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Chapter 9 Soul Pact; Obtaining a Mutated Soul Pet.

“This small fellow couldn’t be a mutation, right? Chu Mu grabbed the small fox in front of him and carefully examined it.

“Even if it is a mutation, it should only have mutated from a Red Cloud Fox to a Blue Star Fox. How did it suddenly change into a Moonlight Fox? Unless this small fellow didn’t only mutate once, but mutated twice in this period of time.”

Chu Mu continued to talk to himself, but as he kept talking, his voice grew softer and softer.

Chu Mu was speaking without seriousness and didn’t actually believe that there was a soul pet on this planet that could continuously mutate. After all, species mutations were already extremely uncommon. As for continuous species mutations… this was simply equivalent to an ultra strong soul pet whose species rank was able to infinitely upgrade.

However, speaking to himself in this manner, Chu Mu was suddenly aware of an extremely important question. This had to do with the silver moon mark on the other Red Cloud Fox and Blue Star Fox’s heads!!

“The soul pet Mutations Book has a description that soul pets with species mutations will have a place on their body where a mark of their original species will be left.”

Chu Mu’s expression had already changed from nonchalant to serious. He was also slowly becoming overwhelmed with shock!

“Mutated...Mutated...Mutated soul pets, or is it a….a soul pet with continuous mutations?!!”

Chu Mu remembered the first time he saw the Red Cloud Fox, its tail had a trace of a wound. In order to confirm his guess, Chu Mu hastily grabbed the tail of the fox and brushed apart its fur.

A shallow scar!! Chu Mu stood on the spot, dumbfounded. He was still somewhat unwilling to believe that the wound was in the same spot.

“A Continuous Mutation soul pet… it truly is a soul pet with continuous mutations… Am I dreaming…”

At the moment, Chu Mu’s heart was boiled in passion and he felt as if his entire body was billowing in heat waves!!

To most soul pets, the ability to mutate once was a luxury good. As for him, he had inadvertently encountered a soul pet with the ability to continuously mutate. This was a priceless treasure  !!

A soul pet with continuous mutations had unlimited potential and infinite room for its strength to grow!

A Cyan Bird with high ranking and high aptitude, or even an ultra high ranking Gila Monster was fundamentally unable to compare to a soul pet with continuous mutations!

Chu Mu didn’t remember the last time he had laughed in such a carefree manner like today!!

“Mutated soul pet, Continuous Mutation soul pet, hahahahaha!!”

The sultry tears fell onto his cheek.

In the past year, Chu Mu’s innermost being was incomparably desolate. This was because from the start to finish, his life was suspended in someone else’s fingertips. If this person were to so much as slightly move his fingertip, Chu Mu would face the cruelest death possible.

Every person on the island was struggling at the edge of life and death. Chu Mu had already stepped into the gates of hell and the devil in his body was incessantly developing.

Chu Mu knew that he wasn’t very far away from his date with death.

To others, greeting death required courage, but to Chu Mu, one needed even more courage- so much so that it couldn’t even be classified as simply as courage!

Being forced onto a road of death, the only path to survival was to fight.

Having forced his way into the extremely dangerous inner island, Chu Mu had also decided that this was his only chance at survival!

As expected, in the dangerous region, Chu Mu had obtained the greatest hope for life!

It was a soul pet that could continuously mutate! As long as he nurtured it with the utmost care, he could definitely roam the world with ease!

Chu Mu wiped the corners of his eyes, gradually subdued the burning passion in his heart.

Chu Mu also knew that it still wasn’t the time to be happy. Even if he had a soul pet that could continuously mutate, he still needed to cultivate it one step at a time in order to let him become stronger and stronger.

The first thing he needed to do was sign a soul pact.

Chu Mu looked face to face with the small fox and discovered that even though this small fellow had been completely restricted by the white thread, it was still thinking of a method to free itself. From the small Moonlight Fox’s eyes, Chu Mu saw unwillingness and tenaciousness resonate throughout the fox.

No matter what sort of a temperament this Moonlight Fox had, Chu Mu absolutely had to capture it!

Chu Mu closed his eyes and began to draw out his soul. He expedited the soul power in his body and opened his soul pact energy.

“Fourth soul pact, open!”

A light blue, peculiar halo appeared on Chu Mu’s hand; it was composed of a circulating gorgeous luster.

Chu Mu lightly placed his palm on the Moonlight Fox’s body. The light blue halo immediately coiled around the Moonlight Fox.

The Moonlight Fox’s eyes revealed a somewhat frightened expression as it began to frantically began try to free itself. Only, the white flexible web spit out by the Cyan Insect was extremely strong. The small and weak fox was unable to free itself.

The soul pact Halo continued to circulate in a brilliant manner, like flowing water. However, following the Moonlight Fox’s struggles, the light blue soul pact Halo became dimmer.

The rays of light grew continuously dimmer and ultimately, the light blue soul pact Halo disappeared.

The disappearance of the light blue halo signified that the soul pact this time didn’t succeed. This soul pet further harbored an extremely intense intention to resist, and did not accept Chu Mu’s soul pact at all.

Chu Mu also knew that the chances of him succeeding on the first try wasn’t large. Fortunately, the White Nightmare was currently asleep, and the Soul Force in his body was full enough to attempt 10 soul pacts.

Chu Mu continued to draw out his Soul and consume the soul power in his body. He once again released the light blue soul pact Halo.

The halo curled around the Moonlight Fox’s body. Suffering from the Soul’s irritation, the Moonlight Fox immediately exposed an indignant and pained expression. It tried to struggle again and not long after, the light blue soul pact Halo disappeared again.

There was no way Chu Mu would easily renounce this chance and he continued to use his soul pact strength.

After several attempts at capturing it with a soul pact, Chu Mu wasn’t able to subdue this soul pet.

On the seventh try, Chu Mu didn’t immediately perform his soul pact; instead, he attentively gazed at the incessantly obstinate Moonlight Fox and said: “Small fellow, I know that you don’t want to be captured by anyone, but you’re currently too weak. It’s extremely hard to survive in the inner island and there’s a chance that you’ll be slaughtered while you’re in this exceptionally young phase. You probably don’t want such a depressing end, right? You long to become strong, and I am someone who can bring you to stand at the very pinnacle of this world!

“Receive my soul pact!!”

Chu Mu spoke very earnestly because he believed that soul pets were able to understand the human language.

After speaking, Chu Mu performed his seventh soul pact. He placed his palm on the Moonlight Fox’s body; the light blue halo once again coiled around its body...

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