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Chapter 93: Ice Wall, Separation of Death

Yang Jingli and Yang Jinglian naturally couldn’t be allowed to succeed in signing a soul contract with the Multi Colored Devil Tiger.

Chu Mu couldn’t let them prevail. If the Multi Colored Devil Tiger were tamed, then it would be almost impossible for Chu Mu to get rid of them anymore.

Chu Mu still remembered the location of the special ravine, so following the valley upwards, he planned to get around above the ravine.

Above the ravine was a mountain slope. It was lush with vegetation, and the ravine was like a trap, hidden between the connected treetops. No wonder the Multi Colored Devil Tiger fell in. Without being cautious, it was indeed likely to fall down into this unfathomably deep ravine.

Chu Mu walked to a tree near the edge of the ravine where he could just see into the crevice on the mountain.

“This is about thirty meters deep I’m afraid.” Chu Mu looked downwards to the upright precipice, and he felt cold air constantly blowing into his face.

Before, when he was below the ravine, his vision was obstructed and he had estimated it to be merely twenty meters high, but now he knew it was far more.

Looking down, Chu Mu started to search the plants for the Multi Colored Devil Tiger. The Tiger’s body seemed to completely blend in with the nearby plants because his body was nowhere to be seen.

“Ning, go to the other end.” Chu Mu said to his Ice Air Fairy.

The Ice Air Fairy very obediently went around the ravine and slowly walked closer to the crevice, using its round eyes to watch Chu Mu, who was hidden on another treetop.

Chu Mu’s gaze was still fixed on the mountain crevice. At that moment, a silhouette had already appeared within the crevice.

“Enter and check to see if the Multi Colored Devil Tiger has died of hunger already.” Yang Jingli said to Yang Jinglian.

“Probably not, beasts such as the Multi Colored Devil Tiger can sustain themselves over a month of starvation and still live. Which reminds me, this guy has been hungry for quite some time. Its fighting strength is definitely weaker now.”

“Yes, but be careful and keep some distance between you and it.” Yang Jingli said.

Yang Jinglian nodded. Not summoning his own soul pet, he simply walked straight into the mountain crevice.

“Wind Fairy!”

Yang Jinglian only summoned his soul pet when he neared the crevice, clearly having calculated the distance already.

Wind Assault!!

The Wind Fairy immediately started chanting a fairy charm, and it released Wind Magic. Instantaneously, a gust of turbulent wind flew into the crevice and rustled the shrubs nearby.


The Multi Colored Devil Tiger felt the commotion and instantly leaped out, actually just using its body to block the incoming Wind Assault, coming out unscathed and not even mildly obstructed by the strong assault of the wind. It instantly appeared in front of the crevice!!

Shattering Claw!!!

The Tiger released its own ability. Its powerful claws ferociously slammed into the mountain walls, causing it to waver and explode, leaving a meter deep hole!

As rubble flew everywhere, Yang Jinglian and his Wind Fairy were both startled. They completely did not expect the hungry Multi Colored Devil Tiger to still have such terrifying power. If they were a few steps closer, that Shattering Claw would definitely have shattered their bodies along with the wall!

Looking down from above and seeing this claw of the Multi Colored Devil Tiger, Chu Mu also had lingering trepidation. If the Tiger had used this technique to attack him, he would undoubtedly be dead.

The Tiger’s frightening destructive capabilities caused Yang Jinglian to be drenched in cold sweat, and he quickly commanded his Wind Fairy to back off.

“What’s going on?!” Yang Jingli stood near the entrance and shouted inwards to Yang Jinglian.

The crevice could only hold one person. Both people entering would be a very unwise idea, so Yang Jingli didn’t walk in.

“Nothing, this Devil Tiger seems to have gotten food and recovered its strength.” Yang Jinglian said.

“I told you to be careful and not walk in. We should just wait outside and wait until Shang Shi came. Let him slowly harass this Devil Tiger.” Yang Jingli said.

After Yang Jinglian recovered from his shock, he simply shook his head and smiled, “I haven’t fought a Fifth Phase soul pet before yet, let me first tease him a bit.”

After saying that, Yang Jinglian immediately commanded his Wind Fairy to cast Wind Type techniques towards the Devil Tiger within the crevice.

The Multi Colored Devil Tiger was a pure beast type creature, void of ranged techniques like Mo Xie’s Shadow Claw. Under these circumstances he couldn’t hit Yang Jinglian, and facing the Wind Fairy’s attacks, he also had no alternative, and was only able to let out angry roars.

“Third Phase Seventh Stage Wind Fairy, doesn’t seem to be particularly strong.” Chu Mu observed the constantly attacking Wind Fairy and the corners of his mouth lifted.

Wind Fairy: Elemental Kingdom - Wind Type - Fairy Subspecies - Middle Class Servant Rank

Before, on the Cyan Nightmare Main Island, there was a Second Phase Wind Fairy. The abilities it could cast were only low ranking ones like Whirlwind or Wind Assault, and it lacked a strong offense.

Yet, the third phase seventh stage Wind Fairy in front of Chu Mu was definitely stronger than that second phase Wind Fairy, as it was already able to cast Hurricane and Dance of the Air Blades.

But, even though these abilities were stronger and more destructive, they still couldn’t leave any mark on the Devil Tiger.

The Tiger’s skin defense was probably level seven and above. Though it didn’t have any resistance towards wind type, it still wasn’t a defense that the Wind Fairy could break through. Yang Jinglian’s commands for the Wind Fairy was purely a waste of time and a waste of the Wind Fairy’s magic.

“Haha, come kill me!! You dumb Devil Tiger!!” Yang Jinglian seemed to enjoy this teasing of the soul pet he normally didn’t dare approach, constantly laughing.

“Houhouhou!!” The Multi Colored Devil Tiger’s anger towards Yang Jinglian had also reached its peak.

The Wind Fairy’s attacks couldn’t harm the Tiger, but any strong soul pet wouldn’t enjoy a fly constantly buzzing nearby that couldn't be driven away.

Chu Mu watched Yang Jinglian and smiled, and started to talk telepathically with his Ice Air Fairy.

Receiving Chu Mu’s command, the Ice Air Fairy slowly put his hands on the ground. The frost on its body was like water, being slowly injected into the rocky wall below.

The icy air slowly crept downwards and started freezing near the middle of the crevice, creating an ice wall without anyone noticing.

“Jinglian! Be careful, look behind you!!!”

Yang Jingli suddenly discovered the ice wall, and immediately shouted a warning.

The thick ice wall completely blocked off the narrow crevice. Yang Jinglian still hadn’t noticed that he had already been separated, as he continued to laugh as he teased the Devil Tiger. Little did he know, a deadly wall of ice had already locked him into the death gates of Chu Mu’s revenge!

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