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Chapter 17 The Nightmare's Advent

Ting Yu also had an expression full of astonishment and excitement. She looked at Chu Mu and put on a smile: “It turns out that you were very certain of the outcome.”

Chu Mu only laughed, but didn’t say anything.

Zhang Ge, to the side, stood frozen on the spot and stared at the already dead Ten Legged Centipede.

He had spent a long time just to capture this Ten Legged Centipede, and during these past few days, he had invested a lot of sweat and blood. The most important thing was that once the Ten Legged Centipede died, he wouldn’t have any chance of entering the top ten in the not-too-distant Life and Death Battle. If he didn’t enter the top ten, he would be mercilessly killed.

Suddenly, Zhang Ge was like a maniac!

“You demon, I’m gonna kill you!!”

A dagger had suddenly appeared in Zhang Ge’s hand, and he unexpectedly charged towards Chu Mu.

Facing Zhang Ge’s surprise attack, Chu Mu still retained his calm as he stood still.


A moon colored shadow quickly jumped into the air and used its sharp claws to scratch Zhang Ge’s stomach. Zhang Ge was halfway through his charge when he came to a sudden stop. He frightenedly stood frozen in one spot and looked at the cold Moonlight Fox…..

Half of Little Mo Xie’s body remained crouched on the ground. Her silver eyes frostily stared at Zhang Ge; a row of teeth was exposed in her mouth. This brought about a ferocious persona.

“One more step and the dead one will be you.” Chu Mu apathetically said.

In a second, after Chu Mu saw that Zhang Ge didn’t dare to act blindly without thinking, he walked over to the where the soul cores were and put away both of them. He then proceeded to turn around and leave.

"Want to leave?"

At this time, Ge Qing let out a sneer and chanted an incantation. On the ground, a blue pattern appeared. Within this curtain of light, he summoned his soul pet.


A large snake nearly two meters long suddenly slithered out of the curtain of light. The snake’s body was covered in flashing phosphorescent scales!

Scaled Serpent!

A high rank soul pet! From the color of its scales, it was possible to tell that this was a terrifying fourth stage soul pet!

Fourth stage, high rank- its strength could be said to be extremely close to the foremen’s Hunting Wolves that had attacked them!

Chu Mu creased his eyebrows. He had thought that this place was relatively close to the campground, so Zhang Ge’s group wouldn’t dare act rashly. Unexpectedly, Ge Qing still dared to attack him.

“Tactfully hand over those two soul cores and I will spare you and your little soul pet.” Ge Qing glared at Chu Mu and spoke in a cold manner.

As Ge Qing said this, the other four soul pet masters summoned their own soul pets. Most of them were all third stage soul pets.

Chu Mu’s expression turned somewhat heavy and the adjacent Ting Yu’s face also wasn’t too good looking. It was clear that they didn’t expect these people to be so shameless and audacious, causing trouble so close to the campground.

“Ahhh!!! Ahh! Ahhh Ahhh!!”

Suddenly, an incomparably miserable shriek resonated through the air!!

The battle about to begin at any moment was suddenly disrupted by the abrupt miserable shriek!

Everyone was frozen and their eyes immediately fell on Zhang Ge who had suddenly turned mad.

Zhang Ge had suffered some unknown attack and was ineffably clutching his chest. His face was incomparably pale and perspiration unceasingly rolled down his cheek. His entire face was pinched together because of the pain!

The miserable shrieks continued and Zhang Ge began to roll on the ground without end. The extremely painful appearance caused everyone’s blood to run cold!

“Nightmare… it’s the nightmare…” A youngster came to a sudden realization and terrifyingly pointed at the faintly discernable black shadow encompassing Zhang Ge’s body.

The black shadow was like a specter growing continuously distinct. It frighteningly enveloped Zhang Ge’s body, causing his body to incessantly twitch. The veins and arteries on his body began to bulge and his pupil kept on growing bigger…

“His Nightmare is unexpectedly advancing a stage right now…” Ge Qing’s face turned ugly. He completely did not expect this to occur.

A Nightmare which devoured its host’s soul!!

It was clear that Zhang Ge’s soul power wasn’t enough to provide for the Nightmare’s increase in level. His soul would thus act as the supplement, causing him to ultimately face a plaintive death.

Once the Cyan Nightmare flared up, the foremen were able to detect it. Once Zhang Ge’s soul had been devoured, the Cyan Nightmare in his body would become a masterless soul pet and would quickly be put away by the two foremen.

Chu Mu also used this opportunity to free himself from Ge Qing and his gang.

“Hmph, you killed Zhang Ge. I will take revenge for him. On the day of the battle, you just wait for my Scaled Serpent to swallow you into its stomach!” Ge Qing didn’t plan on letting Chu Mu go easily. Just as Chu Mu was about to leave, he spoke outt in a threatening manner.

After returning to his wooden hut, Chu Mu’s heart was palpitating. This wasn’t because of Ge Qing’s threat, but because of Zhang Ge’s terrifying death.

This wasn’t the first time Chu Mu had seen someone’s soul be devoured by a Cyan Nightmare. However, every time he witnessed it, his heart felt as if a terrifying demonic claw was clasped around it.

Chu Mu unconsciously rubbed his chest and spoke to himself: “Breeding you, Nightmare, has already rendered me unable to perform skills; you absolutely cannot ineffably grow on me…”

In reality, Chu Mu’s White Nightmare had already grown to a terrifying fifth stage! If he could summon the White Nightmare to fight for him, Chu Mu would be able to easily defeat all his competitors. After all, a White Nightmare was on a completely different level than a Cyan Nightmare.

Only, it was a pity that all of Chu Mu’s current soul power was being used to raise the White Nightmare. If he didn’t continue to raise its level higher, he had no way of letting it join the fight. The remaining small portion of soul power could only be used to control Little Mo Xie’s fight. This forced him to only stand on the side and give directions while fighting.

Fortunately, none of the soul pet trainers on the island had learned soul pet trainer skills yet. Moreover, they had all received the soul power restriction of the Cyan Nightmare. If not for this, Chu Mu would have suffered endlessly during fights.

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