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Chapter 19: Ripping Apart the Hundred Eyed Palm

​Chu Mu desperately wanted to find an opportunity to kill Zhou Shenmo. After all, ambushing had a higher chance of success than duelling, but he never got the chance. Now that Zhou Shenmo had two people beside him, Chu Mu had to bide for another opportunity.

The sound of conversation became distant along with their silhouettes into the thick forest. Watching them disappear completely, Chu Mu came out of cover, glanced in their direction one last time, and continued on his path towards the Gyokuro Pungen.

To conserve energy, Chu Mu avoided fighting any soul pets he met while following the marks he left last time. After half an hour, Chu Mu finally found the Gyokuro Pungen under several trees, with a Hundred Eyed Palm beside it.

The Hundred Eyed Palm was big and thick, as if multiple banana leaves were piled together. On them were many eye-like patterns, realistic yet slightly scary.

“The leaves of this Hundred Eyed Palm should have a rank two skin layer, so the leaves will be very tough. Mainly attack its stem.” Chu Mu warned little Mo Xie quietly.

The clever little Mo Xie nodded, her silver eyes watching the Hundred Eyed Palm intently.

Chu Mu had been feeding Mo Xie with purely beast type soul cores the past two months, so Mo Xie’s teeth, claws, and limbs were now more powerful.

The Moonlight Fox’s main attack method was still with its claws. Its teeth were just supplementary, and the Moonlight Fox didn’t have any abilities involving teeth either.

“Let’s start!” Chu Mu climbed onto a branch nimbly and commanded little Mo Xie to attack the Hundred Eyed Palm directly from above.

Little Mo Xie’s movements were, as always, agile. Climbing the twenty meter tall tree was like walking on flat ground. Upon running to the edge of a branch, she stomped hard and launched herself swiftly through the green leaves.

“Ceng!!” Sharp claws extended from her paws, slicing a few nearby leaves in half!

With a cold gleam, Mo Xie fell quickly. Charging up her claws, she nimbly evaded the big leaves of the Hundred Eyed Palm and went straight for the stem!

Ripping Claw! Mo Xie was now very skilled at using Ripping Claw. Her movements finished in one swift motion, and were both quick and violent.

However, the Hundred Eyed Palm immediately lowered its shield-like leaves in defense, blocking Mo Xie’s attack and successfully protecting its fragile stem!

“Shua!!” Ripping Claw ripped open the Hundred Eyed Palm’s leaf, leaving deep gouge marks on the shield-like leaf, extending from the middle all the way to the edge, oozing out a thick sap!

This stage eight Hundred Eyed Palm already had three shield-like leaves . Having one leaf hurt by Mo Xie, the Hundred Eyed Palm didn’t falter, immediately spinning its stalk, causing its sharp leaves to become a deadly turbine!

“Tripetal Blade, Mo Xie, stay 5 meters away!” Chu Mu immediately commanded.

Mo Xie lightly landed. Bouncing immediately, she leaped twice more, spun around mid air, and landed, sliding a small distance while staring at the Hundred Eyed Palm cool-headedly with her silver pupils.


The Hundred Eyed Palm’s casted Tripetal Blade, causing its petals to spin quickly, creating chaotic turbulence and lifting any rubble nearby into the air.

With the spinning of the Hundred Eyed Palm’s stalk, Tripetal Blade could extend to up to four meters. A tree within this range quickly fell with a thundering crash under the might of the petals.

The Hundred Eyed Palm only lasted a moment. Sensing Mo Xie leaving its range, it stopped casting the ability.

“Now’s the time!” Chu Mu caught the opportunity perfectly, giving the command the moment that Tripetal Blade ended.

Receiving the command, Mo Xie dashed abruptly, fast as thunder, with her claws extended while running an unpredictable zig zag. Leaping, she casted Ripping Claw again!

“Shuashua!!!” Criss crossing, Mo Xie’s claws landed very accurately onto the Hundred Eyed Palm’s stalk, cracking it distinctly!

“Be careful of its Hundred Eyed Poison Needle!” Chu Mu glanced at the eye patterns on the half-bent Hundred Eyed Palm, and immediately warned.

Sure enough, as the Palm was about to fall, the eyes on its three leaves suddenly opened, revealing rows upon rows of black needles!

The Hundred Eyed Poison Needles locked onto Mo Xie, and the needles on the first leaf shot out, densely packed and sharp!


Mo Xie leaped back, and all the needles nailed the ground where she just stood, riddling the ground with thousands of holes!

The second leaf suddenly fired, and little Mo Xie was forced to dash up a tree, needles chasing closely after her tail, leaving a clean row of needles behind her!


The tree was very fragile. After being pierced by the needles, it immediately snapped, emitting a crisp noise before falling.

The third leaf had the most needles, and there was no cover for Mo Xie within 10 meters; she was completely exposed within the attack range of the needles!


Hundreds of needles swept across like thundering hail, frenzily seeking to hit something!

“Moon Shadow.”

Mo Xie seemed to sit calmly, but a vague shadow started to appear on her body…...

All the poison needles flew threw the blurry shadows as if it were fog, encountering no resistance.

Moon Shadow was the Moonlight Fox’s evasive ability. Even without the moon, she could cast it, but its effects would be slightly discounted.

Of course, with good control, even without moonlight, Moon Shadow could easily avoid many strong attacks.

Little Mo Xie’s knew Moon Shadow since she was stage one. Now that she mastered it, even without moonlight, dodging an ability like that was still no problem.

“Alright, finish it!” A confident smile appeared on Chu Mu’s face.

Little Mo Xie’s silhouette slowly became defined again. Crouching and dashing quickly, she slashed the Hundred Eyed Palm’s stalk without any ability.

The body of the Palm was already bent. With the swipe of a claw, the stalk was finally ripped from its leaves, swatted down violently by Mo Xie.

Chu Mu jumped down from the tree. Looking at the corpse of the Hundred Eyed Palm, he petted Mo Xie and smiled while he said, “You bring me the soul core while I dig out the Gyokuro Pungen.”

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