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Zhang Yunyan looked at the small hole in front of her. She was nervous and confused. She had a kind of bad feeling.

It was mysterious and gloomy in the small hole. There was no sound and no changes that could be felt.

The mysterious little creature did not show up again. She did not know what it did inside and what it would do for the person outside.

Zhang Yunyan was thinking and was afraid of the mysterious hole when looking at it.

However, she could really find a way out if she did not get inside?

In this regard, Yunyan still did not know and could not figure it out. Perhaps, there was no other exit in the Black Tiger Cave. This was just her beautiful fantasy. She was just wondering in this gloomy and silent demon cave.

To say the least, even if there was an exit, it must be blocked by Black Killer with demon skills. He would not allow the outsiders in or out and would not give her and Iron Egg the chance to escape.

Zhang Yunyan looked at the shining "incomplete moon" by the small hole and was hesitant to enter or not. She felt it was mysterious and scaring inside, so she did not know what to do now.

Right at this moment, the little figure flashed by again at the hole. It seemed that it was teasing Zhang Yunyan and would not give up easily before it reached its goal.

Zhang Yunyan still did not see that little creature clearly. She was puzzled and still trying to guess.

What kinds of horrible secrets were inside? Why did this mysterious little creature try to tempt her?

Looking through the hole, it was as dark as the outside. There seemed to be nothing suspicious. As for those places she could not see clearly, she did not know what it would have.

It seemed that the hole in front of her was unusual. In this monster cave, it was a mysterious place.

Zhang Yunyan looked at the mysterious little hole and could not decide whether she should get inside directly.

She knew clearly that she did not have enough abilities to resist the demon skills. She was afraid to fall into a desperate situation. If a dangerous disaster happened, she could not protect herself, neither could Iron Egg.

Yunyan was alone and deeply helpless. She was trying to find a way out. When she was struggling in this cave, she knew there were full of dangers inside this cave. She felt surprised and nervous when suddenly seeing that small creature.

She did not know what the mysterious little creature was and hoped to figure it out. The hole in front of her was abnormal. She hoped to go for exploration and solve these mysteries.

Zhang Yunyan knew it was dangerous and horrible inside, so she should have a check. It was necessary to figure out what the little creature was and why he tried to tempt her.

She hoped to see what kind of secrets hiding in the hole and to find the way out.

Zhang Yunyan looked at the hole and thought for a while. She came up with an idea. Since this hole was so different, it might have some unknown secrets. Perhaps, there was a chance.

To say the least, even though those secrets had no connection to the living hope of her and Iron Egg, she could find out Black Killer's secrets. Therefore, she could not ignore it.

Zhang Yunyan thought even though it was dangerous inside and Black Killer might have arranged some demon traps, she should get inside and uncovered the secrets.

She knew she was taking an adventure, and might meet dangers. However, there might be another kind of possibility that she could gain something and even meet an unexpected surprise.

These were all her guesses and she could not make sure. She could only figure it out when she got inside.

Zhang Yunyan was in a desperate situation and had nowhere to escape. She was already a mortal person. It was useless to escape for fear. She could only follow the fate.

Still, as the proverb said, it was your destiny to die or not. It was impossible to avoid the cruel reality. Therefore, it was better to take it one step at a time.

Zhang Yunyan thought for a while and it was necessary to have a check inside. If there was a chance to find a way out, it must exist in a dangerous and suspicious place.

From the past experience, the desperate situation was the most suspicious place to check. Even if it was possible to be trapped, one should also have a try.

She knew it was an adventure and a gamble, but it was still necessary to have a try.

She hoped to win and escape from the dangers to gain something. She was searching in confusion and hoped to see the hope of "another village".

When Zhang Yunyan thought of Iron Egg, she frowned and sighed. If she met some dangers, the kid would have no one to protect him. She was really worried about this.

She felt lonely, helpless, and speechless. Death was an inescapable reality. She could not make any change on her own.

At this moment, let alone she had no other ways, even if she did not encounter dangers, she still had no ability to protect the kid. They would both be killed by Black Killer.

There was too little time left for her, so she had to find a way out as soon as possible. No matter how dangerous this place was, she could not miss this suspicious place.

She prayed in her mind and hoped that everything would be fine. She wished to find the living hope and save the poor Iron Egg, completing her mission successfully.

Zhang Yunyan no longer hesitated, and immediately plunged into the small hole engraved with an "incomplete moon".

She stopped and looked around. It was the same as outside, no sound, gloomy, and nothing here. There was not anything mysterious she expected before, anything unexpected showing up, and no dangers.

Right at the moment, the little figure flashed by and disappeared from another hole.

It moved too fast, and Zhang Yunyan still did not figure out what the animal was.

She frowned and disappointedly looked at the empty hole.

She was confused. Since the mark of "incomplete moon" was the same as the other holes, why did this mysterious little creature try to introduce her here?

Zhang Yunyan did not see any horrible monster and meet any awful dangers. She was surprised and confused. She did not know the reasons and it should not be like this.

When she saw the mysterious little creature had left, she shook her head and wore a bitter smile in her mind. She was helpless and confused.

Yunyan glanced at the empty hole and immediately ran to another hole to figure out what the creature really was.

The little figure was standing at the corner, staring at her without blinking. It seemed that it was waiting for someone. When she saw Zhang Yunyan get out, it disappeared again.

Yunyan still did not see the mysterious little creature clearly. She sighed and ran after it.

The little figure was running along the twisted cave or hiding in a hole. It turned back to see its follower and seemed not to lose her.

Zhang Yunyan followed it but did not see any horrible monsters or meet any scaring dangers.

When she ran after it, she finally figured out it was a big mouse.

From its shining fur, it was not an ordinary mouse, but a well-cultivated elf.

The little elf showed up at this moment. It was mysterious and very strange. There might be some hidden secrets to trap people into a horrible danger.

Anyhow, Zhang Yunyan did not hope to give up and felt more necessary to follow up. She wanted to clarify the purpose of the mouse to tempt her and the place it led her to. She needed to figure out the unknown secrets.

She knew that it would be dangerous, but her determination to explore was not changed. Even if she would meet some horrible dangers, she would seek a glimmer of life chance.

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