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Chapter 72: Accidentally Entering the Resting Grounds of Ice Falcons

Three layers in and three layers out, the white silk was getting thicker and thicker. The soul pet trainer didn't even have time to react what had happened before being completely wrapped up!

Not too far away, Chu Mu idly stared at the teen who had completely become a white cocoon at the hands of the little Cyan Bug. He was stunned, completely not expecting this tiny vermin to spit out this much silk. Without anyone knowing, it bundled up a living person whole!

Being completely covered in white silk, this young prisoner couldn’t even breath. After struggling around on the ground for a while, he completely fell silent, probably dead by suffocation.


The little Cyan Bug crawled around the prisoner’s dead body, letting out furious sounds. It had an appearance that suggested that its fury hadn’t fully been let out, as it blamed this despicable man who stole the product of his labour.

Mo Xie, like Chu Mu, also showed a dazed expression, watching the suddenly “scarily strong” little Cyan Bug.

“Uhh, little guy, why did you suddenly become this aggressive?” Chu Mu walked up beside the little Cyan Bug, capturing the abnormally behaving little guy.

“Wuwu~~” little Mo Xie immediately nodded, showing her approval of Chu Mu’s words. She also didn’t think the little gluttonous and lazy parasite would suddenly spit this much silk out.

“Shashasha” The little bug still stared at the corpse with unreleased anger, letting out a string of incomprehensible sounds to Chu Mu.

“It’s ok, it’s ok, stop being angry. We got the pet back.” Chu Mu calmed the bug and glanced at the whitened corpse…...

This young prisoner probably just finished battling and had retracted his soul pet into his soul pet space. Otherwise, when the injured Ice Falcon fell, he would have immediately summoned his soul pet, instead of dying a tragic death from the little Cyan Bug’s white silk.

After comforting the little bug, Chu Mu walked in front of the Ice Falcon and started his soul pact incantation, attempting to capture this falcon as his Spirit Soldier secondary pet.

After casting it multiple times, the Ice Falcon clearly still showed signs of struggling, yet when Chu Mu cast it the seventh time, just when the soul pact halo enveloped the Ice Falcon, the wounded falcon suddenly closed its eyes…...

“It died…...How fragile……” Chu Mu watched the Ice Falcon slowly become lifeless and shook his head with a bitter laugh.

The Ice Falcon couldn’t be said to be a soul pet Chu Mu was very satisfied with. If it failed, Chu Mu wouldn’t have thought that it was a pity. Let alone the fact that this Ice Falcon’s fighting strength and vitality was indeed a bit too weak. Even if he succeeded in capturing it, it would probably be very difficult for the falcon to have any significant achievements.

Retrieving the Ice Falcon’s soul core, Chu Mu had wanted to also look around on the teen’s body for anything, but after seeing the tightly wrapped white silk around the body, he gave up the thought.

The little Cyan Bug’s silk spitting ability had clearly gotten stronger, because Chu Mu couldn’t even cut through it using his dagger anymore…...


From the canopies came another shrill call. The vigilant Chu Mu immediately looked towards the source of the sound and found, within the deep green foliage, a few white feathers shaking.

“Another Ice Falcon?” Chu Mu said.

With enemies appearing, Mo Xie’s eyes immediately changed, her silver pupils glaring towards the direction of the falcon. The Adhering Flames could approximately last five minutes, so the flames on Mo Xie’s body were starting to disappear already.


Another shriek sounded and Chu Mu immediately turned around to face another direction.

“Two…...”Chu Mu immediately creased his brow. On a treetop about fifty meters behind Chu Mu, another Ice Falcon eyed Chu Mu and Mo Xie as if they were but prey.


Abruptly, another two Ice Falcons’ calls passed through the leaves above. Their voices seemed to bring an icy power with them, piercing straight towards Chu Mu.

“Is it possible that this is the resting grounds of Ice Falcons?!” Chu Mu’s expression immediately changed. Looking around, he found that the white feathers that were faintly discernible through the treetops were growing in number!

“Run! Mo Xie!!”

Chu Mu didn’t dare to hesitate for a single second. Immediately choosing a direction with the least Ice Falcons, he broke out into a full sprint!

Mo Xie also realised they had arrived at the wrong place, and followed close behind Chu Mu while protecting him.

“Yi!! Yi!!”

“Yi!! Yi!!”

The ear piercing screams instantly started on the treetops noisily, sending gusts of frigid air from above, and forming a thick layer of frost on the grounded plants!

The cold formed a cone and quickly spread along the ground, closely chasing the sprinting Chu Mu. The moment Chu Mu slowed down, he would definitely be frozen into an ice cube!

“Mo Xie, use Flame Awn to attack.” Feeling the Ice Falcons nearing, Chu Mu’s heart pumped even quicker.

Mo Xie swiftly climbed onto a tree ahead. Standing on the branch, her silver pupils flashed a demonic red. A flash of fire quickly weaved into existence in mid air. As if lighting the very air on fire, it created a faintly discernible flame, burning a second phase Ice Falcon’s wings.

The Ice Falcon’s feathers were Ice Type, so fire could hardly do much harm. The Flame awn simply caused minor burns to the second phase Ice Falcon, but didn’t inflict any substantial damage.

“Mo Xie, come back.” When Chu Mu saw that Mo Xie’s attacks would no longer be effective, he stopped Mo Xie’s meaningless assaults.


The third phase Ice Falcon was clearly faster, already arriving in the skies above Chu Mu. This Ice Falcon was clearly stronger than the one Chu Mu met earlier. Stirring up an impressive Ice Blade Whirlwind, it crazily started an attack towards Chu Mu and Mo Xie.

Ice Blade Whirlwind, the combination of an ice and wind type ability. No matter if either Chu Mu or Mo Xie were hit, they would definitely sustain serious damage.

With a diameter of six meters, the white whirlwind was like countless white blades mixed together, containing a devastating ability to damage. The dense forest Chu Mu ran past was immediately torn beyond recognition!

Seeing the completely disordered forest, Chu Mu’s heart still contained a lingering fear. If not for the forest’s plants blocking the majority of the attacks, this Ice Blade Whirlwind could’ve spelled the end for him.

After the third phase Ice Falcon’s attack failed, it let out a furious call and quickly flapped its wings into a dive, keeping its wings flat and cutting through the air like a white blade!


Just as Chu Mu was about to command Mo XIe, the little Cyan Bug on his shoulder let out an emotional sound. Before Chu Mu could even react, the little Cyan Bug’s sticky silk sprayed out again. Like a streak of white water droplets, it very accurately landed onto the Wing Slashing Ice Falcon!

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