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Chapter 87: Soul Technique - Wind Dragon Bind

The Yang Clan’s influence was very large within Gangluo City. Naturally, they didn’t dare spread this incident of losing their clan’s treasure, and they therefore couldn’t dispatch large amounts of people to Prison Island.

From Yang Zhide’s mouth, Chu Mu understood that the leader of the team that was sent to Prison Island was Yang Zheng. Yang Zheng could be considered to be in the same generation as Chu Mu’s father. He was the Yang Clan Master’s third child, a Sixth Remembrance soul pet trainer.

Chu Mu remembered that this person had been defeated by his father. What left the deepest impression was this sixth remembrance Yang Zheng seemed to have a very talented medium class commander rank Blood Winged Trioptic Beast!

Chu Mu didn’t remember what phase that soul pet was, but he remembered that this Trioptic Beast was abnormally violent. Presumably, the reason the Yang Clan’s fellows could pass through the fog and hordes of the Flying Type soul pets was because of this Blood Winged Trioptic Beast.

Other than Yang Zheng, there were about ten more people. Including Yang Zhide, who Chu Mu killed, there were seven Spirit Soldiers and three Spirit Teachers. Those were people that Chu Mu didn’t entirely recognize, but there was one called Yang Jingli that Chu Mu hated to the bone.

​Chu Mu’s mother was a wanderer. Because of this, Chu Mu’s father Chu Tiancheng was alone in many public scenes, causing many indecent and nonsensical rumors to float around about Chu Mu’s mother and father.

Yet Yang Jingli had pointed at Chu Mu in public and insulted him about it. Chu Mu was only thirteen at the time, and against his Bloodthirsty Beast, the lonely Chu Mu could only swallow this shame, which became a bomb ready to explode within his heart.

Hearing that Yang Yingli was on Prison Island, Chu Mu’s inner heart felt stirred, and his eyes became significantly colder!

Those Yang Clan bastards entered the island, but this was also Chu Mu’s best opportunity to unleash his frenzied revenge on them. The original embarrassment and current grudge was enough to let those guys repay their debt with blood!

“Level two healing medicine, level three healing medicine, level three recovery medicine…… Three per type, this Yang Clan sure was affluent. Even a piece of trash like Yang Zhide had this much medicine. He even has a Wind Type Soul Gem.” Chu Mu took inventory of the items Yang Zhide had.

Healing medicine and recovery medicine were both unusually expensive consumables. Level two healing medicine, when used on second and third stage soul pets, would allow any wound to quickly heal. The level three healing medicine had even stronger effects. Small wounds could completely heal within half a day, while serious injuries that did not affect the internal organs could recover within two days.

Level three recovery medicine was not an ordinary item. Chu Mu remembered seeing such medicine sell for three hundred gold a bottle. Many soul pet trainers wouldn’t use such an item lightly unless a crucial moment came to pass.

Recovery medicine was a medicine that allowed a soul pets’ battling strength to quickly recover. Chu Mu’s Mo Xie, from exhaustion to full energy, took about two days time. With a Recovery potion, it would only took one day.

For soul pet trainers who needed to fight in the wilderness for long periods of time, these medicines were extremely useful. It was a pity that they were also very expensive, as many soul pet trainers only bought them to prepare for emergencies, and not to use for every battle.

Yang Zhide was but a third remembrance Spirit Soldier, yet he had nine bottles of such medicine. That costed no less than two thousand gold, yet with two thousand gold one could buy a Low Class Warrior Rank soul pet with high talent!

Chu Mu’s Ice Air Fairy was high class warrior rank with top tier Ice Type talent. This type of soul pet would sell for tens of thousands if put on the market.

But soul pets like his Ice Air Fairy were extremely difficult to find. Remember, it lived in the center of the living grounds of a massive horde of Ice Falcons. If not for the little cyan bug’s coincidental metamorphosis that got rid of those second and third Stage middle class warrior rank Ice Falcons, Chu Mu would have never been able to contract this Ice Air Fairy.

Capturing soul pets was a study full of depth. Capturing soul pets wasn’t based simply on species rank. For example, the Ice Falcons. There were dozens of them who lived in this area, and they were all of the middle class warrior rank, but no one would go out of their way to capture all these Ice Falcons.

That is because, on the market, not every Ice Falcon could sell for thousands of gold. Only those with higher talent than most soul pets of the same rank were worthy of cultivation. The rest become a type of overflowed commodity.

Even within the category of Ice Falcons, some may sell for less than ten gold while some could sell for over ten thousand as well.

With the same idea, the price of a normal Nine Tailed Demon Foxes could definitely not compare with the price of a Evil Flamed Six Tailed Demon Fox. The Nine Tailed Demon Fox was a pretty rare soul pet, so even normal ones could sell for over hundreds of gold.

As for demon foxes of the royal family like Mo Xie, whose talent matched commander rank soul pets, they were the wet dreams of all spirit soldiers, so their price was impossible to calculate!

Other than medicine, Chu Mu also found a soul technique from Yang Zhide that he intended to learn - Wind Dragon Bind.

Before, Yang Zhide casted a spell that tossed the approaching Mo Xie away - Wind Bind. It was a very practical defense ability, and this Wind Dragon Bind on Chu Mu’s hands was the advanced form of Wind Bind, with defense capabilities that surpassed the normal Wind Bind.

However, Chu Mu must reach sixth remembrance spirit soldier before he had enough soul remembrance to completely cast the incantation of the Wind Dragon Bind.

Though he couldn’t learn it now, such a high level ability’s price was still no less than 500 gold, and he could learn it soon. Once Chu Mu learned it, Chu Mu would receive a very good safeguard for his own safety. Wind Dragon Bind could also be cast on soul pets, which may make crucial impacts in some situations.


Mo Xie climbed onto the treetops and released her demonic aura. Proudly raising her head up high, she cast her Evil Flame Six Tailed Demon Fox ability - Demonic Scare.

Sounds of the Demonic Scare echoed throughout the forest. After a while, the forest within a few hundred meter radius became clamorous as many soul pets who lived there fled with terror!

Mo Xie gazed down upon that area of the forest. After she converted the nearby area into her territory, she jumped down from the treetops.

Her body lightly fell along with the falling leaves. Mo Xie’s body slowly shrunk and she became a tiny and exquisite little Six Tailed Demon Fox as she adorably fell into Chu Mu’s embrace, letting out a string of endearing calls…...

“Inheriting Pitiful Appearance from the Moonlight Fox, it seems that even when you become the powerful Six Tailed Demon Fox, you still aren’t willing to get rid of your habit of disguise…...” Seeing Mo Xie with such a petite body, Chu Mu only laughed and started rubbing her cute and fluffy tail.

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