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Chapter 92: Stalk and Assassinate

Chu Mu just happened to coincidentally encounter a porcupine as he walked out of the mountain pit. After getting Mo Xie to kill it, Chu Mu then gave the corpse to the Multi Colored Devil Tiger.

The Multi Colored Devil Tiger was a high class commander rank soul pet. Moreover, it had already evolved to the fifth stage. On this island, it could be considered the hegemon of a region. If it were to starve to death while trapped here, then it would be too tragic.

Fortunately, there were a few non-valuable soul cores on Chu Mu. After getting Mo Xie to kill the porcupine, Chu Mu put the soul cores into the porcupine’s body. This could be regarded as an expression of respect towards the powerful Multi Colored Devil Tiger.

The Multi Colored Devil Tiger maintained its vigilance and, after the corpse was thrown at it, Chu Mu didn’t stay any longer and directly exited the valley.

After leaving the valley, he continued to walk forward. An eminently dense and dark forest appeared in front of him.

On top of the forest were low hanging dark clouds, which made the entire forest seem like it was enveloped by a shadow. However, in Chu Mu’s opinion, even if there was sunshine dispersing from above, it would be very hard for this forest to any sense of liveliness. This was because the wind that blew from within was ice cold.

The Ice Air Fairy was in a heavily wounded condition and, even with the healing medicine, it would most likely need 10 days before it could fully recover. Chu Mu didn’t recklessly enter the strange forest and instead brought Mo Xie with him as he wandered between the valley and the forest. He was looking for a few ice type soul pets to use as the Ice Air Fairy’s food.

For ten days, Chu Mu continued to stay within the vicinity and earned approximately 10 third stage soul cores.

During these ten days, the Ice Air Fairy had finally fully recovered.

“Since your wounds are better, come out and take a breath of fresh air.”

Chu Mu recalled Mo Xie into the soul pet space before summoning the Ice Air Fairy.

Chu Mu was rather surprised when he summoned the Ice Air Fairy because a glossy lustre had surfaced on its body. Currently it was enveloped by a white radiance.

“You can even advance a stage after recuperating from injuries?” Chu Mu looked at the Ice Air Fairy whose body had changed, and a look of surprise appeared on his face.

“Ling” The Ice Air Fairy seemed very happy, and it produced series of crisp noises that sounded like ice crystals rubbing against one another.

“Second phase ninth stage, defensive ice skin has reached the early third stage, under the Ice Armor’s effects, its defensive strength is comparably to a final third stage defensive skin…”

The Ice Air Fairy’s defensive abilities were truly unreasonably strong. It was merely at the second phase ninth stage, and yet its defensive strength had already reached the condition of the final third stage. Perhaps even many third phase warrior rank soul pets would find it hard to break apart its defense.

“Ling” the Ice Air Fairy moved next to Chu Mu and pointed towards an item in Chu Mu’s bag before making a noise.

Chu Mu suspiciously glanced at his pack and found that inside there seemed to be an item that was emitting a magical lustre.

“It’s shining. Could it be that a prisoner with a scroll is nearby?”

After Chu Mu opened his bag, he discovered that the scroll was circulating with a particular magical lustre.

This magic scroll had been imprinted with a special reactionary incantation. Once another scroll of the same sort was nearby, it would release a magical lustre. This was also a method for Nightmare Palace to force the prisoners to fight with each other.

Chu Mu attempted to walk forward, and he found that the radiance had dimmed a bit. Thus, he began to walk in the opposite direction.

Once he chose this direction, Chu Mu began to unceasingly walk in that opposite direction. Before long, he noticed that the other scroll seemed to be near the valley that he had walked through already.

Chu Mu was halfway up the mountain, so he intentionally crawled down to an elevated perch a distance away from the valley exit. Looking down from above, he noticed a few people trying to enter the valley.

“The scroll has lit up. There is a prisoner nearby holding a scroll.”

“Ignore it for now. Let’s deal with this matter first.”

“Yes, if we are able to capture this Multi Colored Devil Tiger, then third uncle will definitely reward us.” Yang Jinglian said.

“That’s only natural, the signal has already been set off, right?” Yang Jingli asked.

“Don’t worry, they’ll arrive here very soon.” said Yang Jinglian.

After speaking this, Yang Jinglian intentionally looked in the surroundings, trying to see if that prisoner was nearby. If he or she was, then he would immediately kill him. Otherwise, it would be hard to find this fellow in the future.

Chu Mu was hiding high up in a tree. Currently he had already released his Soul Remembrance, so he could hear the conversation occurring far away.

“Yang Jingli, hmph, it really is you. You surprisingly brought your trash of a younger brother with you. A perfect opportunity to get rid of both of you together!” A demonic smile surfaced on Chu Mu’s face.

Yang Jingli was a fourth remembrance spirit disciple. Chu Mu was higher than him by two remembrances. Yang Jingli was naturally unable to detect Chu Mu’s soul remembrance, which had already overheard their conversation.

Yang Jinglian was Yang Jingli’s younger brother. According to Chu Mu’s estimate, he should be about a second remembrance Spirit Disciple.

The Yang Family seemed to not have sent any internal clan members this time after their treasure was stolen. They sent many young people, and these sorts of people without the protection of their elders would become something for Chu Mu to hone his skills with!

Chu Mu buried the scroll under the tree and after putting a seal on top, he slid down the mountain. He maintained a certain distance as he followed the two people as they entered the valley.

The opposing party was composed of only Spirit Disciples and they could each summon two soul pets. It was very likely that Chu Mu would have to face four soul pets. Even with Mo Xie, Chu Mu still couldn’t be over zealous.

“That prisoner seems to have walked farther away.” said Yang Jinglian, after he grabbed his scroll and discovered that the radiance was gradually dimming.

“Don’t be anxious. We can look for the scroll again. The trapped Multi Colored Devil Tiger is an extremely rare but good opportunity for us.” said Yang Jingli.

The Multi Colored Devil Tiger was high class warrior rank which could be considered the region’s hegemon.

As a cub, it would often accompany its parents, so obtaining the high class commander rank soul pet, the Multi Colored Devil Tiger, was extremely difficult. Especially one that had evolved to the fifth phase!

Above spirit disciples were spirit teachers. A spirit teacher’s soul remembrance was enough to control a commander rank soul pet. However, in reality, many people who had reached the spirit teacher level would find it hard to actually have a commander rank soul pet.

The higher species rank a soul pet was, the more rare it was. The Multi Colored Devil Tiger was such an example.

Generally speaking, Multi Colored Devil Tigers would only appear in a deep in the mountains in a few old forests. In order to find a Multi Colored Devil Tiger, one would often have to enter an extremely dangerous region.

Furthermore, soul pets with a high species ranks, like the Multi Colored Tiger, would develop extreme intelligence after reaching the third phase. Often, even when they were facing death, they wouldn’t sign a soul pact with a human.

However, Multi Colored Devil Tigers still in infancy had low intelligence and were dependent on others. Nevertheless, infant Multi Colored Devil Tigers would normally always be protected by older fellow clansmen.  Unless one could defeat a fifth or sixth phase Multi Colored Devil Tiger, he or she would not be able to obtain an infant Multi Colored Devil Tiger.

In an transaction that involved a second phase and under Commander Rank soul pet, even if its aptitude was average, 100,000 gold coins could be gained.

As for a fifth phase Multi Colored Devil Tiger, its price was hard to estimate. If someone was able to tame it, he or she would definitely become outstanding and famous in Wangluo City!

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