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Chapter 28: Devil Crying in the Night

​Soul pet trainers cared a lot about their soul pet’s nurturing. For example, between Chu Mu and Mo Xie, unless he absolutely had to, he wouldn’t let Mo Xie eat a non-beast or demon type soul core.

Although nurturing a soul core didn’t display very visible results, if a soul pet was slowly nurtured from an early stage, when the soul pet reached an extremely high stage, this subtle influence would then become extremely prominent.

Moreover, if one were to say that soul cores needed a long period of time to accumulate and nurture before it would undergo a change, then soul crystals would definitely make a soul pet’s attribute stronger- so much so, in fact, that it could completely change a soul pet’s attribute as well as amplify one of the soul pet’s attribute.

Chu Mu’s Moonlight Fox was a combination of beast and demon types, and could be said to have both a beast and demon attribute. Zhou Shengmo’s Hunting Wolf was pure beast type, or in other words, solely a beast attribute. As for the Flame Tail, it was a beast type and had a natural beast attribute, but also had an auxiliary attribute of fire.

Mo Xie’s attacks were very one dimensional; demon abilities could only confuse the opponent, and her only attack skill was Ripping Claw. This was usually a common problem of soul pets with low race rankings. In order to make Mo Xie stronger, amplifying her attribute was of extreme importance!

Fire attribute was one that Chu Mu was extremely pleased with. If it was able to become Mo Xie’s auxiliary attribute, her battle strength would definitely increase a level. Moreover, Mo Xie’s future mutated race would most likely head towards a mutated race with a fire attribute.

Chu Mu broke out into a smile. During these continuous battles not only did he completely annihilate his most problematic opponent, but he also obtained this enormous benefit. It was definitely worth it!

“When Mo Xie finishes recovering, I can start her training. In the future, Mo Xie’s food will mainly be demon attributed, beast attributed, or fire attributed. This soul crystal is only at the first grade. Later, if I am able to obtain these sorts of dual-attributed soul crystals, I can make her attribute’s innate skill even stronger.”

This sort of a dual-attributed soul crystal had two uses. The first was to change Mo Xie’s character and raise her beast attribute’s innate skill to a higher level. In the future, during her growing period, her strength, speed and defense would then grow at an exponential rate. The second was to let Mo Xie obtain the fire attribute.

This time, after using the soul crystal to train, Mo Xie’s strength would definitely increase a level!

Carefully putting away the soul crystal, Chu Mu slowly walked to the center of the thick forest and found Zhou Shengmo’s corpse.

Mo Xie clearly harbored a large amount of resentment towards Zhou Shengmo. His neck, back, and even the back of his skull were full of shocking claw marks, making him completely mutilated. His death was an extremely plaintive sight.

Chu Mu coming here naturally wasn’t to beat the corpse, but to instead see if this person had any valuable items on him to take away.

“A few soul cores, he has absolutely nothing…” Chu Mu searched for a long while, but could only find a few items for Mo Xie’s dessert. He didn’t find anything else.

Zhou Shengmo’s soul cores on him were all of the beast attribute. It was evident that they were used for raising his Hunting Wolf. In total, there were three pieces, and their quality wasn’t bad. They complied with Chu Mu’s standards for raising Mo Xie, and adding on the Steel Teeth and Hunting Wolf’s soul cores, Chu Mu now had a total of five beast attributed soul cores.

After recovering a bit of his soul power, Chu Mu was able to use his soul power to fuse the five beast attributed soul cores into one high quality soul core. This was the equivalent of giving Mo Xie the most delicious food.

Amidst the rapidly falling night, the thick forest grew even more eerie and frightening, and yet Chu Mu walked alone.

Chu Mu didn’t plan on returning to his wooden house. Both he and Mo Xie were currently in a weak state, and if they returned to the camp, there was a high probability that someone else would make a move against them.

He continued to walk towards the outside of the forest and arrived at the precipice where he was calmly reflecting at before. In front of him stretched the black ocean...

The black clouds were like the ocean water and quickly rolled through in the sky. The silver, cold moon stood alone high in the clouds, occasionally shedding its radiance, which dispersed over Chu Mu’s body.

“It seems like the time has almost come… this devil…” Chu Mu lowered his head and gazed at the rushing ocean water as he muttered to himself.

Under the onslaught of the ice-cold sea breeze, Chu Mu closed his eyes and entered a quiet cultivation state. He prepared to make a stand against the devil in his body.

The White Nightmare’s quantity of food was extremely large. Chu Mu had to feed his Nightmare once every two days. Furthermore, every time he did so, it seemed to consume all of his soul power.

It took two days for Chu Mu’s soul power to be fully replenished from a depleted state. One could say that between this terrifying life and death equilibrium that Chu Mu was maintaining with this devil, if Chu Mu wasted even a tiny bit of his soul power one day or if the White Nightmare advanced a stage one day, then this life and death equilibrium would be shattered.

The silver moonlight showered over Chu Mu’s body making him seem as if he was draped in a hazy silver muslin.

If one were to carefully look, he or she would discover that within the moonlight’s silver muslin, an indistinct black specter was enveloping Chu Mu’s body. This specter was in the midst of absorbing Chu Mu’s Soul Power incessantly, frantically sucking on it like a hungry infant and even more so like a avaricious devil!


Suddenly, a plaintive and terrified shout rang out from Chu Mu’s body. This palpitating ululation forged through the rumbling ocean waves, piercing through the mist and unceasingly reverberated across the ocean surface.

“How repulsive! Feeding you slightly less soul power will kill you!?” Chu Mu reprimanded. His was at the moment, incomparably pale and his entire body was clearly in exceptional pain.

“Nie!!” The Nightmare’s cry once again rang out!

When Chu Mu used the Soul Skill Chong Mei, he expended one-quarter of his Soul Force. However, this White Nightmare’s quantity of food each time was ninety percent of Chu Mu’s Soul Force!

“Nie!!” A piercing cry rang out once more. With each devil’s cry, it was like a mental needle was stabbing at Chu Mu’s spirit, causing him have a splitting headache!

“Nie!!” The cacophonous sound once again nearly caused Chu Mu to go mad!

“You wretch, shut up for your elder! If you don’t let me quietly cultivate, how can I give you soul power!!” Chu Mu let out an indignant cry amidst the pain!

While in sharp pain, Chu Mu’s cry was extremely resonant, masking the ocean’s torrential noise. As for this indignant roar, it truly did have an effect. The starving White Nightmare suddenly quieted down and didn’t exert any more pressure on Chu Mu.

Seizing this opportunity when the White Nightmare was quiet, Chu Mu immediately concentrated his mind and entered a quiet cultivation state, causing his soul power to quickly recover.

His soul power recovery was relatively slow and, generally speaking, after completely depleting it, he needed two days to completely recover. However, if he were to enter a quiet cultivation state, he only needed a day.

Cold sweat trickled down his back, and his heart was palpitating. Just now, Chu Mu had already felt the White Nightmare’s angry thought to devour his soul. If it weren’t for the indignant roar somewhat subduing this fellow just now, there was a high chance Chu Mu would have had to bear a surge of soul devouring attacks. That sort of pain was simply unbearable!

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