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Chapter 29: The Foremen's Anger

​At the advent of dawn, Chu Mu finally suppressed the hungry state of the Nightmare.

Worthy of celebration, Chu Mu’s own power had, through the countless battles and the Nightmare’s torturing, finally improved to third remembrance spirit soldier.

Very soon, however, Chu Mu didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry. He had struggled so hard to get to the third remembrance, but the Nightmare unexpectedly also leveled up, reaching ninth stage!

“Looks like without a good gap in strength between the Nightmare and I, I’ll have to keep hiding behind my soul pets when I fight.” Chu Mu said, feeling helpless.

“Let’s see what this guy’s appetite is like after reaching the ninth stage. Hopefully it isn’t too excessive. At least leave enough power for me to use one soul technique...”

Chu Mu’s own remembrance was a lot higher than the soul pet trainers on Nightmare Island, but the White Nightmare inside him lowered him to the same level as the rest…...

“Cyan Nightmares can start fighting when they enter phase two. I’m not sure how much the White Nightmare needs to be fed to start fighting though.”

Chu Mu sighed. If he could wait for the White Nightmare to battle, Chu Mu’s power would undoubtedly increase substantially. It was a pity that the White Nightmare was even more special than the Cyan Nightmare. It wouldn’t be able to enter battles any time soon.

Only when dawn arrived did Chu Mu slowly return to the camp.

“Yi, how did you get hurt?” Ding Yu asked, surprised at the wounds on Chu Mu’s face and arm.

“It’s nothing, I just need to rub some medicine on it.” Chu Mu said while taking out some medicine.

“Let me help you…...” Ding Yu took the medicine and said to Chu Mu.

Chu Mu nodded, turning the inside of his arm towards Ding Yu for her to treat.

“How did you get hurt? Don’t tell me you went to the inner island!” Ding Yu continued asking.

“I wasn’t paying attention in battle and got ambushed by a soul pet. It was nothing serious.” Chu Mu said.

“You sure are bold. It’s almost a battle of life and death and you still went ventured out. Can your little Mo Xie still fight?”

“En.” Chu Mu just nodded.

In reality, after the continuous fighting, Mo Xie didn’t have much fighting power left. Without a special recovering medicine, it would take at least five days for her to recover from her wound riddled state.

As for the soul crystal training, Chu Mu had to wait until Mo Xie completely recovered before carrying it out. The energy from the soul crystal would cause soul pets to enter into a hibernation state. As for how long it would last, even Chu Mu couldn’t guarantee it.

So, the most important thing Chu Mu needed to do was to let Mo Xie recover her fighting strength within the next four days. Without entering the top ten, Chu Mu would be eliminated!

“Weird, what’s up with the commotion outside?” Once Ding Yu finished wrapping Chu Mu’s wounds, clamorous sounds could be heard from outside.

Chu Mu looked out the window, vaguely hearing within the commotion that apparently a few of the early rising kids found many corpses in the forest.

“I’ll go check it out. You seem tired, so rest first.” Ding Yu was quite interested, so she quickly left the wooden room.

Chu Mu was indeed tired. Once his wounds were treated, he went to his bed and lay down, but not before tucking the little cyan bug inside his clothes on the bedside.

“Sleep well, timid little guy.” Chu Mu patted the little bug and fell asleep on his bed.

Chu Mu slept soundly, falling asleep almost the instant he lay down. However, not long after, he felt a sharp pain in his toes, waking him up suddenly!

“The foremen want us to gather up, get up quickly…...” Ding Yu’s voice instantly sounded near his ear.

Chu Mu grabbed the little cyan bug on the bedside on the way and went to wash his face with cold water.

“Sii!!!” Chu Mu sucked in a breath, just realizing that he still had a gash on his face. When the water splashed it, it felt as if he got cut again!

These past three months, the foremen had always been in their base, taking little notice of the kids, and gave everyone a somewhat free environment.

However, those were just appearances; the foremen were constantly observing every soul pet trainer on the island. Which soul pet trainer was how strong, how many soul pets everyone had - they knew everything.

The Nightmare Palace’s true purpose was definitely not to slaughter for fun. It was to raise and pick out, within the cruel environment, potential candidates to serve them.

Thus, the foremen strictly prohibited any mutual killing before the battle of life and death. After all, most soul pet trainers on the island had only one soul pet, so life and death battles could be decided by many non-strength related factors as well.

Zhou Shengmo captured a High ranking Hunting Wolf and became the first person on the island to become a high remembrance spirit disciple, so naturally he was followed very closely. To the foremen, he was a very valuable, potential candidate.

As a matter of fact, the foremen had already made an approximate ranking list, with Zhou Shengmo at first place. People like Feng Gu, Tang Xian, Ding Yu, Ge Qin, and Luo Cheng were also on the list. Even before the battle of life and death began, the foremen could foresee these people on the top ten list.

However, as the final battle neared, the closely watched Zhou Shengmo died suddenly inside the forest!

Not only that, but the decently ranked Tang Xian and Luo Chen also died in the same place. This meant that three good candidates on the foremen’s list were instantly erased!

When they heard of the news that morning, Cao Yi, the head of the foremen, was absolutely livid and cursed vigorously at every single foreman on the island. Finally, he ordered for all the enslaved children to group up. He had to fully understand the situation!

“Boss Cao, the death of those two don’t matter. Zhou Shengmo, Tang Xian and Luo Chen were of decent quality, so their deaths will be hard to explain…...”

Cao Yi’s face was still gloomy. In this part of the Eternal Ocean, there were many islands similar to their Cyan Nightmare Island. All these islands were totally isolated from the rest of the world. According to the Nightmare Palace’s system, every island would hold these elimination competitions.

If the islands could help the Nightmare Palace to obtain many potentially highly talented members, said island’s leader and foremen would all get the appropriate benefits like wealth, power, rewards…...

It could be said that the island’s foremen all rely on these young soul pet trainers to obtain benefits. Cao Yi and his foremen thought that the young trainers on their island were all of decent quality, and that they could get quite some benefits. Who could have thought that something like this would happen?

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