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Chapter 27: Duo Type Soul Crystal

​Silver moonlight, silver fur flowing in the wind, silver pupils shining coldly!

Watching the crescent that cast the moonlight, Zhou Shengmo suddenly realized something and shuddered, shouting out, “Crap!”

Moon Essence!

The species ability, Moon Essence!

This ability only worked under moonlight, so for most battle scenarios and settings, it was hard to utilize.

However, once bathed in moonlight, not only would the soul pet’s fighting strength recover quickly, the other attributes would also be improved as well!

“Mo Xie, Charm!”

Chu Mu, while still fending off the Hunting Wolf’s snapping jaw, yelled towards Mo Xie!

Mo Xie was already shrouded in moonlight. Charming rays suddenly blossomed out of her beautiful pupils, and pierced the Hunting Wolf’s eyes like daggers. Regardless of where the Hunting Wolf was looking, it couldn’t resist this mental attack!

The Hunting Wolf’s gaze immediately blanked and its attacks stopped. It became motionless, as if its soul was stolen.

Dark Assault!

After collapsing the Hunting Wolf’s mind, Mo Xie rushed forward under the moonlight!

Mo Xie’s running speed was naturally fast. Dark Assault made her even faster, and with the addition of Moon Essence, her speed was raised to a new limit. Her body flew past the Hunting Wolf like a silver lightning bolt, unstoppable!

Ripping Claw!

Silver claws ripped through the murky night, dragging a cold glint through the dark, slashing right across the Hunting Wolf’s head!


A shocking amount of blood suddenly spurted out. As Ripping Claw passed through, the Hunting Wolf’s head was brutally split from its neck!

Viscous blood poured out of its neck. The Hunting Wolf went rigid after a few seconds and, along with the dismembered head, slowly fell to the ground.

The bloody wolf head kept on rolling until it finally came to a stop at Zhou Shengmo’s feet. Seeing this frightening scene, Zhou Shengmo momentarily forgot to flee!

“Kill him, don’t let him escape!” Chu Mu kicked the Hunting Wolf’s corpse aside and gave a command to Mo Xie.

Only then did Zhou Shengmo suddenly realize that his death was imminent. His face blanched with fear and, without caring about the severed soul pact, he haphazardly ran deeper into the forest!

Without a soul pet and with an inability to cast any soul technique, how could Zhou Shengmo escape Mo Xie’s vicious attempts for his life?

Chu Mu propped himself up with great difficulty. His arm was badly mangled by the Hunting Wolf. Not even his face was spared, which was scarred with a deep claw wound.


A blood-curdling scream suddenly echoed through the silent forest, startling a group of birds, who left their perch flapping frantically, adding panicked bird calls to the mix.

Chu Mu stared into the pitch black forest. From within, a pair of silver white eyes gradually came into view, slowly approaching him.

These eyes showed a severe cold and apathy, but when they neared Chu Mu, they slowly softened, finally becoming docile.

“Wuwuwu~~” Mo Xie’s eyes twinkled and she started to lightly lick at Chu Mu’s bloodied arm.

“I’m fine, are you ok?” Chu Mu stroked little Mo Xie’s fluffy fur and let out a pent up breath.


“Come over, I’ll help you treat your wounds...It’s fine, it’s fine, you were the one doing all the fighting, these scratches of mine won’t be a hindrance.” Chu Mu slowly smeared the last of the healing herb onto Mo Xie’s wounds…...

“Wuwu~Wu~~” Mo Xie laid down in Chu Mu’s embrace, the comfortable warmth from the healing herb slowly made Mo Xie slightly tired.

Battling continuously, Mo Xie was indeed exhausted. Though the Moon Essence had a certain healing effect, Mo Xie was still covered in wounds. Without a few days, it would be difficult to recover completely.

Chu Mu slowly treated every wound on Mo Xie. After dressing the wounds, Chu Mu muttered the incantation to withdraw Mo Xie into his soul pet space.

Soul pet spaces also had a recovering effect. Mo Xie could get better rest in it.

After he finished handling Mo Xie, Chu Mu carelessly dressed the gashes on his arm with cloth strips. To Chu Mu, these wounds were nothing. As long as he wasn’t dead, he could keep fighting.

Chu Mu retrieved his dagger and walked to the Hunting Wolf’s corpse. Cutting open the body, he extracted its soul core.

The eighth stage beast type soul core would be enough to allow Mo Xie’s fur to reach final stage. Then, Mo Xie’s resistance could be improved. Chu Mu decided to feed it to Mo Xie when she woke up.

Finished with the Hunting Wolf’s corpse, Chu Mu’s gaze fell on the ninth stage Flametail.

The Flametail had died from loss of blood not long ago when Chu Mu was battling Zhou Shengmo, so Chu Mu naturally couldn’t let this resource go to waste.

“Poor thing, but honestly, even dying is better than following that beast of a person.” Chu Mu said while crouched beside the Flametail. Only after caressing its head did Chu Mu slowly pull out his dagger and start dissecting the body.

Chu Mu’s wounds did not hit any major artery, so they weren’t severe. He dissected the body fluidly, and the process was swift.

Soul cores were usually located where a soul pet’s heart was. When Chu Mu opened up the Flametail’s chest cavity, he quickly found the energy-filled organ.

“Strange, this soul core seems to be a bit different.” When Chu Mu ripped aside the Flametail’s ribcage, he suddenly discovered that the soul core was distinctly brighter than the Hunting Wolf’s, with a different shape as well.

The soul cores of the soul pets of the Beast World were,in reality, their hearts. Because energy was gathered there, special changes happened to the heart, causing it to have energy.

However, the Flametail’s heart was unlike all others Chu Mu had seen. This Flametail’s soul core was like an asymmetrical crystal, more akin to a beautiful work of art than an organ.

Chu Mu carefully extracted it and wiped the blood off of it using his clothes. The crystal-like soul core promptly glimmered with a beautiful halo under the moonlight.

A brown one and a red one, two halos faintly undulated around the crystal-like soul core, moving exquisitely.

“Soul core…, this is…...this is a soul crystal!!”

“Don’t tell me this is the soul crystal that can directly alter and strengthen a soul pet’s type before it enters its next phase!! Brown and red, its a beast and fire duo type soul crystal!!” Chu Mu, holding this sparkling thing, couldn’t help but cry out in surprise!

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