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Chapter 67: Prison Island - One out of Three Thousand Survives

The selling price of Heng City’s soul techniques was actually much cheaper than the old trader’s- they only cost 40 gold coins. Chu Mu easily bought the book, but he didn’t begin learning it right after. Instead, he directly went to the Soul Pet Palace to look for another good soul pet.

Chu Mu roughly looked through Soul Pet Palace, but still didn’t find any suitable soul pet. Perhaps it could be said that even if Chu Mu was extremely satisfied with a soul pet, its price was hundreds or thousands of gold coins. Currently, Chu Mu simply did not have the economy to purchase a soul pet at this price.

​“It seems that I have to capture one myself. Only, I don’t know where Xia Guanghan will bring me.” said Chu Mu.

Of the remaining 24 gold coins, Chu Mu spent ten of them buying Mo Xie’s food. Mo Xie presently ate second rank dual attributed soul cores, which weren’t of too low quality. Therefore, it wasn’t a small expenditure to feed Mo Xie, and he currently needed at least 10 gold coins a month.

Of course, the better Mo Xie’s food was, the better the rate at which Mo Xie grew, and both her strengths and attributes would definitely increase. Thus, Chu Mu had no choice but to spend this money.

With the remaining 14 gold coins, Chu Mu bought another two soul techniques. These two soul techniques were Tornado and Wind Ride.

Tornado- this was a technique that many wind attributed soul pets could use. Moreover, this ability was extremely useful.

Wind Ride- this technique was naturally used to assist. It could use the power of the wind to increase oneself or a soul pet’s speed.

The White Nightmare had entered the second phase and Chu Mu had become a fourth remembrance Soul Soldier. The balance in soul power between them still hadn’t been disrupted and Chu Mu could still only use 20 percent of his soul power.

​Naturally, Chu Mu’s current 20 percent soul power was definitely much larger than before. After all, his present soul remembrance had become stronger, and the amount of soul power he could hold was more.

He spent approximately two days waiting in Heng City before Xia Guanghan appeared as expected. This time, Xia Guanghan wasn’t alone. Beside him was a young lady whose face was covered. The young lady’s clothing was particularly beautiful, and one could see that all the jewelery on her body was extremely valuable.

“You were talking about him?” When the veiled young lady saw Chu Mu, her expression didn’t change.

The young girl’s pupils were exceptionally beautiful. Chu Mu had seen all sorts of distinguished beautiful women in his clan in Wangluo City, but had never seen anyone with such enchanting pupils as this young lady. Even if he couldn’t see this young lady’s face, Chu Mu was sure that she possessed an extremely beautiful appearance.

“No, he is only one of my slaves. We’ll dump him halfway through the journey.” Xia Guanghan indifferently replied.

​Chu Mu maintained silence, but carefully listened to the conversation between the two. Their tones were very calm, but Chu Mu could still discern a few details. At least when Xia Guanghan spoke, Chu Mu could hear his respectful intentions towards this mysterious young lady.

Chu Mu didn’t say a single sentence. If Xia Guanghan wanted him to follow, Chu Mu would follow. In his heart, he was silently conjecturing what identity this young lady had in order to make such an eminently arrogant Xia Guanghan display a bit of reverence.

Chu Mu stayed in Heng City with Xia Guanghan and the young lady for one day before leaving the city and entering Heng Ocean.

Seemingly in order to show consideration for the veiled face young lady, Xia Guanghan didn’t summon his Blue Dragon Turtle. Rather, he rode a luxurious ship on the ocean.

Xia Guanghan didn’t restrict Chu Mu’s actions in the slightest. He also simply didn’t care if Chu Mu had any tricks.

Chu Mu currently was still trying to discern where Xia Guanghan wanted to bring him and could only blindly follow him.

Late at night, Chu Mu sat alone on the deck’s banister. He faced the oncoming ocean breeze and his gaze surveyed the black ocean in front of him.

Half a year in confined living had already made Chu Mu somewhat loathe the smell of the ocean. However, when he was at a loss, Chu Mu would still habitually sit facing the oncoming ocean breeze, mesmerizingly staring at the distant and the unknown sea, stars, and world, ...

“Is this your house pet?” A beautiful noise like the wind sounded in his ears. Chu Mu lost his train of thought due to the sound and turned his head around.

What entered his vision was a graceful and curvaceous young lady. Her veil lightly fluttered in the wind and vaguely, one could see her delicate china and pink lips.

​“She is my soul pet.” Chu Mu corrected the woman’s words and used his hands to stroke Mo Xie’s head.

When Mo Xie didn’t maintain her Pitiful Appearance, she had a unique charm. Every time Chu Mu brought Mo Xie around as he walked through the city’s streets, it would attract numerous excited shouts of young girls. They all wanted to stroke and hug the beautiful Mo Xie. Only, when they saw Chu Mu’s stern appearance, these young ladies no longer had the courage.

“Soul pet?” The young lady seemed rather surprise. Clearly, she didn’t expect a youth like Chu Mu with his stern indifference to carry such a soul pet.

Chu Mu didn’t want to explain any further.

The veiled young lady seemed to not like Chu Mu’s mild attitude and after looking once at Chu Mu’s Moonlight Fox, stood alone to the side as her gaze shifted towards the ocean.

Chu Mu shifted his eyes and looked at the back of the young lady’s wonderful figure.

However, just then, the previously rather docilely behaved Mo Xie quietly extended her claws. Her two silver eyes became acute as she stared at the young lady ten meters away.

“Leave it, it’s too dangerous like this…”

Ultimately, Chu Mu shook his head and used his hand to pet Mo Xie’s supple fur. When Mo Xie’s claws retracted, her gaze returned to its normal docile nature, and she lay on Chu Mu’s thigh like a spoiled young lady.

Mo Xie fell asleep on Chu Mu’s thigh and Chu Mu took out the three soul techniques that he had bought. He then began to practice the incantations.

Soul Technique - Adhering Flame was a Soul Soldier ability, and even for a mere incantation, Chu Mu would probably have to spend 10 days to truly finish reading through the techniques. As for actually using it, it would most likely be very hard without half a month's worth of practice time...

The trip on the ocean was very dull, and it continued this way for almost half a month.

In this half a month's time, the White Nightmare had already advanced a stage. Although Mo Xie didn’t fight at all, by being fed excellent quality soul cores, she still reached the second phase ninth stage.

As for Chu Mu himself, he finally finished learning the soul technique, Adhering Flame, and could fully annex flames on Mo Xie’s body.

“Prison Island is a unique island of our Nightmare Palace. A few people who once committed an error and would be put to death are thrown there to give them a chance.” Standing on the deck, Xia Guanghan looked at the vast ocean surface and spoke to Chu Mu.

“This island opens once every three years. Every time, we will send 3000 prisoners in. Three years later, Prison Island will open once more and the Nightmare Palace foremen will dispatch a boat to collect the survivor…”

Xia Guanghan slowly narrated in a very dull tone, but Chu Mu felt a shiver through his body while listening!!

Xia Guanghan purposefully put emphasis on the words “The survivor”. This meant that among the 3000 prisoners, only one survived!

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