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Chapter 88: Stage Advance - Fifth Remembrance Spirit Soldier

At night, when the onslaught of cold island air had arrived, Chu Mu was resting under a tree and felt rather cold.

Chu Mu didn’t sleep, but instead entered a silent cultivation state. Just as Chu Mu was about to feed his soul power to the White Nightmare, Chu Mu surprisingly discovered that his own soul power wasn’t completely used up and he still had a bit remaining.

“I’ve become a fifth remembrance spirit soldier!” a rapt feeling of ecstasy surfaced in Chu Mu’s heart!

Soul pet trainers and soul pets were connected through the soul, and if a soul pet became stronger, then the soul pet trainer would also receive a large benefit. Mo Xie’s species metamorphosis this time caused her strength to fly up. This also made Chu Mu increase by one remembrance. Once his soul power was enough, his soul remembrance would become even stronger!

“Not only have I reached the fifth remembrance, I am at the peak of the fifth remembrance. If the Ice Air Fairy enters the third phase, I can reach the sixth remembrance!” Chu Mu quickly inspected his own soul remembrance state, and a feeling of pleasant surprise filled his whole body.

As long as he pulled apart the gap between his strength and the White Nightmare’s, Chu Mu would have enough soul power to use techniques. He would also have greater control over each technique’s power.

Moreover, once he reached seven remembrances, Chu Mu could obtain another new soul pet. Even though he could only summon one soul pet to fight, the number of soul pets was a critical point of strength. After all, as long as there was enough soul power, one could substitute the soul pets as he or she fought!

The rain had stopped the previous day and when the sun rose, the smell of the clean soil in the forest pervaded the air. A few pleasant sounding chirps of the birds in the jungle interweaved between the treetops. An excited and cheery atmosphere faced the blazing sun overlooking the island amidst the mist...

“How are you so stupid? A brat with a second phase sixth stage Ice Air Fairy scared you to such an extent that you lost the scroll?!”

Zhang Kuochong and Xiang Liang were half brothers. They were working together for Nightmare Palace when they attempted to steal from the Nightmare Palace’s treasury and were caught. Ultimately, they were thrown onto Prison Island.

“How would I know that the Frozen Ice Blade technique at that time would be so strong. It had both light and dark rays so I thought it was a fourth phase Ice Air Fairy…” Xiang Liang argued.



“Can’t you see, footprints!”

Zhang Kuochong immediately made a face at Xiang Laing and pointed at the dried rows of footprints on the ground.

“It should be him. We should be careful as we approach him.” Zhang Kuochong said.

The two people quietly summoned their soul pets and slowly walked towards the footprints.

“Go see if he’s in the vicinity. Don’t disturb him!” Zhao Kuochong summoned his third phase second stage Red Bird and made it look for Chu Mu’s traces from a hidden location up in the treetops.

Red Birds and Cyan Birds had many similarities. However, Red Birds were of the low class general rank, and while Cyan Birds controlled the power of wind, Red Birds could start waves of fire.

Zhang Kuochong’s first soul had suffered from an injury, and he could currently only summon one soul pet to fight as well.

The soul pets that Xiang Liang summoned were still the Rhinoceros and the Black Wood Demon. These two soul pets were slow and could only slowly follow the Red Bird.


Soon, the Red Bird transmitted a mental message back to Zhang Kuochong, informing him of what it had discovered.

“Good, he’s definitely dead this time. Xiang Liang, make your Black Wood Demon control the surrounding earth. Don’t give him another chance to run away!” said Zhang Kuochong.

Xiang Liang immediately made his Black Wood Demon hide in the jungle, where its roots slowly extended into the ground. Afterwards, the Rhinoceros locked onto Chu Mu’s location, planning on attacking him directly.

“Haha, this brat is still sleeping. Quieter…”

Zhang Kuochong quickly discovered Chu Mu, who was half-lying down under a tree. In Chu Mu’s bosom, he was carrying the crafty small fox from before.

“Let my Black Wood Demon tie him up first.” said Xiang Liang. He silently commanded his Black Wood Demon to extend its roots.

The roots slowly entered beneath the ground and gradually extended to Chu Mu’s location. Like silent pythons, they began twisting around Chu Mu’s thighs little by little .

Seeing that Chu Mu and the fox didn’t have any reactions, a smile instantly appeared on the two prisoners’ faces.

However, before they could be happy, Mo Xie and Chu Mu simultaneously opened their eyes!


Mo Xie freed herself from Chu Mu’s hug. The fur on her body began fluttering in the windless air and suddenly an imposing demonic aura was discharged!!

Demonic Fire Evil Flame immediately ignited on Mo Xie’s four paws. Opposing the surreptitiously twisting roots, Mo Xie haughtily and indifferently used her flaming paws to stamp on the roots. Abruptly, the Demonic Fire Evil Flame began to spread on the roots and instantly burned them to ashes.

After the Black Wood Demon’s roots were burned by Mo Xie’s Demon Fire Evil Flame, it immediately let out a wailing shout. It didn’t dare to launch another attack towards Chu Mu and Mo Xie.

“What a perfect opportunity to get rid of these two fellows.” Chu Mu slowly opened his eyes. His two black pupils stared at the two flabbergasted prisoners, and a demonic smile appeared on his face.

Chu Mu maintained a consistent habit. During the night he would silently cultivate until the daytime, when he would enter a short sleep.

When Chu Mu was asleep, Mo Xie would be on alert. She had already released Demonic Scare in the surrounding couple hundred meters. A majority of soul pets had already been expelled from this area of forest, so once any movement occurred, it meant that something living had invaded this area.

Mo Xie’s perception abilities were not weak, and once the Red Bird began investigating from above, Mo Xie half-closed her eyes and pretended to be asleep. Secretly, she was giving Chu Mu a mental message and woke him up.

Mo Xie’s metamorphosis caused Chu Mu’s strength to greatly increase. Currently he didn’t have to fear these two prisoners.

“Kill him!!” Zhang Kuochong merely regarded the Demonic Fire Evil Flame as an illusion. He proceeded to use his mental connection to command his Red Bird to swoop down from above!

“Yi!!” The Red Bird emitted a sharp cry as the feathers on its body astonishingly ignited with groups of flames.  It abruptly swooped down from the air above and, like a burning meteor, it descended!

Facing the Red Bird’s Flaming Meteor, Mo Xie slowly stepped forth. The silver radiance in her eyes twinkled for a second, and then the evil aura on her body was violently released.

Six pillars of silent flames suddenly began floating around Mo Xie, forming a maelstrom of demonic fire that spiralled upwards from her fur and surrounded her body.

Pitiful Appearance’s effect had been removed- An Evil Flame Six Tail Demon Fox!!

The maelstrom of Demonic Fire on Mo Xie’s body quickly expanded, and the six originally fluffy tails rapidly lengthened, transforming into six eminently gorgeous and colorful whip-like tails. They incomparably, oppressively, and willfully danced in amidst the Demon Fire Evil Flame!

Mo Xie’s expression was indifferent, and she stood in place. The six tails had astonishingly transformed into tenacious bloody whips which smashed towards the Flaming Meteor Red Bird!


The Red Bird’s flames didn’t deal any damage to Mo Xie. Instead, its body was struck by the glorious six tails and flew straight back, heavily knocking into a large stree.

“Hong” When the Red Bird struck the tree, it rolled onto the ground next to Mo Xie.

Throughout this entire course of events, the demonic Mo Xie didn’t even look once at the Red Bird. She smacked the Red Bird like she was swatting a weak fly. Arrogant, powerful, indifferent.

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