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Chapter 77: Innate First-Rate Ice Type Talent

Ice Air Fairy:

Elemental Kingdom - Ice Type - Fairy Species - High Class Warrior Rank

With its exceptionally advantageous ability to control ice, any ice attribute technique in the hands of the Ice Air Fairy would reach perfection when performed. Thus, it was the soul pet in the Warrior Rank with the best innate ice talent.

Species Technique: Ice Armor (Constantly maintains the Ice Armor status. The Ice Armor technique is added on top of its originally defensive ice skin)

“The Ice Air Fairy’s defensive skin should be of the final stage second rank Ice Skin. With the additional effect of Ice Armor, its defense should rival that of a middle stage third rank ice attributed defensive skin. No wonder Mo Xie’s Blood Rending Claw, even with the attachment of Adhering Flame, was unable to break apart the Ice Air Fairy’s defense.” said Chu Mu.

Basic Techniques: Rapid Freeze, Frosted Ice Blade, Ice Wall, Ice Sword

Primary Techniques: Ice Blade Roar, Thorny Ice Flower, Freeze Slow

High Ranking Techniques: Hail, Snowstorm, Ice Air Dance

The description of the Ice Air Fairy’s techniques in the <> immediately made Chu Mu’s eyes light up.

The Ice Air Fairy was truly worthy of being a high class Warrior Rank soul pet. In total, it had 10 techniques which all possessed threatening attack power. Moreover, the Ice Air Fairy’s Ice Armor Technique could be used on his own body. If he were to encounter danger, Chu Mu could make the Ice Air Fairy put the Ice Armor onto his own body in order to resist a few soul pet attacks.

Chu Mu looked through the introduction of the Ice Air Fairy in the <> very carefully. The description inside the <> was only for the common Ice Air Fairy. Different Ice Air Fairies could also comprehend different techniques, and the specifics regarding control over the Ice Air Fairy would still need to be figured out through battles.

“Today, we’ll first rest here. There aren’t any traces of other creatures here, so it should be relatively safe.” Chu Mu had used Adhering Flame twice, Rapid Freeze once, and one soul pact today. The soul power he held had pretty much all been used up, and the remainder of his soul power needed to be used to feed the White Nightmare.

Chu Mu didn’t recall Mo Xie and instead made her used Flame Awn to heat up the cave’s rocks. Then he embraced the warm Mo Xie and awaited for dusk’s arrival.


Not long after, the White Nightmare awoke from its slumber. Chu Mu immediately used his soul power to feed the White Nightmare.

The White Nightmare’s species rank was extremely high. If Chu Mu’s strength didn’t increase quickly, the White Nightmare wouldn’t defect, but instead immediately devour his soul.

Once all his soul power had been used up by the White Nightmare, Chu Mu closed his eyes and entered a silent cultivation state. He tried to recover as much of his soul power as possible.

In one night, Chu Mu was only able to recover about 20-30% of his soul power. However, it was enough to summon the Ice Air Fairy.

Chu Mu recalled Mo Xie into the soul pet space and chanted the Ice Air Fairy’s summoning incantation.

A snowy white radiance gradually began shimmering in front of Chu Mu, forming a white design.  The Ice Air Fairy’s body slowly appeared in the middle of the design...

The Ice Air Fairy emerged and its expression was still eminently lost.  It seemed as if it would feel fear if there wasn’t ice in its surroundings. Unconsciously, it drew closer to Chu Mu a bit.

The Ice Air Fairy’s body was extremely cold, and normal people simply could not bear it. However, Chu Mu had already signed a soul pact with the Ice Air Fairy, so when he came in contact with it, Chu Mu only felt a wave of cold but wasn’t frostbitten by its body.

The Ice Air Fairy was the purest elemental creature. It was naturally most adept at using ice attribute magic, so the direction Chu Mu would cultivate the Ice Air Fairy would be through the purest ice attribute. He absolutely would not raise any other non-sensible attributes of the Ice Air Fairy.

“This mountain cave isn’t bad. We’ll rest here then. We’ve been chased the entire night by a group of Hunting Wolves…” Suddenly a male voice from outside the cave was heard.

“Yes, this place seems relatively safe.” Another somewhat coarse voice rang out.

The cave only had one straight path. When the two prisoners walked into the cave, they immediately saw Chu Mu and the Ice Air Fairy beside him.

“There’s someone here!” The male with the coarse voice instantly saw Chu Mu and his eyebrows immediately creased. This man’s clothing was in rags, and his hair was unkempt. His entire being seemed like a prisoner who had just escaped prison.

The other male’s body was slightly skinny. The clothes on his body had a few torn holes in them, and there were also a few bloodstains on top. It seemed like he had just experienced a fight.

“Slaughter him!” Seeing that Chu Mu was alone, killing intent immediately appeared in the coarse male’s eyes. He rapidly chanted an incantation and summoned his soul pet.

Under Prison Island’s unique environment, everybody had to maintain an acrimonious relation with each other. If one had the opportunity to kill the opposing party, he wouldn’t be compassionate or lenient. The two people saw that Chu Mu wasn’t more than a 15 year old boy and, under this circumstance, why would they easily let him off?!


The sound of an Ice Falcon resounded once more and the coarse male instantly summoned a third phase Ice Falcon that immediately attacked Chu Mu.

“Yi~~” Suddenly, the flying Ice Falcon stopped in mid-air. As it was approaching, it was slightly stunned as it looked at the Ice Air Fairy.

The man’s Ice Air Falcon was clearly obtained from within the surrounding area. The obvious pause that had appeared should have been due to puzzlement of the Ice Falcon’s old patron saint appearing here.

Chu Mu wouldn’t let such an opportunity in battle slip by, and promptly gave an order to the Ice Air Fairy to attack the dazed Ice Falcon.

The Ice Air Fairy’s intelligence was as pure as snow.  The order Chu Mu gave through soul remembrance would be followed by the Ice Air Fairy. There wouldn’t be any hesitation. Immediately, the Ice Air Fairy lifted its hands and recited a fairy species’ incantation!

Frost Ice Blade!

Six razor sharp frozen blades were instantly suspended around the Ice Air Fairy’s surroundings. Following the direction of the Ice Air Fairy’s two snowy ice hands, they transformed into terrifying lacerating weapons that rushed towards the Ice Falcon.

The Ice Air Fairy’s species ranking was slightly higher than the Ice Falcon’s. Moreover, the lower the Ice Air Fairy’s intelligence was, the better the usage of ice attributed techniques would become. The Frosted Ice Blade was at least at the final stage; this sort of attack was enough to break apart the Ice Falcon’s defense!

“Yiyi~~” The Ice Flacon instantly let out a panicked and confused screech. It flapped its wings and a fanned up a chaotic Ice Blade Whirlwind in an attempt to defend itself.

The Ice Blade Whirlwind’s power clearly could not resist the quickly piercing Frosted Ice Blades. The six Frosted Ice Blades flew across, and the Ice Blade Whirlwind instantly subsided!


The sharp blades swept past, and one of them managed to strike the evading Ice Falcon, turning one of its wings into shattered ice!

“It’s an Ice Air Fairy!”

The skinny male immediately let out a fearful cry!

Previously, the light in the cave was dim and he had only seen Chu Mu. He hadn’t seen the Ice Air Fairy in the shadows.

Chu Mu’s appearance was only that of a fifteen year old or so youth. The two males naturally didn’t believe that this sort of person could be of any threat. Yet, they didn’t think that this person unexpectedly had a high ranking warrior rank Ice Air Fairy. This illustrated that this youth was a spirit soldier!

“Double Ice Wall!” Chu Mu also discerned that the strength of these two males was average. A smile immediately emerged on his face, and he continued to order the Ice Air Fairy to release magic.

“Ling!!” The Ice Air Fairy produced a clear shout and an incantation was chanted once more!

A snowy white halo began revolving around the Ice Air Fairy and following the completion of its last incantation, two ice walls suddenly burst up from the ground, sealing the entire cave.

“Run!” The two prisoners realized that Chu Mu’s Ice Air Fairy wasn’t the best enemy to provoke and they promptly turned tail and ran.

He gazed passed the transparent ice wall and as he looked at the two fleeing prisoners, Chu Mu helplessly shook his head. He said to the Ice Air Fairy: “There should be one wall in front and one wall behind in order to seal them inside. However, your ability to use two ice walls at once made me rather surprised. Your Ice Wall should be at the late stage.”

“Ling.” The Ice Air Fairy, which had made a mistake during the fight, was somewhat grieved as it produced a tiny voice.

“It doesn’t matter. Your battle experience is too little. In the future you’ll be able to quickly understand what I mean.” Chu Mu patted the Ice Air Fairy and laughed as he spoke.

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