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Chapter 76: Capture - A New Soul Pet

The sharp noises continuously echoed inside the cave and Chu Mu’s expression instantly changed. It was very clear that the other Ice Falcons had already discovered that something was wrong, and had flown back from far away.

​Chu Mu immediately looked towards the even deeper part of the cave. Time was pressing and he didn’t have any longer to think, so he immediately chanted the Soul Pact Incantation. No matter if the capture this time was successful or not, Chu Mu would bring Mo Xie away from here.

The incantation’s blue halo of light gradually appeared and gently enveloped the Ice Air Fairy’s body. It continued to curl around the Ice Air Fairy for an abnormally short period of time, sometimes growing smaller, and sometimes growing larger.


Even sharper noises rang out as Chu Mu felt wave after wave of cold wind attack his back, making him feel a chill on his neck.

“Mo Xie, we’re leaving!” Chu Mu didn’t hesitate any longer and immediately ran deeper into the cave.

Mo Xie also stopped running around the Ice Air Fairy and followed beside Chu Mu as they ran deeper into the cave.

There was wind blowing outwards from within the cave, indicating that the cave was connected to the outside world. Chu Mu was also not worried about being trapped by the Ice Falcons within the depths of the cave.


The sounds grew increasingly closer, and Chu Mu was already able to hear the beating of their wings. However, Chu Mu didn’t look back, and he instead ordered Mo Xie to use Flame Awn, using the flames as a barrier for the Ice Falcons behind him.

However, as he was running, Chu Mu distinctly felt a trace of his remembrance connect with an ice cold aura. In the next instant, Chu Mu felt his consciousness enter the ice cave. It was exceptionally cold. After the cold, though, it was an amiable familiarness.

“This… this Ice Air Fairy…” Sensing the trace of a special mental connection, the expression on Chu Mu’s face seemed rather strange.

This strange expression was a mix of pleasant surprise, suspicion, amazement, and helplessness.

Chu Mu had already discarded any hopes of capturing the Ice Air Fairy. Yet, as he was running away, the ice-like pure consciousness of the Ice Air Fairy had unexpectedly acknowledged the Soul Pact between it and Chu Mu, successfully completing the Soul Pact!

“Yi!! Yi!!”

After the Ice Air Fairy connected its mind with Chu Mu’s, the Ice Falcons seemed to have sensed that their patron saint no longer belonged to them. They let out an even more terrifying screech, and surprisingly used a formidable Ice Blade that was sent roaring towards the depths of the cave.

Feeling the turbid whirlwind from the Ice Blade and hearing the roaring sound, Chu Mu didn’t dare to hesitate in the least and immediately chanted an incantation. The Ice Air Fairy, which had extremely low wisdom, was recalled into his soul pet space.


The roaring whirlwind of Ice Blades filled the entire cave and closed in upon Chu Mu, making him already feel wave after wave of lacerating pain on his back.

“Mo Xie, this way!”

Just as the roaring Ice Blades swept past them, Chu Mu hastily picked up Mo Xie and dived into a small cave off to the side.


The roaring Wind Blades furiously whistled by Chu Mu’s ear and continued to sweep through the depths of the cave. In the middle of the iced over cave, a plethora of ice fragments were scattered all over the ground.


Mo Xie jumped out of Chu Mu’s embrace and used her tongue to lick his cheek as if she was asking him something.

“I’m fine, I’m fine…”


“Yes, yes I succeeded… but I think that this Ice Air Fairy has no idea as to what a soul pact entails, and for some reason just accepted it…” said Chu Mu.

Standing up, Chu Mu swatted the dregs of ice off his body and followed down the forked off cave.

Currently, Chu Mu only had enough soul power to feed the White Nightmare. He could only summon the Ice Air Fairy after recovering a bit of soul power .


In Chu Mu’s mind, the Ice Air Fairy’s melodious voice instantly rang out. This voice was clearly due to its suspicion of  both the soul pet space and the unfathomable mental connection.

“This is your new environment. Heal the two wounds on your body first.” Chu Mu used soul remembrance to speak to the Ice Air Fairy.

The Ice Air Fairy had a blank expression and ceaselessly wandered around Chu Mu’s soul pet space in a rather confused state.

Seeing the Ice Air Fairy’s state, Chu Mu let out a bitter laugh. Elemental Kingdom creatures evidently had lower wisdom than other soul pets. It wasn’t uncommon to capture one without having to fight.

However, capturing a high ranking warrior rank Ice Air Fairy without a fight was definitely something rare. Moreover, from the Ice Air Fairy’s display of wisdom, this fellow was like a child- it didn’t understand anything...

Elemental Kingdom soul pets had rather strong immunity against mental abilities, so Chu Mu wasn’t afraid of the Ice Air Fairy being defeated by a mental attack due to its low intelligence. As for fights, Chu Mu could completely command them. The Ice Air Fairy only had to be in the right position, and the low wisdom of Elemental Kingdom soul pets wouldn’t affect it that much.

Additionally, Chu Mu felt that the main cause for the Ice Air Fairy’s low intelligence was due to it being raised by Ice Falcons. Once it came into contact with the external world, its wisdom would naturally develop and mature.

Chu Mu was definitely extremely lucky, as he was a fourth remembrance soul soldier that was able to obtain a high class warrior rank soul pet.

No matter what rank a soul pet trainer was at, he could make a soul pact with any species of soul pets. However, no soul pet trainer, when weak, would ever make a soul pact with a high ranking soul pet.

High species ranking soul pets possessed strength that developed extremely quickly, and their intelligence would also mature very quickly. Moreover, they had their own pride and dignity which was rooted in their bones. Even if one were to sign a pact with a human when the pet was young and had low intelligence, after advancing to a certain stage, the said soul pet would still rebel.

This sort of rebellion would not remove the soul pact between the two. Nevertheless, the soul pet would still not listen to any of the soul trainer’s commands and would often wander off by itself, effectively removing itself from its master’s control.

Once the soul pet left the master, it would be impossible to recall it. Unless it died, it would forcibly occupy one of the soul pet trainer’s soul pet spot and summoning positions.

Therefore, soul pet trainers signing a soul pact with a high ranking species soul pet was not very wise.

Normally, it would be best for spirit disciples to sign a soul pact with a servant rank soul pet. Spirit soldiers would sign a soul pact with warrior soul pets and below, and spirit teachers would sign a soul pact with commander rank and below.

Chu Mu was currently a fourth remembrance spirit soldier, and signing a soul pact with a high class warrior rank soul pet was but the most fitting.

Chu Mu walked towards the direction the blowing wind came from. As he got deeper, the layer of ice on the cave gradually grew thinner, and slowly iron green vines began to appear once more.

“There’s light. This should lead to another area.”

The light rays permeated through into the cave, but Chu Mu didn’t rush to leave. Instead, he rather excitedly flipped through the <> and looked for what abilities his new soul pet, the Ice Air Fairy, possessed.

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