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Chapter 79: Dual Soul Summons

A white frost began coagulating around the Ice Air Fairy. Following its piercing chant, suddenly, two five meter tall Ice Walls appeared. One in front one and one behind, sandwiching the Ice Air Fairy and Chu Mu in the middle!

“Ding! Ding!! Ding!!”

Ear piercing noises instantly resounded as the Ice Blades struck the Ice Wall, leaving numerous cavities upon the five meter tall Ice Wall.

After being subjugated to numerous Ice Blades, the Ice Wall began to sway. Thick blocks of ice began to fall off and smash to the ground.

“Put Ice Armor on me.”


Once the Ice Air Fairy finished its Ice Wall, it chanted another incantation, and its two hands began wielding a plethora of ice crystals. These ice crystals coiled around Chu Mu’s body and quickly covered up his body.  Aside from his head and joints, Chu Mu’s body was completely covered by the Ice Armor!

Practically the same moment that the defense was put onto Chu Mu’s body, a ray of cold light abruptly swept past Chu Mu, hitting him heavily.

Chu Mu’s stomach was hit, and his body immediately slid backwards, heavily smashing into the Ice Wall.

The force of impact made Chu Mu feel a wave of pain; the Ice Armor on his stomach was clearly a bit more cracked. Fortunately, the Ice Air Fairy’s casting speed was fast enough. Otherwise, the Horn Awn technique would have pierced through Chu Mu’s stomach.

“It’s those two from earlier!!” Through the Ice Wall, Chu Mu immediately saw the two prisoners from earlier. These two prisoners had evidently come back in order to steal back the scroll that they dropped.

Chu Mu glanced at the third phase Ice Falcon, and he looked at the long horned second phase Rhinoceros. The Ice Falcon was middle class warrior rank, and it was a combination of the winged beast type and ice type. Even if its phase was higher than the Ice Air Fairy, its ice type magic abilities was definitely not as pure as the Ice Air Fairy’s ice type power.

(TL: We’re changing species ranking to make it consistent; we’ll be calling it eg. middle class warrior rank from now on instead of middle rank warrior rank)

The Rhinoceros was the most beast type soul pet and was of the low class warrior rank. Its most terrifying aspect was naturally its horn. Just now, the Horn Awn was its technique, and if the Ice Air Fairy’s Ice Armor technique hadn't already reached the late stage, Chu Mu would have suffered a fatal wound.

Facing a pincer attack from two people, Chu Mu tried to maintain his cool as much as possible. His gaze fell on the Rhinoceros and he instantly gave an order to the Ice Air Fairy.

“Freeze Slow, freeze its legs!”

The Ice Air Fairy didn’t hesitate at all this time, and it rapidly began chanting. Its two hands hoisted up two gusts of cold wind that quickly rushed towards the Rhinoceros’ legs. A thick frost coagulated on the Rhinoceros’ legs.

The Rhinoceros’ body was enormous. Its four hooves had been covered by a layer of ice and it found it hard to move. When the skinny prisoner saw that the Rhinoceros’ body had received a slow effect, he immediately began chanting.

Subsequent to the skinny prisoner’s chanting, a ray of blue light slowly appeared and imprinted itself on the ground.

From within the blue colored pattern gradually appeared another soul pet figure. Astonishingly, it was a Black Wood Demon!

“Dual Soul Summoning- he’s also a spirit soldier!” Seeing that the opponent had summoned two soul pets, Chu Mu’s eyebrows immediately creased.

A soul pet trainer’s cultivation was determined by Soul Remembrances. For every increase in three remembrances, one could sign a new soul pact with a soul pet. With each one Soul increase, one could then summon another Soul Pet.

A spirit disciple had one soul while a Soul Soldier had two souls. Therefore, a Soul Soldier could simultaneously summon two soul pets to do battle!

Chu Mu gritted his teeth, and his gaze immediately turned towards the seemingly coarse prisoner. As expected, this prisoner had already chanted an incantation and summoned a third phase Hunting Wolf!

A second phase seventh stage low class warrior rank Rhinoceros, a third phase third stage middle class servant rank Black Wood Demon, a third phase first stage middle class warrior rank Ice Falcon, and a third phase second stage high class servant rank Hunting Wolf. If there had only been two of these soul pets, with the Ice Air Fairy’s use of ice attributed magic, dealing with them probably wouldn’t be a problem. There currently, however, were four soul pets. Even if Chu Mu switched Mo Xie in to fight, under the four soul pets’ attacks, Chu Mu himself would find it hard to survive.

“Ning, leave, don’t fight with them.” Chu Mu very decisively chose to avoid this danger.

The Ice Air Fairy’s defense was astonishing. Even after being engulfed by a round of attacks from the four soul pets, only a few marks were left on the Ice Air Fairy’s body.

Chu Mu quickly headed towards the jungle to hide. The Ice Air Fairy followed closely behind, as gust after gust of cold air ceaselessly rushed forth from within its body.

The most useful technique while running was naturally Ice Wall, so Chu Mu continuously made the Ice Air Fairy put up Ice Walls to hinder the four soul pets’ attacks.

“Ao Wu”

The Hunting Wolf’s running speed was extremely fast, and its movements were very agile as it circumvented the Ice Walls. It quickly appeared in front of Chu Mu and the Ice Air Fairy, using the most direct attack on Chu Mu- Ripping Claw!


Ripping Claw ripped open the Ice Armor on Chu Mu’s body. Under the Hunting Wolf’s claws, his body was instantly and completely exposed.

When the Ice Air Fairy saw that the Hunting Wolf had made its way in, it immediately produced an angry yell. Its body fiercely rotated...

“Continue to use Ice Wall and obstruct the other three soul pets.” Chu Mu promptly gave the Ice Air Fairy an order.

After giving the order, Chu Mu quickly chanted an incantation as two white swirls of cold air quickly coagulated between his hands.

His two hands were together and a line of ice instantly shot forth. Being so close, the Hunting Wolf simply could not dodge. Its head and leg was instantly hit by Rapid Freeze. Thick ice crystals quickly spread up the Hunting Wolf’s fur, freezing its body.


After the Hunting Wolf was frozen, the Ice Air Fairy proceeded to put up two more Ice Walls. The white colored frozen walls stood tall, surrounded by nothing, and separated the slower Black Wood Demon and Rhinoceros!

“Yi!!! Yi!!!”

The Ice Falcon possessed the ability to fly, and the Ice Walls fundamentally could not obstruct its nimble movement around the jungle’s treetops. The second Chu Mu restrained the Hunting Wolf, four to five eminently sharp Ice Cones suddenly fell from high above.

This time, without Chu Mu’s command, the Ice Air Fairy immediately stood in front of Chu Mu and used its body to resist the incomparably sharp Ice Cones.

Ice type magic wasn’t very effective towards the Ice Air Fairy, and although the power of the four to five ice cones was astonishing, it still only left light scars on the Ice Air Fairy’s body.


Suffering from a group attack, the Ice Air Fairy seemed to also be angry. It produced a penetrating shout and chanted its fairy language. Instantly, a peculiar language resounded amongst the entire forest!

​The Ice Air Fairy lifted its two hands and its body suddenly began to spin. Its white transparent lower body abruptly released a white, cold fog. The fog was extremely thick, and as the Ice Air Fairy quickly spun, the fog rapidly pervaded a perimeter of twenty meters, seemingly enshrouding all signs of life in this frosted fog.

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