not a bad choice.

"If you ever change your ideas, you can find me anytime." Su Xing said.

"You truly are so maudlin. Are you my husband?" Gu Tong was powerless.

Su Xing smiled. He said to Tangtang: "Tangtang, let's go."

Bai Yutang was reluctant to part, looking to her Mama and Elder Sisters.

Then, Su Xing's riding sword then flew into the heavens.

"Take good care of our daughter, you bastard of a man." Gu Tong used a Lionness From Hedong Roars at the sky.

"They are gone."


"Mistress, could it be we are actually going to the Three Ruans?"

"What Su Xing said is logical. Now that Tangtang has been married to a man so defiant of the natural order, This Old Lady can finally be at ease. Do you wish to go."

"Finding Shi Jin is not bad either. Great Saint Starkiller would not dare provoke her so easily."

"In actuality, Mistress can sign a contract with Su Xing. You are Tangtang's Mama, anyways…"

"Right, such a good man is hard to find in Liangshan Continent. Bailian is even wet…"

"You are lovestruck."

"What, are you giving up on This Old Lady?" Gu Tong feigned anger.

"We will still rely on Mistress to feed us."

The girls laughed.

"Alright, we ought to open shop for the day. Hmph…let us plan more and then see."

"Hee, hee…"



Yeah, her math doesn't add up. What I think Xinyue means is that if everyone signed two contracts, with a special person signing an additional third, the maximum limit would be fifteen Star Maidens. Or alternatively, Star Masters are being counted as part of the quota, so 6*2 plus someone with 2 contracts is equal to 15 ↩ 武, meaning Wu Siyou’s surname. This one isn’t an SFX ↩ I’m Batman. lol ↩ 史進 ↩ 如痴如醉 ↩ 滿天星, an actual genus of plants ↩
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