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Chapter 98: Illusion, Fatal Attack

“Mo Xie, be careful of the Wind Blade Demon!” Chu Mu immediately warned Mo Xie.

Mo Xie’s gaze promptly shifted to the Wind Blade Demon in the air. A Demon Fire Evil Flame radiance instantly flickered in her eyes!!!

Flame Awn!!!

Two pillars of fire rapidly interweaved and burned together to create a large fire. The flame was like a lotus flower, and exploded where the Blade Wing Demon’s wings were!

The Blade Wing Demon’s reaction speed wasn’t slow either. It immediately dodged to one side, and avoided the Flame Awn attack. Its sharp beak let out an indignant screech, and it abruptly flapped its wings!

The Blade Wing Demon’s wings had already reached the third stage. The feathers on them were comparable to that of the sharp feathers of beast type soul pets. Following the movement of the Blade Wing Demon’s wing, the blade-like feathers rolled together amidst a chaotic flow of air and speedily launched towards Mo Xie!

Mo Xie stood in her original position and didn’t move. Yet, her eyes continued to stare at the Blade Wing Demon, maintaining a twenty meter altitude above.

​Facing the Blade Wing Demon’s Revolving Blades, Mo Xie’s six tails suddenly unfolded and formed a fan that abruptly swept forth!


The feather blades could not break past Mo Xie’s Six Tail Lock defense. All the feather blades were knocked to the ground.

“Ignore the Blade Wing Demon and directly attack the master.” Mo Xie swept his gaze over the Blade Wing Demon hiding in the air. Nevertheless, he immediately gave Mo Xie an order.

Although Yang Jingli was stunned, he wasn’t stupid. Seeing that the Evil Flame Six Tailed Demon Fox was charging towards him, he instantly ordered his Blade Wing Demon to attack Chu Mu.

After transmitting the order, Yang Jingli promptly chanted an incantation to equip Stone Skin to his body.

Chu Mu seemed to have already predicted that Yang Jingli would use this method to force him to bring Mo Xie back. A smile emerged on his face and he silently chanted an incantation.

As he chanted the incantation, a change occurred in Chu Mu’s pupils. A smear of hazy silver light appeared in his two eyes!!

Chong Mei- Evil Stare!

Chu Mu lifted his head and his two evil eyes locked onto the Blade Wing Demon!

The Blade Wing Demon was a high class servant rank creature. On the other hand, Evil Stare was a high class warrior rank, Mo Xie’s, technique. Moreover, it was used by a six remembrance spirit soldier!

After suffering from Chu Mu’s Evil Stare, the Blade Wing Demon instantly let out an extremely terrified shout. It aimlessly flapped its wings, almost like it had seen some kind of exceptionally terrifying creature. Unexpectedly, it planned on fleeing.

On the other side, Mo Xie used Evil Stare seemingly at the same time Chu Mu did. The demonic silver lights penetrated into Yang Jingli’s eyes. Stunned, Yang Jingli felt that the Six Tailed Demon Fox in front of him had suddenly turned incomparably violent, and it seemed like she could tear him into pieces at any time.

Evil Stare was a fundamental technique of Six Tailed Demon Foxes. This sort of technique could cause the opponent’s fear to continuously enlarge!

Yang Jingli was also a spirit soldier. This sort of mental technique wouldn’t affect him for too long. However, in this kind of moment, slightly losing your mind for even a second was fatal!

Seeing that the Evil Flame Six Tailed demon Fox had already appeared in front of him, Yang Jingli’s fear had become a reality!

“Whose soul pet is really trash?” sneered Chu Mu as he stared at Yang Jingli.

Yang Jingli was fixated on the Evil Flame Six Tailed Demon Fox’s eyes, yet he almost felt as if he was facing Chu Mu, whose killing intent was covering his eyes.

The imminence of death caused Yang Jingli to forcefully chant an incantation. He had no choice but to recall his Blade Wing Demon and summon his fourth stage Rare Blood Beast!

“Changing soul pets is of no avail!”

“Mo Xie, Illusion!”

A ruthless desire had already surfaced on Chu Mu’s face. It was a vengeful, euphoric feeling mixed in with a bit of cruelty.

A peculiar Demon Fire Evil Flame instantly appeared on the charging mo Xie. When the Demon Fire Evil Flame ascended into the air, Mo Xie suddenly split into two!!

Two Six Tailed Demon Foxes. The four paws of both images were treading on fire. Twelve eminently ostentatious and wild tails!!

The Rare Blood Beast’s eye expression was vacant as it faced Mo Xie’s technique. It simply had no idea which one was the real Evil Flame Six Tailed Demon Fox!

“Idiot, it’s the one on the left!” Yang Jingli flusteredly retreated and angrily shouted at his fourth phase Rare Blood Beast!

The Rare Blood Beast had already reached the fourth phase second stage. However, the Rare Blood Beast was a high class servant rank creature and unless it reached the fifth phase, it could not contend with a Six Tailed Demon Fox, which could rival a commander rank soul pet.

Evil Flame Claw!!!

Two Six Tailed Demon Foxes extended their claws at the same time. An ardent Demon Fire Evil Fire burned on their claws while Chu Mu used Adhering Flame’s effects on Mo Xie’s body, causing her fire damage to reach an even higher level!


Both Mo Xie’s illusory and main body swept past the Rare Blood Beast at the same time. Their long claws not only split open the Rare Blood Beast’s body, but also spread the flames right in front of Yang Jingli!!


The Demon Fire Evil Flame quickly combusted in the Rare Blood Beast’s body. The tips of the Evil Flame splashed onto Yang Jingli’s face, where there was no Stone Skin. Instantly, he was burned by the high temperature flame.  Suddenly, an extremely miserable shriek reverberated throughout the valley!!


The nearby scream caused Shang Shi’s hairs to stand on end. Shang Shi’s heart palpitated as he glanced at Yang Jingli, and his face instantly turned even more pale.


Shang Shi only made a hasty glance and didn’t dare to divert too much attention. The Multi Colored Devil Tiger’s strength had far surpassed his imagination.  Its pure beast type strength had reached a kind of pinnacle. Of his soul pets, not one dared to directly contend against it. In a short period of time, the three main soul pets of Shang Shi had all been defeated by the Multi Colored Devil Tiger. The remaining soul pets could not even withstand a single blow!

Shang Shi naturally knew that he was not the fifth phase Multi Colored Devil Tiger’s opponent. He had already attempted to flee from this place, but within the valley, the Multi Colored Devil Tiger could completely take advantage of the rugged mountain terrain to freely leap about. Thus, it exhibited both an absolute speed and strength advantage. Among Shang Shi’s soul pets, even if there was a flying soul pet, it would probably only manage to fly 30 meters up before being dragged down by the Multi Colored Devil Tiger. Then, it would be ripped to pieces!!

“Hou Hou!!”

The Multi Colored Devil Tiger’s jumping ability was exceptionally terrifying. With one leap, it could reach thirty meters high. If its four Herculean limbs were to stamp down, it could create a wave of airflow that could rival a final stage Tornado!!

Shang Shi’s face grew more and more unsightly. He saw that his own soul pets were wounded one after the other, and he couldn’t help but grind his teeth. He raised his head and used Riding Wind technique on himself. He had to betray his soul pets and use their lives to attract the Multi Colored Devil Tiger’s attention!

The Multi Colored Devil Tiger naturally understood that all these soul pets were receiving Shang Shi’s orders. The moment Shang Shi moved in one direction, the Multi Colored Devil Tiger used a ferocious attack and pounced towards him; Shang Shi’s attempt to flee had failed again!

Shang Shi’s complexion grew more and more pale. He gritted his teeth and chanted an incantation, using Hurricane to forcefully suppress the Multi Colored Devil Tiger’s offensive. However, the Multi Colored Devil Tiger’s body strength was considerably terrifying, and it managed to break apart the eminently strong Hurricane. It then pounced towards him!!!

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