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Chapter 78: Fragmented Map

The Ice Air Fairy was extremely naive. Once Chu Mu consoled it, it immediately produced a cheerful noise.

​Chu Mu made the Ice Air Fairy remove the Ice Wall and brought it out of the cave to see the world outside.

However, after just walking a few steps, a shabby scroll appeared under his feet. Looking at its appearance, it seemed to have been accidentally dropped by the two flustered and fleeing men.

Chu Mu picked it up and slowly opened it.

The scroll was clearly a Nightmare Palace scroll, and the background design depicted a Nightmare ignited with devil flames. The scroll was split into four sections, and each section was full of names. Most of these names had a particular magic lustre to them.

Chu Mu felt a bit suspicious as to what this scroll full of names was for. He scanned through most of it, but didn’t find anything useful.

“Lingling” The Ice Air Fairy inquisitively moved its head over and looked at the weirdly shaped words; it looked confused and at a loss.

“These are human characters, you can’t comprehend it… I also don’t know what their meaning entails. There are so many names.” Chu Mu said to the Ice Air Fairy.

The Ice Air Fairy produced an animated voice and extended its extremely thin finger. It slowly floated in front of Chu Mu and then pointed at a name on the fourth section of the scroll. It then let out an excited noise.

Chu Mu followed the Ice Air Fairy’s finger and looked at the name. He immediately revealed a rather flabbergasted expression.

The name that the Ice Air Fairy was pointing at was “Chu Mu”. Chu Mu hadn’t realized that the scroll also contained his name.

“Could this be the Prison Island’s 3000 prisoners list of names!?”

Chu Mu made this conjecture, and he promptly began looking through these names row by row.

As expected, Chu Mu found Cao Yi’s name in the second section. Xia Guanghan had mentioned that Cao Yi had also been thrown onto Prison Island.

Finding Cao Yi’s name made Chu Mu even more sure of his conjecture. In other words, the names of the three thousand prisoners on Prison Island were all on this scroll carrying a magic lustre.

Chu Mu began carefully examining the scroll full of names and found that the majority of names had a lustre circulating on them. A very few portion of the names were completely dark without any lustre.

“These dark names…” Chu Mu immediately linked it to a possibility.

Chu Mu remembered that Xia Guanghan possessed something that could lock his soul remembrance onto Chu Mu’s White Nightmare. This particular ability gave Xia Guanghan knowledge of the White Nightmare’s location.

“Could it be that the Nightmare Palace officials left a soul imprint on all the prisoners on the island and then engraved them onto this scroll? Once someone dies, his or her soul imprint would disappear…” Chu Mu made another speculation.

After counting, Chu Mu promptly found that about 100 people’s soul imprint had disappeared from this special scroll. If Chu Mu’s guess was correct, then these should be the 100 prisoners on this island that had already lost their lives. Perhaps they were murdered by other prisoners, or perhaps they were killed by the dangerous soul pets on this island.

“Nightmare Palace’s Imprint Master is truly exceptional. He surprisingly was able to imprint this special death scroll.” Chu Mu muttered to himself.

If such a death scroll was held by many of the prisoners, then they would know that there were still enemies on this island. Thus, it would put an end to a few people hiding in certain areas, evading this cruel massacre.


The Ice Air Fairy seemed to have discovered something, and it pointed to another area on the scroll while letting out a soft voice. It seemed to want to tell Chu Mu something.

Chu Mu turned the scroll over and found a small, tinted drawing on the other side. It looked like a small map.

]The small map was pasted onto the scroll and with a light pull, it was ripped off.

Chu Mu examined it up and down. This badly damaged map was on an oddly shaped bamboo shoot. The end of the bamboo shoot continued to extend, but the map was extremely small and only clearly displayed a small portion of the island.

Chu Mu more or less looked through the map and attempted to compare it with his current surroundings.

Outside the cave was an enormous basin. The inside of the basin was covered with trees and vegetation. As far as he could see, it seemed like it was a green sea .

Standing at the edge of the cave, Chu Mu could see an empty spot in the middle of the forest. There was probably a lake there.

Chu Mu carefully examined the map and found that this small bamboo shoot shaped map seemed to contain an area that resembled where he was at. In other words, this little map piece showed the type of island in the area he was within

“It should be here, right?”

After comparing once, Chu Mu quickly found a precipice and forested basin point. He instantly determined his current location.

With this small map, Chu Mu could have a better grasp of his surroundings. He was also unlikely to get lost in certain areas.

Chu Mu specially made a marking on the small cyan bug’s chrysalis place, and he then followed the map’s directions towards the lake’s location.

The fresh water sources on the island were not particularly abundant. During this entire day, Chu Mu was already somewhat parched and had to replenish his water supply.

It was hard to fathom danger in the forest, so Chu Mu made the Ice Air Fairy follow along beside him in order to avert sneak attacks from a few terrifying creatures.

“Little Bai?”

“Ling~” The Ice Air Fairy instantly shook its head, determined to not let Chu Mu give it that name.

Chu Mu, however, felt that “Little Bai” rather fit this Ice Air Fairy and its feeble-mindedness. As a high ranking warrior rank soul pet that made a soul pact with a human so easily, it truly did lose a bit of face for high ranking warrior rank soul pets...

“Ning?” Chu Mu still paid particular attention to soul pet “civil rights” and when giving a name, he still sought out the opinions of the soul pet.

The Ice Air Fairy immediately nodded its head. It seemed to like this name. Simple, but not lacking in meaning. Wild, but not lacking in grace. It excitedly produced a melodious sound.

“Second phase sixth stage, second rank late stage Ice Skin. Frosted Ice Blade is at the late stage, Ice Wall is at the complete stage and the other techniques have not been learned yet…” After obtaining a new soul pet, the first order of business was to completely understand his soul pet. This way, Chu Mu could utilize it better in battle, and he could raise the soul pet’s fighting ability to the max.


“Okay okay. I know you’re hungry. We’ll look around at the lake. There are probably a few ice type soul pets resting there.” said Chu Mu.

From the very beginning, Chu Mu had matched his gait with the Ice Air Fairy as they walked. This way, they could prevent hidden attacks. Chu Mu’s soul power had a limit, and he couldn’t constantly release his soul remembrance to feel the movements in his surrounding.

Previously, when the small cyan bug was with him, Chu Mu didn’t need to worry about this. The small creature’s perceptive ability surpassed many strong soul pets. However, currently, Chu Mu had no choice but to be careful.

He and the Ice Air Fairy walked forwards towards the lake. Just as they saw the clear reflection of waves in sunlight, Chu Mu suddenly stopped his advance and his eyebrows creased.

“Ning, Ice Wall!”

Chu Mu immediately spoke an order. His tone had clearly become more serious!

The Ice Air Fairy was stunned at first and its gaze was somewhat blank. Shortly after, it became aware of the surrounding temperature rapidly dropping. It haphazardly chanted a fairy incantation.

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