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"Oh? Why is that so?" The female host asked.

"If he's really that strong, why have we not heard of him in the past?" The female professor said, shaking her head. "He's likely to be the successor that Priest Longmai selected. Priest Longmai might be using himself as a stepping stone to garner more fame for his successor.

"In such a situation, there's only one reason—Priest Longmai is probably at the end of his lifespan. If that's the case, not only has the White Army not grown stronger, they might even have become weaker than before."

Numerous viewers watching the television show nodded silently, feeling that what the professor said made a lot of sense.

The female professor continued, "Moreover, the general situation has been set into stone. In order to maintain Commander Grade's situation, it's likely that this page of the Book of Wisdom won't be handed to anyone else.

"All the armies have clearly come to a consensus that this page of the Book of Wisdom will be handed to Grade. Faced with such a situation, the White Army will be unable to object to it.

"With Grade's strength, if he were to go crazy, it will be like several ten thousand nuclear missiles going out of control. No one will be able to accept such a result.

"Therefore, I'm willing to bet that this page of the Book of Wisdom will definitely be given to Grade."

Numerous television hosts, professionals, and professors were analyzing the situation and reporting every detail of what was going on in the conference.

However, at the next moment, the broadcasted scene of all the television stations changed.

"Latest news. The White Army's representative has been found."

"Currently, the White Army's representative is being escorted to the conference."

"Will the White Army's representative for this conference be the Commander who has just assumed the position? Will this new Commander finally be walking out from the shadow of mystery?"

A black sedan slowly came to a stop outside, instantly drawing the attention of the many cameras. Everyone was waiting for the person to alight from the car.

A short moment later, the door was opened, and a blonde-haired young lady walked out slowly. It was the White Army's new member—Jessica.

She had her blonde hair tied up in a ponytail and wore white priest robes, looking like a refreshing white flower.

Jessica was carrying a silver longsword at her chest. The longsword was entirely silver, giving off an extremely sharp feeling.

She was hugging the longsword very tightly like it was the one thing her life depended on.

With Jessica's appearance, countless television stations started to search for her information crazily.

"Hello everyone, the person in the scene is the daughter of a renowned family in North America—Jessica Lehmann. "

"No one expected that this lady, who is a hot topic and fashionista in North America, would be able to pass the White Army's tests."

"This time around, the White Army has sent out a new member. It seems that they've completely given up on the fight for the Book of Wisdom this time around."

In everyone's eyes, the White Army has completely given up. The reason they sent this female member was probably also because the other seniors were unwilling to be subject to shame.

In a luxurious manor in North America, a middle-aged man looked in surprise at Jessica who was on television. "How did Jessica join the White Army?"

Jessica's mother said, "Isn't that good? Jessica has become an extraordinary human. This is a good thing to the entire clan."

Jessica's younger brother smirked. "How intense are the conflicts between the 13 armies? She might get the entire family implicated by getting herself involved."

Jessica's father sighed while wearing an extremely complicated expression. He was feeling both happy and worried.

Right now, Jessica was feeling extremely nervous. The people she was going to face were important characters from the other armies. How could she possibly not feel nervous when the White Army had only sent her?

She hugged the silver longsword tightly. Recalling the instructions Fang Xingjian had given her, Jessica walked toward the conference hall.

From behind her, Odom—the Gray Army's Major General—grabbed her arm and ran quickly toward the conference hall.

"Everyone's waiting for you. Hurry up."

His pull caused Jessica great pain, and she shouted, "Let me go! You're hurting me!"

Odom let out a cold snort, "Do you know how many people are waiting for you? This matter is of great importance. To think that the White Army has only sent you here alone... It's really... Hmph."

He threw a cold glance toward Jessica and did not say anything more. Thereafter, he continued to pull Jessica and enter the hall quickly.

Almost at the very instant Jessica stepped into the hall, everyone's gaze was directed toward her.

Grade was the first one to ask, "You're from the White Army? Where's the Book of Wisdom? Where is that page?"

Everyone's eyes were on Jessica, seeming to be waiting for her to bring out that page of the Book of Wisdom.

Jessica had never been stared at by so many extraordinary humans before, so she was starting to feel nervous. She hugged the longsword tightly and said softly, "I didn't bring it."

"You didn't bring it?" Qin Wang looked at Jessica with some discontentment. "Is the White Army going to go back on your words? Can it be that you're wanting to keep this page of the Book of Wisdom for yourself?"

Grade's eyes narrowed as he glared at Jessica with a dangerous aura.

Jessica gulped, feeling extremely nervous. All the hairs on her body were standing up. Only the silver longsword she was holding gave off a cool feeling, seemingly giving her bits of confidence.

Facing the many gazes as well as Grade's and Qin Wang's pressure, Jessica said clearly, "Lord Fang Xingjian has said that he wants this page of the Book of Wisdom. He also wants all the other pages of the Book of Wisdom."

"Arrogant." Hearing that, Qin Wang frowned deeply.

Great fury burst out on Grade's face, and streams of black auras darted out from his body. This caused countless people to feel alarmed and anxious, worried that he would go out of control.

Numerous people present glared at Jessica and chided, "Are you guys crazy?!"

"Shut up and hand over the Book of Wisdom!"

"What if Grade loses control again? Are you trying to get all of us killed?"

In Jessica's home in North America, the entire place fell silent. At that moment when this scene was broadcasted on television, the countenance of Jessica's father had turned extremely cold.

Jessica's younger brother also appeared horrified. "D*mn it, d*mn it. This foolish woman. What on earth is she doing? Our entire family is going to be done in by her."

In the conference hall, Grade had already stood up. Seeing this, Qin Wang also stood up immediately. He dashed up to Jessica and said furiously, "Shut up! Do you know that you've brought great trouble?!"

In the distance, black aura kept being emitted from Grade's body, and there seemed to be countless people crying out in void space.

Jessica was like a fragile white flower, trembling as she faced the pressure from the two experts.

In front of their televisions, countless people were cursing at Jessica, calling her foolish and that the White Army was selfish.

Despite this, Jessica still remembered Fang Xingjian's instructions. She placed the silver longsword respectfully onto the floor.

Qin Wang frowned and said, "What are you trying to do?"

Jessica did not reply but put her palms together and said respectfully, "Treasure, please be unsheathed."

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