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Chapter 58: ​Battle Awn - Reveal of Strength

“Fighting one against ten. Truly laughable. In these next seconds I’ll kill you and won’t leave your corpse intact!!” Wang Keluo felt that the atmosphere outside the field was beginning to surge due to the Moonlight Fox. Having the spotlight stolen from him, he immediately and angrily ordered his Umbra to target Mo Xie!

Mo Xie was still running as her shadow was cast by the lighting above. Following a dark aura that flitted around the shadow’s surroundings, a dagger-like black object suddenly appeared and stabbed towards the speedy shadow from above!

When this strange phenomenon occurred, just as the black shadow dagger stabbed into Mo Xie’s shadow, her body seemed to have been nailed, and her movement came to a sudden halt!

“Shadow Stalk!!”

The strange technique appeared again, causing everyone to immediately reveal an expression of shock.

Dark attributed soul pets could be considered relatively rare, and their techniques were incomparably strange. It was extremely difficult to defend against them!

Seeing this scene, Chu Mu wasn’t flustered in the slightest. Instead, he maintained his cool and swept his gaze out over the battlefield.

“Mo Xie, use Flame Awn to attack the Umbra!” Chu Mu immediately said.

“Mo Xie’s body was paralyzed, but she could still use her magic. Quickly, Mo Xie locked onto the shadow cluster like soul pet. A captivating red fire suddenly ignited in her two silver eyes

The fire radiated amidst the gradually darkening battlefield, and the scorching Flame Awn precisely struck the turbid shadow soul pet. Instantly, a red and luminous wound appeared on the Umbra’s body!

“Yi!!” The Umbra let out a devilish cry, and its body began to dissipate a bit. It seemed like it was going to be burned into the nonexistence by the Flame Awn’s scorching heat!

“Flame awn, this Moonlight Fox can also control fire abilities!!!”

“I didn’t see incorrectly, right? It seemed to actually be Flame Awn!”

Such a striking fire’s radiance appeared, conjuring a burst of shocked noises outside of the battlefield! Previously, many people were curious as to how the Moonlight Fox was able to ignore the fire. After having just watched it perform a fire technique, they instantly felt incomparably stunned!

The Moonlight Fox was a combination of both beast and demon attributes. Its body fundamentally didn’t have a trace of fire lineage. Under normal circumstancesm there was no way for it to possess a fire ability. The only possible way for the Moonlight Fox to obtain the fire attribute was for it to undergo soul crystal training. Moreover, this would also strengthen the fire attribute!

A single soul crystal, even if it was a first grade soul crystal, had an exorbitant price. Furthermore, there was no guarantee of success during training. Nobody thought that in a fight between peons, they would unexpectedly see a soul pet who been trained with a soul crystal successfully to gain control of the fire ability!

No matter if it was the opponent, teammate or even the people of authority who wielded power over Cyan Nightmare Island, their expression right now was incomparably stupefied. An ornamental soul pet whose race’s rank was near the bottom of the servant class was still trained to such an extent. For a brief moment, the apathetic youth standing outside the battlefield became the entire arena’s focal point!

“It seems that the strongest will be chosen from this person called Chu Mu, and Zi Shen. Wang Keluo possesses a relatively strong soul pet, but has many problems when using it.” said the Island Master slowly.

The other subordinate island masters profusely nodded their heads. They could all see that this youth’s Moonlight Fox had a strength that significantly surpassed soul pets of the same stage.

As for Cao Y,i who was using soul force to control Chu Mu’s spirit, his face turned ashen. He originally thought that Wang Keluo’s Umbra would easily dispatch that fox, but right now it had unexpectedly been wounded by the Flame Awn!

Although he harbored intense jealousy and envy towards Chu Mu, Cao Yi had no choice but to admit that Chu Mu’s Moonlight Fox truly was strong beyond reason.

“Make your Hunting Wolf attack! What are you doing standing there distracted?!!” When Wang Keluo saw that his Umbra had suffered an injury, his calm and confident demeanor immediately disappeared, and he lost control over his emotions as he yelled at the adjacent peon!

The peon who controlled the Hunting Wolf abruptly sobered up. Just now the Moonlight Fox’s Flame Awn had truly stunned everyone- even these peons had become a bit absent-minded.

After the Umbra suffered a wound from the fire, the black dagger on Mo Xie’s shadow dissipated into black smoke, which rose into the air, allowing Mo Xie to recover her freedom.

However, just as she recovered her freedom, the Hunting Wolf appeared in front of Mo Xie and performed Ripping Claws, its claws swiping towards her body.

A particular lustre suddenly appeared on Mo Xie’s gently flitting fur. In the instant that the soft fur suffered the attack, it suddenly turned incomparably tough. The stage eight Hunting Wolf’s Ripping Claw streaked across Mo Xie’s body, but only managed to leave a very light wound!

Second stage Annealed Woolen Fur made Mo Xie’s defense increase by a large margin. The stage eight Hunting Wolf didn’t manage to fully strike Mo Xie, and it was fundamentally unable to cause much harm to her.

“What happened? Why didn’t it suffer an injury? That Hunting Wolf evidently struck it.”

“Second stage Annealed Woolen Fur! This… is this actually a Moonlight Fox?!” Perceptive people immediately discovered the answer to the question.

The Flame Awn’s shock had just settled when a new round of consternation swept through the crowd again. All of the foremen and peons could no longer believe that this creature was a Moonlight Fox!

A definite discrepancy in a species’ rank was reflected by the growth of the body parts used to fight. For instance, a Moonlight Fox which was a speed type demon attributed soul pet, would have defensive fur that was extremely lacking. Even if it had reached the third phase, it would be very difficult for its fur to reach the second stage. If its aptitude was even slightly lacking, then it was possible for its fur to not have reached the second stage when it was at the fourth phase.

A Moonlight Fox’s defensive fur reaching the second initial stage when it was at the second phase fourth stage; unless this Moonlight Fox had been fed a defensive type soul pet soul core, there was no way for this situation to exist!

Chu Mu hadn’t conducted precise tests to discover Mo Xie’s aptitude, but he knew that Mo Xie, who possessed a mutated species lineage, meant that every aspect of Mo Xie’s properties had unreasonable innate skill. If she didn’t have such aptitude that surpassed an ordinary Moonlight Fox, how could she continue to ceaselessly undergo species mutations?!

The stage eight Hunting Wolf lifted its claws and its two wolf eyes stared at Mo Xie. However, it held a blank expression. Perhaps this Hunting Wolf believed its claws should have already ripped apart this small thing’s body...

After suffering an attack, Mo Xie’s anger immediately shifted towards the stage eight Hunting Wolf. A second phase fourth stage aura was fully released and completely suppressed this creature with a body larger than herself.

“Mo Xie, don’t counterattack. Use Dark Assault to run!!” Suddenly, Mo Xie transmitted a message to her.

Although Mo Xie was extremely mad at the Hunting Wolf, she didn’t have the slightest hesitation towards Chu Mu’s orders. She proceeded to ignore the Hunting Wolf and quickly fled towards the edge of the battlefield!

Just as Mo Xie used double the speed to leave her original location, a whistling tornado abruptly swept across from the Hunting Wolf’s location. Mo Xie’s tail was engulfed by the tornado, but she managed to forcibly escape from the tornado’s range. As for the stage eight Hunting Wolf, it let out a miserable cry and was flung into the air!


The Hunting Wolf was tossed five to six meters up into the air. Once the tornado reached the defensive netting, the Hunting Wolf’s body resolutely smashed into the defensive net, whereby it heavily fell onto the ground, its body full of bloodstains!

“Idiot, how are you controlling your Wind Fairy?!” The Hunting Wolf’s trainer was livid. He angrily pointed towards the Wind Fairy’s owner and began yelling.

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